Want to add a little soul to your newly designed space? Then the place to source is coming up this spring right here in the furniture capital of the world, North Carolina's High Point Furniture Market - And the elements to add are one-of-a-kind, 20th century antiques. From sustainable casegoods, unique seating and every table type you could possibly image to exceptional fine art, sculptures, rare rugs, and iconic lighting -- it's all here, in the neighborhoods at High Point Market.  


The antiques category has been growing steadily within the furniture and design industry, as well as here at HPMKT - just ask Karen Luisana and Amanda Kinney, the founders who launched the Antiques & Design Center in the fall of 2010. 

From that one source, two other antique authorities have risen within the "Russell/Green" neighborhood, adjacent to Market Square & Elm Neighborhood: 214 Vintage Modern, who relocated and expanded to their new space 314 W Russell Ave in fall 2018, along with opening just last spring, Chelsea on Green, who gave the neighborhood a boost transforming a 20,000 square-foot vacant building & lot (previously Antiques & Interiors in 2015) at 515 West Green Dr., High Point, NC.



Sourcing these gems comes with the added bonus of doors opening two days before market actually kicks off, which means you can hunt for treasures before the crowds arrive on Saturday - but run, don't walk to get the best of the best early! 

In addition to no lead times to wait on manufacturing, most vendors are cash & carry (which is great for locals) but designers can also arrange white-glove shipping for their cherished finds. Personally, this is one of the visual delights I get the most excited to experience and source during HPMKT!!




During your trip to HPMKT, be sure to add these neighborhood spots to your agenda. Remember to wear comfortable shoes and pack an umbrella as these three locations are separate, but still nearby to one another within adjacent neighborhoods - and on a lovely spring day (like today!!) it's an excellent chance to get outdoors for a bit and enjoy some sunshine in between showroom tours...


New kid on the block, Chelsea on Green, located at 515 West Green Drive, not only carries 30 vendors representing antique and vintage home furnishings, but they also carry larger pieces of art and architecture... with the added bonus of a cafe inside their gallery plus an outdoor garden area to host your special venue.


Contact & Connect with Chelsea on Green:
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Chelsea on Green 


Chelsea on Green 
 Chelsea on Green


214 Modern Vintage 

Five years strong in this former machine shop turned showplace, 214 Modern Vintage, located at 314 W Russell Ave,  is High Point's Source for 20th Century Design, with 10 impressive dealers offering home furnishings and art from modern to traditional styles, industrial & artisan, and everything in between - a  curators haven.


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214 Modern Vintage

 214 Modern Vintage

 214 Modern Vintage

 214 Modern Vintage


The one who started it all - not quite as far back as the first furniture market in 1909, but still 13 years strong now - the Antique & Design Center, located at 316 W Commerce Ave, continues to thrive as an invaluable resource as more designers have come to appreciate the long-lasting quality and sustainability the antiques category has to offer. 

This must attend destination for designers is also host several educational seminars, bubbly & book signings, vintage vaults from Chairish, plus tours & events hosted by the Antiques Diva herself, Toma Clark Haines. Be sure to visit the Anitque & Design Center website to get a listing of scheduled events planned for this market.


Contact & Connect with Antique & Design Center

Karen Luisana 336-908-2735

Amanda Kinney 842-442-0316

e-mail -

Antique + Design Center

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My photos over the years of touring my top 3 sources of these antique showrooms don't do them justice. You have to get out there - and get there EARLY - to experience them for yourself!


Be sure to visit the HPMKT website at 
for a full list of events, seminars, market tours, and exhibit directory.
 Hope to see you at market!   

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Welcome Spring! A time to refresh and renew our routines, our home, even our career - overall give ourselves a reset for a season of new growth. The winter season, for some can have been a hibernation period, and for others, the winter season can be a time of deep reflection. That's what this past season has been for me: reflection. 

Rather than fight the dislike of seeing many grey days out  my window and loathing the bitter cold, sunless days - that have been triggering extreme yearly bouts of winter depression (aka SAD - seasonal affective disorder) since moving here to North Carolina, combined with health issues and grief - this year,  I made a shift. I embraced this time to change my mindset and revise some pitfall routines I had gotten myself into. This period of reflection helped me to REFOCUS my time, my energy, my habits: an overall renewed awareness on my health & wellness... Something I'm sure many of us have been doing since COVID has come into our lives. 

With this upcoming seasonal change and personal reset, is my renewed interest in writing again. My topics, however, will be evolving from the focus on DIY projects I've written about in the past to a deeper dive into my experiences with the design industry - including market events, showroom sets & tours, small local business support, along with "how to" content for home organizing, plant care, interior styling, and a renewed focus on curating collections here in Carolina.




For this shift in direction - similar, but still a new path - I'll be moving... moving Focal Point Styling from blogspot/blogger over to my new .com website I've been building on Squarespace, which I will be launching shortly.

Just like the image above, I feel like this space has become a tired old barn I've neglected. Part of resetting habits and living in a joyful mindset is to create a change in your environment. We refresh, renew, reset our home whenever a season changes - so why not do a rest our digital footprint as well?


In the meantime, please take a look around (a good place to start are tabs like: About, Contributor, Press, Projects, Roomboards) as I continue to polish up and fine tune Focal Point Styling (.com) -- not to perfection but to get her up and running... I probably will make another post or two here (to get the SEO engines working again) so please just bear with me.😉


Here are a few archived, but continued helpful & popular posts I've written:

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Thank you for your patience during this 

reconstruction and restoration period. I'm grateful for you.


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