Finally... It's time to "shut the front door" on summer and "go bananas" for fall! September is beginning and Labor Day weekend will signify the official end of Summer. Not only is time to put away the lighter colors, starfish, seashells and seascapes in the home, it is also time to bring out acorns, branches, crows and pumpkin spice scented candles. It's also time to check those closets for wearable fall details... bangles, belts, bags, boots, cuffs and clutches. As part of the September Style Series I'll be posting, here's a look into some of my accessories I'm pulling together for fall along with a few tips for mixing, saving money, and even relating to your wardrobe style to your home...

Gold details

Still LOVE my cuffs but also now LOVE bangles...

Even mixing metals like gunmetal & gold...

After catching up on fall trends over the weekend as I went through Vogue, InStyle, ELLE, Bazaar and even the special issue of Bazaar (gold & black with Jennifer Aniston on cover - in an homage to Barbara Streisand), I also checked Rachel Zoe's Top 20 Must Haves for Fall. Armed with accessory and fashion trend knowledge... I headed into the closets...

Top handle bags, leopard prints, platforms and clutches are big trends for fall... Thankfully I already had these in the closet!

Gold metal disc necklace was a $4 thrift
find from well over ten years ago...

Dig deep ladies. It's amazing what treasures you may find you already have. And just keep in mind, not every trend is for everyone. Just because something is a trend, doesn't mean it's "ok" to pile it on - meaning, just because leopard is in - please don't pull a Theresa and dress yourself head to toe (OR more importantly your children). Leave leopard as your color pop. You wouldn't walk out head to toe in orange just because it's fall - think the same way with leopard. 

Stretch belts are a popular item seen in retailers.
This one I got about two years ago, and this gold statement piece was another thrift find from over ten years ago...

Although you may already have bangles,
mix the metals and refresh the look with an over sized cocktail ring.

Just like in a room, the accessories we wear do need to be edited. One or two key pieces may be all that is needed for wearing a wow factor; however, it is fun to pull them all together, take a few pics of them, and maybe even come up with a few new-to-you combinations from some older pieces (like mixing metals). This is also a great way to see what you have and see what you need - like cocktail rings which are a MUST and a quick and inexpensive way to update this season. Remember when you go to shop - be specific with your purchases - which in the end will save you money...

LOVE my Kenneth Cole booties I got in NYC last summer
I got to meet Kenneth Cole, and he signed the box!

Fab find for fall - this bag was a steal at only $15.
Rouched & chain details - great for fall!

Rethink your belts. This one (I got last fall) 
just may work on a sweater dress as a necklace.

Even trending leggings can have a 'few' details -
but don't co crazy - but be age appropriate.

This twisty piece can be a necklace or a bracelet. I found it at a flea market in Florance (on our honeymoon three years ago) for about $10. The multi-black beaded cocktail ring I found earlier this year for only $10. The over sized stone ring I found the other day for only $6.

Pulling together an updated look for a season need not be cause for alarm - it doesn't mean you need to run out and buy everything on every list on every website of in every magazine. Pull together what you like, add in one or two new items, and even dig out a few oldies but goodies to pair with something new. Pulling these looks together for your wardrobe can not only be uplifting for your self - it could also inspire a fresh take on an interior space...


Each of these ranged from only $3 to $6

Thankfully I already have a smokey gray bag, dark chocolate boots, and a convenient handled clutch with top stitch detail.

Kitten heels, stilettos, to the knee and....

even over the knee boots - check check and check!
(yes - even though I live in Florida - I LOVE
wearing boots the second September hits.)

As you can favorite color is black, especially at this time of year. I'll be not only wearing it, but adding more into our home for fall. The trick with using it though, whether wearing or living in it, is to mix textures and layers...

Sephora is liking the updated digs...

The blue & white are packed up.
Blacks, browns, and grays are starting to
make their way into the space now...

Part of transitioning into fall, I'll probably be bringing back down the dark wood rectangular coffee table to replace these three pieces...
This is just the beginning - I'm working on a project I picked up today while curb mining... it should be installed this weekend (weather permitting)

Sephora is really a fashionista...

