Last week, I attended my first High Point Market! Although it can be exhausting to cover so much territory and information in such a short time, I think the energy from the thrill of it all is what carries most people through. Taking the advice from veteran market attendees (it's a buffet and you don't need to have it all!) I paced myself, and really just focused on touring as many areas + showrooms, breaking down my market plan to tackling a different area each day - weather permitting. For the most part, the weather was very cooperative - we only experienced one really bad day of wind & rain, which that day I spent most of my time roaming the huge IHFC building (which is actually six buildings in one!) The reason for touring these showrooms, for some, is to buy goods for their shops and stores, for others, it's to purchase special items for their clients (because everything at market is wholesale). For the media, this is a chance to get a first look at what will be featured in stores and magazines - the styles, colors, patterns, and trends for the home furnishings industry all start here at High Point Market. 

So go grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea, or a glass of wine - Relax as you view my observations of continuing and new home decor trends of note:

By far, continuing to be the number one color is BLUE in shades of:
Navy - Ink - Indigo - Cobalt  - Royal.
A close second is emerald green.
Either colors were accented with raspberry, lemon or tangerine.
White & Gold plus Blush Pink also made strong statements.

Classics Made Current
Transitional Styling
New Traditional American Classics
Heritage & Heirloom Influences

Androgynous Style Furniture 
(gender neutral - mixed masculine & feminine)
Mixed Metals - blackened brass, to polished steel
Mixed Materials - brass & acrylic 
Crosshatch Pattern
CrissCross Styling
Barrel Style Chairs

Asian Inspired
Bamboo - Lacquer - Pagodas - Ming
Symmetry - Pairs - Chinoiserie - Greek Key (aka fret or meander)

Garden Themed 
Birds - Branches - Blossoms
Butterflies - Botanicals

Octagons - Concentric Squares - Circles 

Upholstery Details
Tight & Tailored
Welting - contrasting or self (same)
Skirted sofas, chairs, and ottomans
Slimmer arm sofas - square, box, or track
Banquettes & Settees 
Barrel & Swivel Chairs
Exposed legs: tapered or splay (nod to the classic Klismos!)
Hardware change (on casegoods) - Drop Pulls

Since I (like so many) took a gazillion photos, I tried grouping some of the statements together as Market Sample Boards - However, I added a showroom link list in this post of the showrooms I toured - click on those listed (further down the post) and it will take you to my individual photo sets of each on flickr...

 Rich emerald greens, tight & tailored upholstery, Klismos inspired splay legs...

 Greek Key details - for furniture molding, mirror details, chair backs, stools, and upholstery...

Asian Flair is in the air at High Point - and still going strong in home decor - so much so Thibaut introduced a fabric collection called "Imperial Garden", oomph! applied tassels as drawer pulls, Arteriors added a tassel base lamp, pagoda motifs were in are and stepped furniture, along with ebonized wood with gilt details and fretwork...

Garden motifs from the birds and butterflies - to branches, blossoms blooms - and even bamboo!

Whether on tapered legs, a cantilever, or swivel base (which by the way is growing in popularity, due to open-floor plan designs in homes) barrel style chairs are a mix of that gender neutral in the room, while paying homage to a vintage classic, in many updated finishes of mixed metals and textiles...

Saturated blues in indigo, ink, navy and royal - Abstract art off-sets tight and tailored upholstery and the delicacy of Chinoiserie...

White & Gold - highly polished, hammered, patina-ed - brass and gilded metal accents on white upholstered pieces and case-goods.

Function becomes the form of the design with criss-cross details...

 As clear as it is - Acrylic continues to make its mark - especially when paired with brass or glass...

The geometric form that stood out the most to me was the application of Circles + Half Circles (aka Demi-Lunes)  in home furnishings (but not textiles).

Some trends are a continuation of what may have been tested or launched during Fall market. Some brand collaborations are brand new, such as Kelly Wearstler for EJ Victor. And for some brands, they may have broadened their assortment teaming up with not only a furniture manufacturer, but also created a line of complimenting wall art, such as Tobi Fairley has done with CRLaine and Soicher Marin - or a designer may have teamed up with a manufacturer to launch a line of affordable & well designed furniture, such as Libby Langdon has done with Braxton Culler).

