RENTAL RESTYLE: Small Bath Space Decor + Awkward Window Challenge

So you're renting, and the bathrooms aren't quite the same size as what you use to have? Lack of storage space? Lack of wall space? Just lack of space - period? Here's a few small changes I made to one of our now small bathrooms. We had 2 1/2 bathrooms before, offering both space + storage. Now we've gone to two, probably the size of our master bathroom before. But we still made the best of it with style + storage and for only the expense of a new set of bath towels - found on clearance for only $6.49...

How it was done:

 Used left over paint from another room in the house.
(This helps with consistency + flow of colors in the home.)

 Hid an awkward window with a picture (I already had - picked up at HomeGoods back in FL)  Adds style + privacy.

 Added cabinet door knobs - re-used - saved from drawer pull switch in Florida kitchen transformation (no handles on doors before)

 Added 2 floating shelves for storage + simple decor (from Target)

 Used a pair of 84" white window panels as shower curtain to add height to the small space. (had gotten at HomeGoods in FL - previously used in yoga room there)

 Picked up a fresh white set of towels w/grey stripe banding (on clearance
for only $6.49 at Ross) to display on towel bar. Folded extra set of white towels from HomeGoods) for shelves.

 Mixed in collected treasures from FL (the starfish + shell) plus
personal photos of Florida beaches I framed.

 Green sea grass brings a touch of life to the small space + relates to the coastal feel
(vs. using flowers) Smokey grey glass vase from HomeGoods FL.

Space before:

Tested picture sizes + content.
Saving the Ikea ocean prints for silver frames in the guest room.

Space after:

 Post update: 
Shared on HomeGoods collaboration Pinterest board - Happy By Design.

ReUsed one of the two white & silver soap pumps from our FL master bathroom here for the guest bathroom. Smokey grey glass vase & soap-pump from HomeGoods FL.

Previously, I'd use these coastal pics + decor only during the summer while we were living in Florida... But since our move to Arizona, using these items in our rental home helps bring a sense of connection to places we've been to.  And what better place to feel connected than the bathroom? lol Just kidding, but my point is that every room, no matter the size, is now an expression of us in our new home.

FL Townhome - Guest Bath

FL Townhome 1/2 Bath

FL Townhome Master Bath

Since our guest bath now is on the first floor, adjacent to the guest room, I used the medicine cabinet for storage of all the hotel samples we've collected and great for guest use. I've condensed almost 1/2 of the sheets and towels we had by donating them to Goodwill. Since I don't have the cabinet space I had before for the sheets and towels, I have them in a small linen closet just outside the bedroom.

From the second bathroom:
An eteger can help give storage space in a small bathroom.

Also from the second bathroom: Hooks replaced a standard towel bar.
Repainting an outdoor metal table (from HomeGoods) gives a space for a bowl to hold hair ties or rings.

From the first floor bathroom:
Building a small space with a neutral base allows for eeasy updates later: for example punch it up with red at holiday, or orange for fall.

Simple framed photos helped personalize the space.

Above photo I shot in St. Augustine back in about 2004.

Something else we had before in Florida were towel bars: in the showers, at the tub and in the water closet. Not having all that hanging space created a need for more folding space. Adding floating shelves helped give additional folding space in the guest bath. In our now (small) master bath, I used an eteger to help with storage space, plus we switched a standard towel bar for hooks. This makes everyday towels easy to get to, quicker to dry by hanging, and makes a functional display in a small space.

Rental ReStyle Recap:

1. Paint walls with an existing neutral color (grey)  2. Cover an awkward window with a picture 3. Floating shelves add storage + display 4. Window panels as shower curtains add height 5. Personal photos shot + framed 6. Details: greens - even faux - give life to a space + scented candle keep space smelling fresh. 7. Add door knobs to cabinet (these I had kept from when I switched the FL kitchen drawer knobs to cup pulls).



A small space transformation like this can be done in a day. It's simple enough for a rental, or even a home staging if you need to sell. If you're looking for a simple weekend project for your home, this would be a great project to do, plus maybe add stencil or stripes to the walls for extra wow.