She likes accessories... and can I tell you... she also loves...

(and animal print - heehee)

What are your favorite colors to wear for fall? What trends have you seen that you'll be adding or trying? Do you see yourself adding more of the colors you wear into your home?

I'll be posting more about the curb mining project
for Thrifty Thursday, so stayed tuned...

And BTW: THANK YOU for all the beautiful comments on the
Tweaking The Think Tank post... and welcome new followers!!


It's a NEW week - and also the countdown to a few days until September. Along with a few Fall-Fix-Up's happening around the house, last week I had taken some time to rework some of the office. Even though I have a few "Tidy-Up Tuesday's" throughout the year, filling bills and dusting, sometimes the bookshelves just need a revamp. When we first moved here, this space was our home office (and a not so nice mustard faux wash) - but during the past several months it's become Blog Central or what I am now calling, "The Think Tank".

Home Office - 2007

Blogging Think Tank - 2010

Blogging Think Tank - 2010

When I first set up this space as our home office, it was more filled with a collection of photos of us and pics of New York. Since this is the Think Tank - the shelves have become more filled with blogging sources - books, magazines, clippings, and newspapers. All camera needs are boxed and labeled. I was even able to utilize the space under the desk for my art supply drawers (pencils, markers, templates, extra idea drawer), as well as tuck rolled prints and posters at the desk end (both of which were previously in my old office).

All but two of the bookcases (one tall and one short on long wall) have been with me since I lived at home. The two towers worked on either side of the window with storage ottomans in between them and work as a window seat. The three storage ottomans hold photo albums and frames.

The two black tables in the space are both from my old apartment. The TV table was a gift from a friend & hair stylist (and has extra storage under the TV for more boxes of photos. The other small black table was a $8 thrift find several years ago. It was originally blonde - I painted the legs black and stained the top with Old English furniture polish. It works great as a newspaper source station. The black leather drawers under it are where ALL the manuals are for everything in the house (the go to spot for troubleshooting).

Thrift table & artwork added some personality to the space.

Sephora loves to lounge or perch up in the window.

Utilized hallway built-in computer desk
as a beverage (caffeine) center upstairs.

The desk Jeff has had for a while, and we both really like all the surface space it gives us to work with while on the computer & watching TV. The ipod bar sitting on the top ledge I got him for Christmas about two years ago when I got him an ipod. The B&W piece leaning behind the ipod bar I want to make into an Inspiration Board. The "d" I found at Marshall's (on clearance for only $2) and I'm still deciding whether to mount it in the black frame - or - adhere it to a medium sized round mirror I found (for only $6) while thrifting.

Office closet - storage for seasonal clothes, coats, and Jeff's suits. Three totes filled with September 11th memorabilia, one for gift wrap, one for scrap booking (which I really haven't gotten into) and one for all those annoying extra wires that come with electrical equipment - and you can never find one when you need it...

Although we received our new computer last week, they sent the wrong monitor. New one will be 20" and easier to read for this blind old bat... lol

Since I'm sharing this post at a NEW link party I found last week at Centsational Girl called "Where Do You Blog?", it's also to include why I started blogging. Why I started can actually be read in a featured interview from Friday over at Modern Bird Studios.

Since beginning to blog, it has been an amazing and totally new way to be creative (after working in retail for twenty five years). I've able to learn so much from the Internet and other bloggers. I've also gotten to meet so many more creative and talented people that I would have never met had I still be in the same brick & mortar box. I've also been able to learn more and discover the place I'm at - Miami. I've enjoyed having the opportunity to "throw myself out into the universe" and I have also enjoyed being recognized as more than just a shop girl.

Added in some white vases (previously downstairs in the living room)
to help break the black.

Here's a quick look back at the office space changes since blogging -The office has transformed from looking like a staged home to a comfy cocoon to blog in...

