NO RESERVATIONS REQUIRED - My New Years Eve Tablescape

Who wants to spend hundreds of dollars out on the town for only one night? That may not the wisest choice in these times. But ~ you can create your own special evening at home with your special someone. Send the kids to grandmas and ring in the New Year with a little romance!

styled & photographed by Lynda Quintero-Davids

Plan a simple menu. Shop at your local gourmet or Fresh Market, and splurge on a special dinner for two. Jumbo shrimp for shrimp cocktail, lobster tails, petite fillet mingone, and fresh asparagus for the grill, and tiramisu for dessert with flavored coffee or Godiva chocolate liquor.

styled & photographed by Lynda Quintero-Davids

Use what you have - bring in that quaint bistro table just taking up space in a corner on the patio. Jazz it up and make a cozy setting for a dinner for two. Pull together all black and silver elements you have - even some non-holiday items could work - and see what you can come up with. Silver, black & bling holiday decor just went on SALE, so you can also buy some accessories to do double duty for you this New Year's Eve and next Christmas.

styled & photographed by Lynda Quintero-Davids

I started here with a simple 36" round folding table. I added a black satin tablecloth. To help define the place setting, I placed silver leaf chargers with a black dinner plates. For added shine, I layered it with a square glass salad plate to be used to hold shrimp cocktail (which can be presented using a martini glass). Mirrored ball tree ornaments made a great napkin holder as well as adds sparkle. For more bling, I add mirrored tile squares placed in a strip under the flatware. I separate some of the squares to make mirrored confetti for the table. Stemware for water, wine, and flute for champagne added more shine and height to the table.

styled & photographed by Lynda Quintero-Davids

styled & photographed by Lynda Quintero-Davids

Simple wooden folding chairs can be made comfortable by adding coordinating dec pillows. The table can be brought in from outside, and placed in front of a mirror, to add depth and candle light reflective quality. Existing holiday d├ęcor can be minimized by removing and editing some - or just go ahead and pack it up now! The de-cluttering of Christmas will help give the space its warm glow. A mirrored and glass candle holder can work as a simple centerpiece.

styled & photographed by Lynda Quintero-Davids

Use what you have - bring in that quaint bistro table just taking up space in a corner on the patio. Jazz it up and make a cozy setting for a dinner for two. Pull together all black and silver elements you have - even some non-holiday items could work - and see what you can come up with. Silver, black & bling holiday decor just went on SALE, so you can also buy some accessories to do double duty for you this New Year's Eve and next Christmas.

Holiday 2008

Most Christmas decor - minus the tree - has been
removed to still maintain a refreshed holiday look.

Holiday 2008

Don't forget to also rest up to refresh yourself for the evening along with presetting your ipod on a genre: smooth jazz. Set your on-demand on a fireplace… and get ready to have a wonderful New Years Eve with your sweetheart, in the comfort of and safety of your own home.

styled & photographed by Lynda Quintero-Davids

styled & photographed by Lynda Quintero-Davids

Enjoy a warm and wonderful evening at home...
Happy New Year!!

The Story Behind The Style  posted 12.29.10


Home Design Resolutions - 2010

Prevent a downward spiral off lost time with a design plan.

Time to (RE) SOLUTE your home with 2010 design resolutions!! Forget remodeling and renovations. They’re too expensive. In 2010, take some time to plan a RE-Design to your home. RE-energize your outlook by what you look at:

Sit, think, and plan your vision.

 • (RE) THINK your space: over use of one space and under use of another? Bring balance to your home by planning the way you use your space. For example: A home office littered with magazines and cluttered with books can be reorganized by relocating reading materials to an underused dining room to create a library, or create a reading corner in your great room. Taking the time now to (re)think how a space is used, will save you time later when you need it the most.

• (RE) PAINT your space inside and out: Even if you live in a development with restrictions (i.e. all the same color) chances are, your front door, garage door, or trim (esp. near the garden) could benefit from a fresh coat of paint to make your home look crisp (and even spark inspiration for your neighbors). Over time, no matter what quality of paint you use, it won’t look as fresh. Inside, why not try a new neutral (like a warm grey) and an accent wall in a grassy green or chocolate? If you’ve always lived with solid walls: try stripes: same color with two finishes. Even glossy white moldings can be refreshed in an afternoon. Freshen all doors in another afternoon with a coat of semi gloss. If you have the freedom: paint your front door a new color: if not (because of an association), at least paint door inside a new color like charcoal, chocolate, or black.