What was interesting to me, is having worked in retail, and comparing runway shows (timing + season) to the furniture industry - The runway shows feature a season ahead, however, the furniture industry featured styles & colors for today, but it will still  take time to manufacture orders and distribute to stores - which is why it's best to go with timeless design.

Example of the minimalism trend in fashion, making its way into the furniture industry at Decca Home.

Something else I was keeping aware of was the difference between what is featured at Las Vegas Market (which is the sister market to High Point) vs. what shows here. I believe what is featured in LVMKT must be more regional (showing more organic furnishings such as driftwood, deadwood, grapewood, -- raw wood) vs. the burled wood or bookmatch veneers with lacquer finish and brass inlay / details. LVMKT features more rustic styles vs. HPMKT featured more sophisticated, tailored, American classics - and COLOR! 

Besides seeing the latest colors & style trends for interior design and home furnishings, several design collaborations also launched during Spring market such as

American designer, Thomas O'Brien launched his furniture line collaboration with Century Furniture - Market Square, 5th Floor.

Canadian based Interior Designer, Meredith Heron featured her new fabric collection at Wesley Hall - Hamilton-Wrenn District.

Interior designer, Tobi Fairley also launched two lines - One for powerful abstract art with Soicher Marin and a striking furniture line with CR Laine, featuring blush pinks, a popular color featured on the red carpet during award season - along with her signature saturated patterns in bold pinks, orange (and not pictured here - bold blues and powdery aquas). See more in my set at flickr here: Tobi Fairley #HPMKT

Along with the launch of her new furniture line for EJ Victor, Kelly Wearstler was also the honorary guest speaker for the WithIt breakfast, early Sunday morning in the IHFC building - The EJ Victor showroom is located on Lindsay (across the street from market Square) and will be launching another design collaboration, come Spring 2016, with Kate Spade! (love seeing the lifestyle merging of fashion & decor!) 

 And can't forget - the trend of everything old is new again - Collecting classics at the Antiques Design Center from such wonderful exhibitors such as Heather of 20th century by HKFA - the first person I went in search of inside the ADC (and found on the first try, without getting lost!)

So great meeting online friends in real life after connecting for so long!!

Stacy was also a guest speaker at this years Design bloggers Conference - She gave an excellent preso on photo-shoot styling, and now here she is at HPMKT with Dunes & Duchess! 

 The Hottomans - Kiersten, Leslie, and moi at ModLife!

And now that I have a little better understanding of showroom locations, their distance, and best places to park, in the Fall I'll be able to layer in more of the educational seminars into my agenda!

Thank you to the following showrooms who either guided me on a tour, sharing back stories about certain pieces, or just let me roam free and ask questions later... So many showrooms, so little time, and so many people wondering through, yet they all somehow all managed to keep their spaces sparkling! If I were to include all the photos I snapped during market, this post would run on for-evah!! But you can see more showroom highlights by clicking on the brands listed below, which will take you to flickr, where I've categorized the showroom tours into sets...

Huntington House 
(#HPMKT blog sponsor)

(#HPMKT blog sponsor)

Special thanks to the leaders of organizing HPMKT, Mona, Candice, and Ashley plus the many representatives who toured me around their beautiful showrooms!

Stephanie & Heather - Bernhardt
Maura - Caracole
Stephanie - CR Laine
Carole - Red Egg
 Cortney - Thibaut
Stacy - Dunes And Duchess
Raymond - Eastern Accents
 Virginia - Highland House
Christy - Huntington House
Robert & Kiersten - ModLife
Sarah & Stan - John Richard
Leslie - The Kaleidoscope Partnership
Sara & Dana - WithIt
Heather - 20th Century HKFA
 Style Spotter Leslie Hendrix Wood of Hadley Court
plus Jackie Von Tobel of Soft Design Labs!

 Special thanks also to the sometimes overlooked army of people who check badges, cleaned restrooms, waiters & waitresses at restaurants, caterers to showroom happy hours, parking attendants, landscapers, local shop owners (like the Madcap Gents!!) and even the police officers of High Point keeping the market filled streets safe from harm!

