Hey everyone! Hope you had a wonderful weekend working on projects, thrifting, reading, or resting! I'd have to say, mine was productive, including some major scores while thrifting Saturday, but before sharing those scores, I'd like to share a simple style solution I worked on (actually together with the hubs) yesterday afternoon. It's a simple DIY project and quick-fix style solution to a builder-installed wired shelf pantry: DIY Shelf Shrouds. For us, this project only costs $25 in molding because we already had several items needed...

3 1/2" wide molding (to cover over wire shelf cups - our only expense)
Pre-Cut to specifications at Lowes (or HD)

Leftover MDF boards
Tape measure (measure twice!)
A Circular Saw (cut once!)
Finishing Nails
Wood Glue
Wood Filler
Fine Sandpaper
Sponge Roller
Semi Gloss White Paint
Plexi Storage Totes
Basket Storage Bins
Wooden Tray
Felt Pads
Hubs off Sunday Afternoon

While I cleared out the space, hubs went to Lowes, spotted 4 molding options, sent me pics, and I replied with 1st & 2nd choices. Although the most expensive (choice #1 - because of molding length), its quality was better to work with, and VERY happy with end result. Lowes cut the molding with our measure specification.


Utilize pantry space to hold more kitchen items (from laundry storage) and relocate non-kitchen items (ex. candles) into the Laundry room storage.

TIP: When emptying an area, empty it into the area you planned it moving to.
This helps to minimize your house becoming a mess.

After emptying & relocating contents, remove wire shelves clean them, as well as give the space a refreshing coat of paint. We kept it simple - clean, light & bright - We just used the same white paint as the shelves - Semi Gloss White. (EZ kitchen cleanup!)

TIP: Paint shelf pieces separately outside before putting together.
 Let dry well in the sun. When adding molding, run a bead of glue - than use finishing nails to hold together. Camouflage nails (or hammer marks) with wood filler, let dry and lightly sand. After shelves installed, give shelves a quick refresher coat to cover marks & clean up.

Clear out existing pantry items, and relocate items to other storage areas. Pull together items to be relocated into updated pantry. To give next homeowner the option of open storage, install finished shelving.

TIP: clean & clear the space - reorganizing items using not only storage baskets, but re-using some of the white smaller plastic baskets grouped together inside the basket.

In the end, only used one of two baskets - the one that remained has snacks & crackers - the other was all the extra white candles & tea lights I frequently use - but I don't use as frequently as table linens. I relocated place mats & napkins from a basket in the laundry room to a tray (I  had gotten as a gift to make a cork display - but I've never used.) now set on the shelf in the pantry. And it's closer to where we use them daily - the bar top counter.

Baskets act as drawers, but also used clear totes for cook books.

By simply utilizing the existing wire shelves as the new shelf bracket - fit new shelf shroud over the top of the wire shelves. TIP: Utilize felt pads on the bottoms of storage items going back onto the shelves to avoid scratches.



Our kitchen now has a more cohesive updated look, without any major demo or reno - completed in one afternoon, and for a minimal expense. To take this a step further (for those who can afford to) the door could be replaced with a frosted glass panel door, and even replace one or two cabinet doors in the kitchen, for a more open feel. I'm so happy with this simple update - not only because it looks pretty, but it's so much more functional to our lifestyle!

When you have a vision, inventory what you already have for the least expense and maximum results - or better yet - Inventory what you have (especially out in the garage) and come up with a creative solution to utilize it.
NOTE: Since we have our trash can in here, the last shelf shroud was dragging on the can top. The solution: I used the excess MDF under the shelf shroud (as a shim) to raise it up, get the clearance needed, and still maintain a uniform look.

I have some other storage solutions I'll be sharing shortly... along with those amazing thrift scores I made not only for myself, but for an upcoming bedroom makeover I'm in the process of planning... so stay tuned!

Special thanks to the hubs for having a "House Proud" moment,
and helping me with this project!

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Looks great Lynda! Makes your pantry look like it's custom and very expensive!

  2. I love the wire shelves for thier affordabilty! I love how you covered them!

  3. Great job looks really good Lynda fabulous finishing result

  4. Wonderful job; a feel good project! Thanks for sharing.


  5. Thanks ladies!! And yes Sandi - It definately was a feel good project - I feel better organized, motivated to use the slowcooker a little more often, and love that the hubs had a house proud moment - he hasn't had in about three years... =)

    Thanks for stopping by!
    xo Lynda

  6. It looks great. I love that you have space for mid sized appliances.

  7. Oh my word, this is fantastic. I love it. You are so clever to use the molding, it has such a fabulous custom look and your storage ideas with the tray and the baskets are wonderful. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  8. I love organization. I really really do!