• (RE) VAMP your accessories: What you’ve had upstairs, bring down. What you’ve had downstairs, bring up. It's time to mix it up! Check in the garage and closets for some forgotten treasures. Gather similar shapes into a collection. Inexpensive or old pieces can have new life with a simple shot of spray paint. This is the time to try a new color on your accessories, like all white, grey, or red, but vary the finishes: two flat with one high gloss. If groupings aren’t getting enough variations in height, try a stack of books. Books stacked by color create impact, or turned in reverse create texture. Books can also be unified by covering them in white or tan craft paper.

• (RE) LAMP your space: Just like you change your accessories every time you change your outfit, change your lamps from room to room. You’ll be amazed how a space is transformed with new lighting (and only be new to the space, but at no cost) Minimal updates to refresh lamps can be a quick coat of spray or add an updated shade in a new shape, color, or pattern.

• (RE) PLANT your entrance, terrace, or outdoor living space: What do you or your guests see when they come up to your home? Have trees or bushes overgrown? Is there a composition or rhythm in your garden? Try adding some containers. Even if you aren’t into flowers, visual interest can be added through contrasts of solid or variegated plants, pops of color through pots, or textures from leaves. Even coordinated decorative pillows on a back patio can expand the living space from inside your home out. Existing outdoor furniture, containers, and even your grill do tend to fade (esp. down in South Florida!!) so spruce it up with a fresh spritz of spray. Even some left over Jacobean wood stain works on a terracotta pot: it will chip away and looked aged over time.

Clock from Soicher Marin.

• (RE) PURPOSE (RE) USE (RE) CYCLE: Or in a word UPCYCLE! Whether it’s your own pieces stuck in the garage or tucked up in your attic, refinish and switch out some existing pieces in your spaces to refresh your home for the new year. Find a new use for something old (side tables together (but not bumped) become your new coffee table or relocate a ‘matchy’ bedroom bench into the dining room for new seating) While clearing through the clutter, let go of pieces you know you will not use: Donate them to your local Salvation Army or Vietnam Vets. Your trash could be someone else’s treasure and help them to refresh their home. An afternoon activity can be made by holding a garage sale. A little time spent organizing the sale, you could treat yourself with a new treasure or put it towards supplies to re-solute your home.


• (RE) TREAT: Celebrate your refreshed home with gatherings of friends and family. Reconnect with those you’ve lost touch with over time, or make new connections by starting up a block party. Host a clothing, scrapbook, or accessories swap for the ladies, a tailgate grill out for the guys, or a cookie party for the kids. We’re all spending less money out and about. The past year was a reality check for us to realign our priorities. Now is the time to apply what we’ve learned (as well as what we’ve been putting off) and bring back true value to our haven called home.

Time is running out!! WELCOME 2010 with the promise to (RE) SOLUTE your home. And if you live in an already perfect home, take the time to apply these resolutions to help a friend, a family member or neighbor. You’ll be glad you did. Have a HAPPY, safe, and healthy NEW year!!!

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And THANK YOU KRISTIN at DISCOVER INTERIOR DESIGN (blog has since closed) for the INVITE to WRITE these for your mini-series!!

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It's time for Bloomingdale's Big Window Challenge!

After working as a visual merchandiser, I was DELIGHTED to read about this challenge. What an awesome experience to engage readers to participate in the art of transforming a window. And not just ANY window: BLOOMINGDALES in NYC!

This January, Bloomingdale's is partnering with Apartment Therapy to celebrate the launch of their new Furniture on 5 floor. Together they've challenged three Apartment Therapy readers to take over the flagship store's windows and transform them into three remarkable room sets with furniture from the new collection.

The three big windows will be installed on January 20. Voting will begin right here the following day. Please check out the windows — online or at the Bloomingdale's 59th Street store in New York City. Voting will run from January 21-29. The winning designer will receive a big shout-out here as well as a gift card from Bloomingdale's.