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See what the Style Spotters selected
by viewing their boards on Pinterest - here.

And coming up Friday, May 1, 2015 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CDT
Take Ten: First look at High Point Spring Market - Webinar
Jackie and Deb of Soft Designlab will give you the first look at new soft products, collections and services launched at High Point Market this month. Plus, they may even throw in a couple of surprises!

Register HERE:  https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/5704261192159981826

 So you see - what started out as this...

(banner outside of IHFC)

Mixed with a little of this...

A week later - (along with forever walking, meeting online friends in person, and even attending the JLHPShowhouse) - turned into this...

(banner inside Market Square)

Yup - I'm pooped!!
(but not too pooped to check out some of the fantastic After Market - Sample Sales happening now in High Point! the next one happens at Hickory - May 1-3!)

I'm sure there will be plenty more recaps, videos, and trend tracking shares, but right now, I think most are recouping - plus some even took off to attend other industry events that occurred on the last day of market - such as Design On A Dime in NYC plus Dwell With Dignity's Thrift Studio (still going on now!!) in Dallas!

Similar to when I've shared store tours - another source of design inspiration - I've also shared my two blog sponsor showroom tours, you can read at:

Thank you for stopping by!
Hope your coffee, tea, or wine held out, as I know this was an uber long post!!

#HPMKT Design Blogger Tour: John-Richard Collection Showroom

WOW! The first five days of taking in all of High Point Market has been quite an experience to say the least!! And while many attendees are on their way back home today, some having left even yesterday, I'll be heading back down to #HPMKT today and tomorrow. But before I head back out, I wanted to share with you the first showroom I toured, starting Friday - The elegant John-Richard Showroom, located at the start of the Hamilton-Wrenn District, on the second level at 200 Steele. I had first learned of  the John-Richard Collection when I wrote about them for Hadley Court for last Fall's #HPMKT (you can view post here), as they too were Leslie's blog sponsor. At first I was expecting to see more conservative traditional pieces - but to my surprise, much of their assortment is very transitional, being able to work with or in an environment that is either classic traditional or even mid-century modern. 

One piece in particular I was excited to see was a Carrera Console they had shared a sneak-peek of on social media, just before market...

I had shared their image of the Carerra Console via Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, which also caught the eye of other furniture lovers, as well as market attendees - including even a Style Spotter! I was surprised to learn, this cabinet finish is actually a photograph of giclee art veneered to a glass front. Perfect piece for a contemporary loft or a mid-century style home.

Another John-Richard piece I was looking forward to seeing was featured as a "Top-Pick" during the Product Preview Twitter chat last month - and it too did not disappoint!

 photo courtesy of John-Richards

The clean lines of this console, inspired by the iconic architect, Frank Lloyd Wright's 'Falling Water' not only is a statement & storage piece for a home, but it includes attention to detail in its quality craftsmanship including book-match veneers, with bands of brass and leather.

I'll be sharing more #HPMKT info in an upcoming post, but for now, here are a few more of my  favorites from touring the John-Richard Showroom during #HPMKT...

Mixed metals and materials...

Diverse profile gilt framed mirror...

 Tassel candlesticks available in either silver or gold...

Gilded martini table...

Elegant Chandeliers...

 A unique stone table lamp, including 4 different lighting options...
(Left to right: All off, bottom only on, top only on, both top & bottom on.)

And for me, the shocking show-stopper had to be this sharp chest of drawers in a vibrant red painted finish, with gilded details, paired with their amazing Viceroy chair, upholstered in a rich navy velvet. How stunning would this be in an entryway foyer, featuring a collection of your blue & white porcelain - and a striking blue & white abstract painting? Yes - I love my black and white, but this to me was just spectacular, and unexpected. Loved it!

Remember to stay tuned for more from #HPMKT - but for now, I'm heading back to High Point!
(You can also view more of my favorites from John-Richard on my Pinterest board, here.

 Be on the look-out for the new John-Richard logo!

Thank you for the wonderful tour Sarah & Stan at the John-Richard showroom... 
And thank YOU Focal Point readers for stopping by!