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  9. Looks great, bet you want to take the doors right off so that you can admire your handi work :)

  10. You're such an inspiration! Now I'm all revved up to organize our pantry :D Thanks for linking up this awesome post at the Creative Bloggers' party & hop.

  11. Wow - the shelves look so much better with the moulding! I'm going to have to try this in my laundry room!

  12. Wow!, this is great!, you've been working hard this weekend! I love your new fixings and decorations in your pantry. You've just given me terrific ideas, specially the shleves with the molding, it even looks elegant, as is the storage ideas with the trays and baskets! I'm loving this! Have a great week.
    I'm at Marty's TTT.

  13. Wow, this looks great. Don't you love all of extra areas to get all organized! Your kitchen is lovely.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. Oh WOW! I love it! Great tips too. Hopefully I can convince the hubby to tackle something like this too!

  15. WOW! you're so organized and love even the before looks and even more awesome after the makeover! great tips you shared, love all the photos and they look awesome!!

    btw i'm your new follower from homemakeronadime blog hop party!


  16. looks great! We just moved to a condo that has the same pantry. I needed a shelf for storing canned foods, but hate that they are so hard to find, so I put an unused turntable that we had under a television in there, and put the canned foods on it. Works great!

  17. WOW!...I have got to get busy and get my pantry organized,thanks for sharing,and great tips!

  18. This was a great solution to a storage issue. What I love the most is the way to explained in detail exactly how to do do the project. Nicely done!

  19. I'm visiting from the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop!

    What an upgrade! Thanks so much for sharing the tips, too!

  20. Looks so great! I hated those old wire shelves; we took them out of our closets and put in wood shelves as well. Thanks so much for linking this up to our Wicked Awesome Wednesday link party!

  21. Brilliant idea and I can put it to good use.

  22. Totally amazing. I saw this on Pinterest, and have got to tell you, I think you just solved my dreaded pantry remodeling isssues. I've been trying to figure out for the LONGEST time how to make it look awesome without redoing everything, lol. This is just BRILLIANT.

    Thanks so much for sharing. Your new shelves look amazing. :)

    Gladly following along now Lynda, YAY.

    Stop by anytime to say hello!!!
    Hugs, Bella :)
    Bella Before and After
    Euro Style Cakes.

  23. That is a super idea that looks doable! Only my shelves are like an l-shape walk in. I wonder how I could do that!

  24. I'm late to the game here, just discovering you, your blog and this awesome post way after you originally put it up, but I have to say IT'S AWESOME!!!!! I have a double door pantry that opens into the who kitchen and can even be seen from the family room. It's terrible because if it's not neat EVERYBODY can see it and it has the awful wire shelves that make everything wobbly and uneven looking even when you have lined up everything down to all forward facing labels! Thank you for the information. As soon as I can get the hubs to help, it's a go. Especially with summer parties around the corner, everybody is going to be over and everybody is going to need stuff out of that pantry closet!!! Thanks again!

  25. Am doing similar makeover to my panty right now. Have been wondering about how to spruce up the rough edges to my freshly cut and painted wood shelves and I like the molding idea. I had a bifold door but removed it sinc my pantry is so narrow. Now the vow is to keep it neat!!

  26. Gorgeous, Thumbs up for your work and renovation. The pantry renovate is now more spacious.
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  27. Hello,
    I simply must tell you that you have written an excellent and unique article that I really enjoyed reading.Thank to you.
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  28. This looks great and I plan to do this soon! How thick are the MDF boards?

    1. Thanks! These were leftover boards - I believe they were 1/2" thick.

  29. Lynda, absolutely love these projects! Could I talk you into being a guest for #STSMchat on Twitter to talk about frugal home fashion?

  30. It wasn't clear, to me. Did you put the prepared wood on top of the wire shelves. If not what is holding up the shelves? How about making it even easier by preparing the molding and gluing/sticking it to the front of the wire shelves

    1. I'm sorry if you scrolled past the info in the post -- I wrote:
      By simply utilizing the existing wire shelves as the new shelf bracket - fit new shelf shroud over the top of the wire shelves. TIP: Utilize felt pads on the bottoms of storage items going back onto the shelves to avoid scratches.

      Better late than never! Hope this helps :)



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