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Yes - it's really nice to go out and buy all the color coordinated tubs & bins for garage storage and organization, but sometimes you just need to make do with what you have. Not being able to run out to the Container Store or Target for colorful bins doesn't mean a garage can't still be organized. Just like I do in our home: re-purposing items I already have (like a damaged office bookcase now a garage paint supply area), just keeping like items together & labeled can make a difference in a garage space. Our garage in Florida was a single car garage. Now we have a 2 car garage. In Florida, I used the attic for holiday decor storage. Here in AZ, I wouldn't DARE put a THING in these attics!! So our holiday decor is now stored in the garage. I'd love to paint - but since we're renting, this is one space the paint can pass by. We had thankfully removed some of the shelving when we moved. It came in handy when setting up shop & decor storage here. But even when no shelving is available, just keeping boxes the same size (and labeled) can be a huge help! Here are some tips from how I've organized our garage...

New garage - move in day.

New Garage - today. 

Holiday to the right. 
Jeff's workbench + utility wall to the back. 
Decor stash + bikes to the left.
Space in center for Jeff's truck.

FL utility wall + paint.
(had to leave behind all that paint)

On left: FL Garage. On right: AZ Garage.

Sometimes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. If you have a system that works for you, adapt and apply your system to your new space. I've had the black crates... oh, since about '94 and the clear bins since '06. Over the years, shower hooks have also come in handy for hanging items when not in use (like the mirror ball or lanterns. A champagne cork wedged into the wire shelf helps prevent round items on their side from rolling off.

And for some of those items inside...
Again - It's not magazine worthy or Martha Stewart pretty - but it works...

More clear + white bins are used to prevent glass from falling off wire shelves (even though they are lined). The "white box" on the floor is part of the air system in the house. By removing the lowest wire shelf, I was able to utilize the white top to hold a re-purposed laundry bin (previously in the FL garage w/drop cloths) as a place for us to collect our co-mingled recycling. It's easier to carry downstairs one load than several pieces throughout the day. Removing the shelf also allowed me to keep our step ladder in the kitchen. I'm short and I cannot reach our upper cabinets - and don't tell anyone, but sometimes, neither can Jeff :)The lower shelf acts as our pantry, holding breakfast bars (in re-purposed lunch meat containers), crackers, chips, and croutons in a bin, a tray with everyday place-matts and napkins, plus two 'small' appliances - too large for the cabinets (and I don't like them on the counters.) The trash can also tucks into this space along with two over sized boxes: a trio buffet + turkey pan - both previously in the attic.

Although I do not have a lot of garage storage pins, I do remember Lesley of Chaotically Creative doing a 3 Part Post on Garage organization you can check out for more tips here.

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Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend and are ready to tackle the week ahead! Over the weekend was the birthday of inspirational friend of mine: Leslie Carothers. Although we haven't met "in real life" (yet!) I do know one thing for sure: Leslie LOVES pink! From pink printed wallpaper & cupcakes to Chanel & pearls, here is a very lady-like birthday moodboard I made for her, featuring shades that will have you "Tickled Pink"....

Get in the mood: Create a moodboard at Olioboard.

I'm not partcial to pink, however my passion was building as I pulled together these pretty pink pins Saturday... Pink provides feelings of caring, tenderness, self-worth, love, acceptance... (actually pretty much describes Leslie.) and probably why this hue is so popular during Mother's Day. When white is added to red, it dramatically changes the dynamic of red to pink. Depending on the chroma & value used, pink can be delicate, appear comforting, or be too intimate & saccharine. However, when the eye "sees" a very vivid pink, the brain secretes nor-epinephrine, the chemical that inhibits production of epinephrine. The result can bring on a very tranquil state of mind...


And for room inspirations, check out my previous post:

Sometimes, a "pop" of pink is all you need...

See more Pretty Pink Pins on my board:

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CHRISTMAS IN JULY: Getting inspired for Holiday

Yes - it's hotter than HOT outside, but guess what? The holiday season is only five months away! A great way to keep cool while inside is to start planning for the upcoming holiday season. By taking some time now to plan, stress can be  minimized or avoided later. Take advantage of the time inside by taking an inventory of table linens, dishes, and even decor plus organize your ideas on Pinterest. After a recent garage clean-up I did here, I also took some time to review my holiday decor & boards. Most ideas I had pinned last year, so now I took the time to refresh and even add a few new ideas to the boards. Pinning is a great way to get inspired for holiday entertaining ideas such as cookie recipes, new meals to plan, or even party drink mixes. The boards can also help sort what types of gifts to give and to whom like baked goods, DIY projects to do, and even kids toys. Speaking of toys, if you've recently moved, now might also be a good time to figure out some hiding places for Santa's toys (wink wink) in your new place. To help get you started, inspired and organized, I've made five mini-boards with links (see below) to join me on Pinterest. Be sure to also check the Holiday and Seasonal tabs above here on the blog.