Note: John-Richard was a blog sponsor for me, Lynda Quintero-Davids at High Point Market - #HPMKT Spring 2015.  All opinions are my own. All photos, unless otherwise noted, by Lynda Quintero-Davids.

Navigating #HPMKT + Showroom Shout-outs!

I am over the moon excited to finally be attending High Point Market! After following from afar, via social media shares on Facebook and Twitter for the past three years (and blogging about it too!) I'll finally get to share my own experience with you. And what better way to kick off my first High Point Market, than to be invited to be a sponsored blogger for the event! Being a sponsored blogger means I've been selected to tour and write about two specific showrooms from #HPMKT- One of which I blogged about last Fall for Hadley Court called John-Richard Collection, and one that is new to me called Huntington House Furniture. 

You can see more fashion pairings at Hadley Court, here. Hadley Court is a Style Spotter this year for #HPMKT so I'm also very excited for her (Leslie Hendrix Wood)! Read how to follow the Style Spotters in my post at Hadley Court. In the meantime, you can see some of my favorite pieces for the J.R. Collection on Pinterest here.

Both showrooms I'm sure each will attract many market attendees, from two different sets of lifestyle designers and buyers. The John-Richard Collection is focused on fashion forward + luxury furniture design, while Huntington House Furniture prides itself on American craftsmanship and furniture design solutions to meet your needs.

I'll be writing more later, but for now, you can see some of my favorite pieces from Huntington House on Pinterest here. Monday I'll be touring their showroom!

While I've scheduled time from market week to tour these specific two showrooms, there are also others I have invitations to, plus several showrooms I had toured for Las Vegas Market that I am looking forward to seeing for #HPMKT. Along with my two assigned showrooms to tour, Huntington House Furniture and John Richard Collection, plus many I'll see in my travels, here is a Showroom Shout-out List of 15 showrooms I am planning on seeing this Spring Market:


Global Views



Gabby Decor 

20th Century by HKFA

Eastern Accents

Highland House

EJ Victor

Red Egg

Wesley Hall

Modern History


I've read (plus been warned!) that market can be very overwhelming, especially for a newbie! High Point Market is the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world, bringing more than 75,000 people to High Point every six months. Here are more of #HPMKT's current demographics:

180 Buildings
11.5 Million Square Feet of Showspace
75,000 Attendees Each Market
More Than 2000 Exhibitors
100+ Countries Represented
Tens of Thousands of New Product Introductions
Approximately 10% of Attendees Are International

 One of my maps I created to help orient myself with part of the market area.

There is so much to see and very little time to see it all. I've mapped out a few of the showrooms I'd like to see during Spring, leaving time and space in between to just naturally take in all I am going to see. I'm sure I'll go to many others come Fall. Along with mapping out the areas where showrooms are located - which can be either easy access free-standing showrooms such as Huntington House, or showrooms within a building - such as Bernhardt, which is located within a structure called IHFC, and contains six buildings in one, with the Bernhardt showroom being 85,000 sq. ft. alone - I've got to be prepared not only to do some SERIOUS walking, but also account for the time it takes to get from one showroom to the next. Here are the main buildings I plan to get to:
Hamilton - Wrenn District

Intern Hall 


Antique & Design Center

Suites at Market Square

Along with touring the showrooms, there are also educational seminars, book signings, a designer showhouse, product launches. celebrity designer appearances, out-of-town traffic, seeing familiar faces & stopping to chat - plus weather conditions to contend with. The advice I've been given as a newbie to market is to plan and stay focused - which I can be pretty good at, let's see how I don't get too visually distracted by all the beauty, color, designs, and people. In the end, I think it's all about the adrenaline and all the shared excitement in the air - the energy and life the market plus the people will bring to town.

Two must see points of interest during market week: The Junior League of High point Designer Showhouse (you can read about by clicking here) and the Bienenstock Furniture Library, you can read in my previous post by clicking here.

I'm just so grateful to be back east to be able to be a part of it!!

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for market highlights - plus also follow my #HPMKT 2015 board on Pinterest! 


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