How ironic to learn of this today, when today I posted this note on my facebook page:

"Having worked as a visual merchandiser for twenty-five years, I've watched it deteriorate as a profession before my very eyes. Maybe it's the company I was locked into for sixteen of those years or maybe it was my location. Perhaps NEW YORK CITY is still honoring the trade as an art. It is (was) very satisfying to me. I always enJOYed the refreshed look merchandising gave a store.

merchandising & photo by: Lynda Quintero-Davids

As the years past, I also came to the business understanding of its importance: 'You can't keep doing the same thing, and expect a different result.' Doing the same thing equates to having the same 'ole display just sit there. Visual merchandising is a form of entertainment consumers enjoy. Some make an emotional connection (like at Mother's day or Christmas) and some just add the impulse to buy because of its COLOR impact being fresh and new. It's a fun experience: to have a vision, plan, execute, and watch its magical effects on people (when they WANT what you created).

merchandising & photo by: Lynda Quintero-Davids

It needs no zoning permits, just the agreement of your superiors and it offers an ever evolving pallet of change... in short quick bursts. It's amazing how it can trickle into every aspect of your life: creating a FOCAL POINT on a wall, a table, a room, or a photograph. So if you're in the right location (like NYC or London) and desire a well rounded creative experience: GO FOR IT! even if it's for just a little while... :D "

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All Photos & Styling by Lynda Quintero-Davids

Well... here we are. Another Christmas gone with the wind!  It always amazes me how much "prep" we do before coming in for that "landing" of Christmas Eve or Day. And now what? Look at ALL THAT STUFF we gotta pack up and put away (gingerly) for next year... but not today. Let its beauty linger just a few more days. Maybe NOW is the time for all us creators to reflcet back and enJOY the fruits of our labor. Here's a look back at our homes labor of love and devotion to detail...

Greetings In Green Great Room

Twinkling Townhome Outdoor Decor & Lights

Clutter Free Cards on Display in Hallway & Office

Simple Snowy Stairway Decor

Berry Simple Bathrooms Decor

Merrie Master BR Dashing Through the Throws

Hope you all had a WONDERFUL Christmas spending TIME with the ones you love... friends and family. How long will it be before you start your removal of trim? How long will it be before you are (RE)inspired for the NEW year?


New Years morning ... 1971

Just took a trip down memory lane ...
enJOY the pics and decor..... :D Merry Christmas one and ALL...

It's THESE memories we have that give us the 
GREATEST inspiration for decor, and for our life...

Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad!!!
Much Love and Gratitude...


OK... QUICK! Company is coming and you haven't done any decorating yet?  Don't lose hope, just dump some balls in a glass container and call it a day!! NOT!!! Although centerpieces and sparkles of interest can be created by SIMPLY adding glass balls to glass containers, do put a LITTLE thought and effort into it...

SIZE does matter... especially when your vessel has an odd shape. Maybe start off some snow, small beads or balls, add a large ball, two mediums, and then a few more small balls to give your container some interest. Coordinate the colors in the container to your existing holiday or home decor... or add a natural element, like pine cones or wood chips to give your display some texture. 

For homes with a modern setting, try triptychs: three vessels of same shape, with same configuration inside. This is sure to add a simple touch of holiday sparkle to you wall unit, floating shelves, or buffets. They are easy to make: just set up your workspace, like the kitchen, as an assembly line. What you place in one container, place in the others. Skewers make great extensions of your hand, to help configure your composition in narrow containers.

so go from this ... everyday seashore display

to this simple seasonal glam with just a little effort.

And if your into words... try adding initials of your favorite place or of your favorite person to personalize your decor even more. Square glass containers work best for this element and make a wonderful display for an eteger.

So don't just dump your box of balls in a bowl, add a little finesse with size, texture, and composition and impress your guests... or make it a conversation piece by adding those sentimental treasure like these over sized pine cones brought back from my grandparents trip to Hawaii...

As you know, holiday spirit can also be easily placed around other areas of the home...

To add sparkle to a space, create vignettes or collections, grouped here in a monochromatic color scheme. Add texture by mixing the finishes inside of your container with
matte, mercury, and glitter balls...

Hope you enJOYed the pics...
We still have two more weeks to enJOY all the added sparkle!!


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