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. I love it! So classy! Have a nice weekend!
    Love, Olga

  2. I'm completely amazed!!! The bathroom looks awesome!

  3. Beautiful and classy. Please share the paint color?

  4. Thank you Olga, Rachel, Decorating Addiction, Terry, and Loretta... The paint colors called Cement - a Martha Stewart color, but mixed in Glidden at Home Depot. We really didn't like the coverage from Glidden, so try having the color mixed in Clark + Kensington paint at ACE.

    xo Lynda

  5. I love your bathroom. I live in a small rental as well so I know all about having to make a lot of a small space!

  6. Very nice and neutral. I love the idea of covering a window with a picture.

  7. This bathroom looks amazing. I'm grateful for your rental tips ...we rent, and I'm always trying to put our stamp on a place without getting into trouble! :) Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Love the floating shelves! Great bathroom updates!!

  9. So very tasteful and sophisticated. You made a very small space have the feel of a spa! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Where are your shelves from? Love your ideas!

  11. You have made a small space feel like a spa and very elegant! Love the black and white photography! Ana

  12. Great style! Love that these changes are easy to do and don't cost much. Great job!

  13. I really like the floating shelves and the way you've used art - this looks like it could be in a hotel to me!

  14. Hey, just visiting. I just wanted you to know that I pinned your bathroom (from Thrifty Decor Chick) almost a month ago, and it's been repinned 537 times! I just changed the link on the pin to this page so people can more easily find your work cause obviously it's a hit!

  15. I just love this makeover! My 2nd bathroom is laid out just like yours and is used mostly by my hubby and guests. I think this is the perfect look for it! Thank you - just pinned it :)

  16. wow - that bathroom looks fantastic!!! found you on pinterest.


  17. love! where did you get these shelves? I want to put three in my new bathroom!

  18. You can buy similar shelves from Pottery Barn: Holmes black shelving.

    1. Correction - Holman shelves in black.

  19. Ikea have similar floating shelves too.

  20. Thank you so much!! I was so inspired by you. A one day project and it looks gorgeous.

  21. So nice! My husband and I are using this as a model to redo our bathroom with the same space. So happy I found this

  22. So nice! My husband and I are using this as a model to redo our bathroom with the same space. So happy I found this

  23. I love how you updated this bathroom...our masterbath seems to be very similar in you have any pictures of the rest of your bathroom...I would love to see how you utilized the space...especially the walls and vanity...

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  25. What's the length of the floating shelves? I've found 10" which seem too short, and 24 inch which seem too long. Thanks!

  26. What is the paint color that you used? I find it difficult to find the right shade of grey.

  27. Such a pretty bathroom, love the FL Townhome Master Bath.
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  29. Awkward window placement is just one of the drawbacks of renting or buying an existing house. Although if you choose to see this in a positive light, this can be an opportunity for testing your analytical skills and showing off your creativity. And I honestly think you were able to win this challenge gracefully. :) Joann@AJC Roofing

  30. Cool ideas. It was the tile selection and bath and shower accessories that worries me a lot. As my bathroom space is much less, I am not able to implement a lot of designs. Thanks for sharing these cool ideas to work with. I am also thinking about installing some quality shower caddies and replacement parts to enhance the usability.

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  34. I like the design and the colouring of the bathroom. Really a nice attempt and it grabs attention. Thanks for the blog keep updating more like this.

  35. I am really amazed! I really love your bathroom. I find great ideas on you. I love the style and the color. Just amazing! Thanks for inspiring!

  36. Do you have your shower curtain panels hanging on each end or are they sewn together as one wide curtain?

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  39. Hey Lynda,

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post!

    I also want to re do my old bathroom and space is the major issue. I have a misconception that there is less scope of personalization because I have a small bathroom but after reading your post I realized that we can personalize small space too. Little creativity can do wonders. Thanks for sharing great ideas on bathroom remodeling. Using eteger is one of the smart ideas which I like the most.

  40. So beautiful designer bathroom and house I love it.
    Thank You

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  42. Everything looks amazingly beautiful! Modern is wonderful. The designs, the colors and the textures are just awesome. Thanks for sharing them!

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  46. I'm glad I've found your post! I'm currently looking for some inspirational small bathroom designs as I'm about to redecorate my bathroom.



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