BEFORE - 2006





Have a wonderful new week - and be sure to check out the link parties over at


For some reason, the upcoming month of September usually brings with it a tremendous amount of transitions... days begin getting shorter, temperature start to change, fashion magazines are the size of tree trunks, and the need to update a wardrobe or a home has an increased sense of urgency. Colors get deeper, richer and intensify. Layers of warmth are added to spaces and wardrobes...

For me, the month of September not only brings these endearing transitions to mind, but sometimes significant life transitions as well... my father passed in September, who could forget 911 (I know I will NEVER forget), last year in September - just after a rave yearly review - I was told my position no longer exists... And fast forward to this September - (here comes the breaking news !!)I'll be starting a new job working in a totally different industry, environment, and location... all because of a blog post...

Earlier this year, my husband and I decided to go ahead and look into updating our kitchen counters. (You can read about our KITCHEN TRANSFORMATION and the FOLLOW-UP TO KITCHEN TRANSFORMATION by clicking these titles) I blogged about the process - before - during - and after - with plenty of photos, including even some of the work during the day of installation. I also included before & after shots, taken from the same POV (point of view) to show readers the changes. I even posted the transformation photos on, and DIY Network, as well as wrote an article for Examiner about it.

Little did I know - what I had hoped my blog would accomplish all along happened - someone from the company was alerted to the postings. The commented on it, sent an email of thanks, and also took it a step further. A design consultant (Bruce Imhoff) called me to not only say thank you for the posts on their product (they really liked it!) but asked if I'd mind having it photographed for their publications - I was flattered!! Of course - that would be wonderful. But it got even better. So we could meet, he invited Jeff and I to come down to the showroom for an event they were hosting Saturday night in the Design District.

We went to the event and Bruce introduced me as "The Blogger" (my friend Becky laughed when I was telling her this because it sounded like I was a celebrity - lol). All was well and got even better later that week because I received another call from them asking if I wanted to come in for an interview. After not working since last November - hell to the yeah!

After a two hour meeting with the Showroom Manager and Bruce spending some time with me to explain some of the tasks I'd be learning - I had a few days to think it over, and call back with in answer.

The showroom is beautiful, and set in the heart of the Design District in MidTown Miami. There are many other to DIE for showrooms surrounding the space, and even Jeff could see a twinkle back in my eyes just from us walking around down there (after watching a fire truck go roaring by he said - "you think you're in New York - don't you?" I grinned. I can't help it - I'm a city girl at heart and I LIKE noise (sometimes - like right now - it's WAY too quiet around here).

Part of their intrigue with me is my passion and belief in their product. Many people think the company - Granite Transformations - is ONLY a slip cover for your counter. But it is so much more than that. They also carry beautiful Italian mosaic tiles - recycled glass and even 24kt. gold from their sister company TREND. They not only do backsplashes for kitchens, but they can resurface your bathroom - counters or shower - and even do cabinet resurfacing. The mosaic tiles can be designed to be used for pools, bars, clubs, stores, restaurants, elevators and even cover entire wall sections (like wall paper) or just create art panels with it.

The have a showroom up in West Palm - but it is an empty shell (hmmm... project!) and they are even looking into a location for Broward County - so they would have three showrooms for South Florida. So in-spite-of housing and the economy - they have found a niche, they are doing well, and are looking to creatively grow their business. They are also interested in new ways of marketing (social media marketing) and perhaps even revamping their event presentaion at the design show... And from a creative POV - these all sound like greats to me!

I said yes to the opportunity to LEARN something new, as well as surround myself with the industry of my passion: DESIGN. I start on Monday. I'm trying to set up a better planned schedule for blog posts (for example - September will be featuring a September Style Series as well as a three day Tribute to 911). I've been posting regularly, Monday - Friday; and I will continue to do my best to maintain that consistency. Any blogger suggestions or best practices you can suggest will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for following along with me during these past months while learning my way around the blogsphere. I really do appreciate all the comments - and even suggestions you've made (like attending blog parties - suggested by DebbieDoos!) I'm getting kicked out of my comfort zone - but like Martha says -

"It's a good thing."


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