Lighting at the holidays takes center stage and can really set the mood and ambiance in your space. Above are some stunning and simple ways to create Christmas candles. LOVE the mix of organic elements + the glass shine.

Now is a great time to get your guest space in order - Saving you time later for some of those extra special details for gift wrapping. You can save money on extra linens by stocking up now during the Back To School Sales.
and for those coastal guests, also

 Conceptualizing your holiday entertaining plans now can give you focus while out thrifting - Be on the look-out for embossed white plates to layer texture on your table, or spruce simple everyday white plates with.  Mix & match silverware or glasses for an eclectic look. Besides dinner parties, discover ways to add height  to a buffet gathering like a cookie swap.
and also see

Speaking of cookies... Stock up on those fresh farmers market fruits now to create your own preserves for some special cookies. A loving gift to make for friends and family is a cookie basket - or even a simple brown bag with the recipe attached.
and also 

And now is also a great time to get inspired with the upcoming Fall & Winter trends like SPARKLE... and think of ways to merge your fashion style into the holiday decor of your home. If you create a wish-list now, you just may spot some of these trends while out thrifting or at a local vintage market.
and also 

I'm also teaming up today with the lovely Kate Sessoms from Dabble in Chic. This working mom + wife will have some additional holiday thought starters to share PLUS she is also hosting a Stella & Dot Trunk Show - There is still time to snag a bit of style from the show plus it can be a means of starting some holiday shopping!

(will switch to a holiday board after I create it this week)

 If you're needing help pulling together your holiday style: Contact me (Lynda Quintero-Davids) at

I'm feeling cooler already with thoughts of the chill 
that will be in the air for the holidays!

Merry Christmas in July!
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AROUND TOWN: Sweet Salvage on 7th - PHX AZ

Over the weekend, I ventured out to a few shops I've been meaning to check out. Luckily, they were located in this one area of downtown Phoenix on 7th Avenue. It was also great timing to finally go experience a local vintage market called Sweet Salvage. Sweet Salvage is a unique shop: it's only open 4 days monthly. By having a limited opening, Sweet Salvage offers their customers a fresh "theme" of merchandise each month. Yes, retailers often re-set their stores monthly, but they are open all the days in between and sometimes, that can just give a tired appearance to the store. This limited opening helps to create hype and excitement - something to look forward to - to experience and enjoy. Sweet Salvage locates vintage & flea finds curated towards a theme - for example this months theme was "Now Showing" with a more old Hollywood theme. They have also had Romancing the Home, a French Market, Harvest Moon, and A Mid-Summer's Night Dream theme to name a few. Vignettes are created by designers & sellers of these finds - all under one roof: Sweet Salvage on 7th - which at one time was actually an auto body shop. Be sure to read the Story of Sweet Salvage on their blog, plus visit them to see the slides from the previous curated shops. Although they had opened on Thursday (with a much larger inventory!!), here is a bit from my tour on Saturday...

Sweet Salvage on 7th - Vintage Market

Movie Star travels...

So vintage chic -  And reminds me also of Boardwalk Empire!
(Could be a COOL future theme for the shop!)

LOVE the books displayed in the lantern...

Great ticking on these bistro chairs!

LOVE the labels on the file drawers from Editors cut to BLACKLISTED!

LOVED this Easy Rider fringed stool!

FANTASTIC means of repurposing!

From the writers cut...

GREAT vintage movie seating...

Located more towards the entrance is a concentrated display of the month's theme...


LOVE Sinatra!

Although the space is mainly dedicated to home furnishings and gifts, vintage accessories + some clothing can also be found. this was from a strong "Breakfast At Tiffany's"  statement

LOVE the pleated band detail to edge the black shade...

Stanchions for crowd control are inside, meanwhile outside is a stand with light munchies and treats... To celebrate the 1st Birthday of Sweet Salvage, next month's theme will be "Let Them Eat Cake" (I wonder if they'll have cakes & cookies inside to sweeten the experience at Sweet Salvage... hee hee)

Sweet Salvage Hours

Open the 3rd Thursday - Sunday of every month:
Thursday 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Upcoming 2012 Sale Dates
August 16-19
September 20-23
October 18-21
November 15-18
December 20-23


4648 N 7th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85013
602 - 279 - 2996

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