Through the use of color from paint and textiles, I've been transitioning the mood of our home - from Summer to Fall. One of the items I revamped were a pair of old fitting room stools that were about to be purged after a stores remodel. Funny thing is, I did have them before (in my old apartment), but when I had moved out, I donated them. So when I found out they were available again, I salvaged them. Before keeping them though, I did try to sell them at the garage sale for only $5 each... but they had no takers. It's just as well - Sephora loves sitting and sleeping on them now. Here's a look at this simple project...

Stools AFTER

Easy to remove cushions: Just unscrew from the bottom.

Using the spray handle will ensure even coverage. I like to start my paint projects from the underside first, let dry, and flip it. This helps make sure you don't miss any spots - and helps save your back from hunching over to look for those missed spots.

Before I put down my drop cloths in the grass, I put down some wood boards (old shelves) to give me a flatter work surface - especially because our backyard is so close to a berm - the ground slopes.

LOVE the new finish & color!
Then it was deciding to stay neutral with chocolate, or pop it with red. Since I recently revamped my black thrifted buffet in red on the other side of the room (to be posted shortly!), I went with the red here to help balance the color in the space.

While cleaning out closets for the garage sale, I had found some fabric I've had and had gotten probably five years ago - but never braved the task of recovering what they were intended for: the dining room chairs. I'm glad I waited. Loving these colors for Fall this year...

After deciding which color fabric to go with, I went to my usual space I work on projects: The Kitchen Floor. I used a sheet to cover the floor / area rug to try to minimize lint getting on the fabric. After cutting the fabric squares, I noticed a few fold creases. To get out the creases from these folds, I spritzed the fabric, and ironed it on THE REVERSE side - because chenille has a nap (those tiny little hairs giving it texture).

When stapling the fabric to the cushion, it is VERY important to start at centers on ALL four sides - pulling the fabric taught - BEFORE working the corners...

Work opposite sides, and then opposites again for a tight fit.
Fold in corners and cut off excess fabric.

Since I didn't remove the previous fabric - but covered over it - the recovered cushions had a REALLY snug fit. So snug, I pounded them with the bottom of my hand palm. You could also use a mallet, or just cover a hammer-head with a towel.

Sephora on the stools the other night watching the VMA's while I was tweeting it :)
Here's a quick checklist of supplies...

So if you're into dumpster diving, or looking for a different source for some furniture freebies - don't hesitate to check around your local department stores. It also doesn't hurt to pop in and ask for the Manager of the Day, or the Visual Manager to ask them if they have any tables, chairs, stools, or even old artwork in frames they are looking to purge - TRUST ME - they are always throwing things away. This is a great save to our landfills and also a great save to help furnish your space on a budget. Heck  if you have a booth or shop, ask them if they have any extra fixtures too.

Sephora REALLY likes them...

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After packing up and putting away the summer seashells & details, I wanted to start to neutralize our home for Fall. One of the ways I do that is for the spaces to be void of any accent color. With that said, the white washed / turquoise dining room wall needed to go! And in one afternoon - away it went. I cleared the space in front of the wall, put down my drop cloths - on the floor and the table - and brought in the paint colors I had in the garage.  I used the existing colors we already have on our walls: Lamp Room Gray, Cinderblock, and Crosby (a dark brown.) I didn't want any of the whitewashed turquoise to show through, so first I painted the wall with the lightest grey (Lamp Room) which is also the color on the other walls in the dining room and entrance.

Bye-Bye Summer!

After the base coat of grey was applied, I started to mix my "paint concoctions" (as someone commented and made me smile). The mix was only applying water to the colors I poured into my mixing bowls.

This one was a little bit messier than the white wash walls, so I did use gloves. I didn't have enough sponges, so I cut the ones I did have in half (and they were easier to hold anyways). For mixing the paint with the water, I used a chip brush and sponge stick. When I applied the was to the walls this time though... I pulled a Bromstad: I used a water spritzer on the wall sprayed over the section I had just painted. Doing this made blending SO MUCH easier....

One afternoon with color and it really changed the mood from Summer to Fall.

 Although the wall color was already making a difference, something still felt like it was missing from the space.

The room was missing layers.
Layers of textiles, like a rug and heavier window panels. And this was when I decided to just "go for" the Gallery Wall
(click italicized/bold words to read about how I made the No Template Gallery Wall )

I did have the collection of thrifted art sitting in the dining room for a week after
painting the dining room wall.

And it was after I did the wall and pulled back the furniture, I brought back in the old sisal & black chenille rug. I had removed the rugs last Winter to go with a lighter look. Now the old rug looks new again...

Summer to Fall Transition

I set the chairs a little different in the space too. Although I did still use the Drop Cloth Bench Slip Cover (made earlier this year) I only used 3 of the slip covered dining chairs, running along the back. It works better with the length of the table since I still kept the leaf in it to make it larger. The 3 chairs repeat the 3 frosted glass light fixtures - which I now removed the basket weave sleeve from.

After removing the shell necklaces and starfish from the Beachy Bottles (previously on the buffet in the living room) I brought them into the dining room... and appropriately filled the basket with my wine cork collection ;)

The branch in the corner I found on the side of the road last year, and had used it on the buffet for Fall. I love the way the bottles just look old now. Maybe I'll try some twine around their necks for texture.


Re-using the colors we have in our home helped give the space a cohesive look. The rustic wall finish layered with the woods, prints and textures in the space really helped make it feel more cozy for Fall... and it was all from just a simple shift of accessories and re-using some left over paint stored in the garage. What extra paint do you have just sitting in the garage? Why not try a new finish for an accent wall for Fall?

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Somewhere between the months of April to July, I get into a coastal state of mind. When I do, I like decorating with starfish I've collected from our travels. As I was taking them down this year, to pack up and put away for next Summer, I thought I'd share some places I've used starfish in our home. If you live near a coast or enjoy a coastal look all year long, starfish are a great choice to use. They can be strung as a garland, painted and hung as wall art, add texture to a tablescape, or even jazz up your bottles or vases...

I spotted these two pretty pics of starfish decor, but it was before I started pinning...

Recently, while pinning, I did spot this beautiful starfish wall art pinned by Caron White...

For more of Caron's Coastal pins, check out her boards on Pinterest.

When I pack up my shells & starfish, I usually use Ziploc bags for the small clusters of shells, and wrap others in newspaper, and stack stars in between. I store them in plastic totes out in the garage... until next summer season.

Living in South Florida, you'd think I'd have shells and starfish out all the time... But I guess because I come from up north, I like to recreate the seasons in our home with decor and color, since it's pretty season-less outside. The one coastal treasure I do like to keep out year round is coral - because of its organic detail.

What are some ways you decorate with starfish?

Bye-Bye Summer... Autumn is knocking at the door :-)

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