Gotta love Spring ~ So much is happening! Although I wasn't able to attend High Point Market (aka HPMKT) Spring 2013 this week, I utilized my social media connections as the next best thing to being there! I collected shared photos from Twitter, Facebook plus Instagram and pinned them to my HPMKT SPRING 2013 board (see here: http://pinterest.com/nyclq/hpmkt-spring-2013/ ) - To make it easier for other people to find and REpin, I included the hashtags #HPMKT2013 and #Spring. I did this because Pinterest is flooded with images from previous #HPMKT events - adding the season + year helps in a search. Thanks for the compliment Katy A. Garrett who said, " Love your High Point Market Olioboard!! Most creative idea I've heard in a long time! Just sayin!" Although she was at High Point (super busy on the Taste of Design Camp panel) having the pinboard helped keep her take in all that was going on around her.

I also pinned a few finds Apartment Therapy discovered (oo-la-la lovely!) + repinned a few faves from the Style Spotters. New to notice this season were additional "trend spotters" called Hidden Gems, and Design Happens at the HPMKT event. Below is a mix of boards I created from some of the Top RePins of HPMKT finds I shared plus some trends I noticed through the images on my HPMKT 2013 PinBoard.

My Top Take-A-Ways & Trends from the HPMKT pictures: 

Move over Mad Men - There's a New decade coming to town: GO DECO! Art Deco deco details + finishes + styling was a huge theme - and just in time for the release of The Great Gatsby! *** See My #DecoDetails Boards here on Olioboard (@nyclq) + an assortment of Art Deco pinboards at http://pinterest.com/nyclq/ ***

Otherwise known as welting, piping was a dominant detailed on tailored pieces. It helped accentuate the refined clean furniture lines - again, another nod to Deco.

Richer than gold, burnished brass was a hot trend from light fixtures, to decor accessories, to stunning coffee tables. Although the 80s seemed to also be knocking at our door, the brass tactics spotted at HPMKT had a more patina-ed  finished. The brass pieces spotted looked spectacular paired with marble (another hot decor trend + nod to Art Deco).

Sophisticated & tailored furnishings were another hot trend at the Spring market. Details included clean lines, upholstered legs, and swooping arms trimmed with rich woods or even wood painted gold. Pairing champagne, nude, and blush tones with gold takes these glamorous & sophisticated looks to entirely different level of style.

Even though emerald is Pantone's pick for Color Of The Year, designers (in both fashion & decor) are pairing this gem with shades of navy or cobalt blues plus gold accents. Not only is this too a nod to the art deco period, but it also was a hot trend for 80s jewelry, and is making its way back into our lives with a  refreshing newness.

Just as it did in the roaring 20's "Anything Goes" was the flip side to the refined style trend at HPMKT this Spring - Bohemian in its lifestyle, the playful pattern mix included patterns in strong geometric shapes to flirty floral prints + BOLD saturated colors (like orange and even coral) and high gloss finishes. 

One photo in particular I adored, and after I pinned it from Courtney's Instagram (@CourtneyOutloud on Twitter), (BTW: it was the most REpinned!) was a collection of framed vintage swim-suits. I thought it was unique, fun and clever. What made it work was the consistent graphic patterns in Black & White that were framed on emerald green wall. See it here: http://pinterest.com/pin/264656915574709331/

12 Noteworthy brands frequently spotted at the market to check out:


and even Ralph Lauren at EJ Victor 

Plus for additional info on trends and brands spotted at the market, be sure to visit the sites of

and Apartment Therapy. Apartment Therapy did an AMAZING job of live blogging from the market!

Being a born & raised east-coaster I LOVE DECO!! And so grateful to have experienced its preservation and revival while living in Miami. So looking forward to seeing a strong revival of this classic once again. Hopefully in the Fall, I'll be able to attend HPMKT first hand.For the time being, check out one of my deco inspired moodboards I created at Olioboard...

Speaking of Olioboard, have you seen the latest challenges they have going on? While I'm contracted to pin for Olioboard, I can't participate in the challenges or contests; but, I can suggest challenges for the community. One of the four live now for you to enter is a challenge I suggested: GO GATSBY! Click here to see all four challenges. Visit the site, click read hearts to vote for your faves or create a moodboard of your own to share. While you're at Olioboard, check out the new DISCUSSIONS feature. When you visit, also be sure to give a HUGE  congratulations to Olioboard for being recognized as a social media network as they were displayed on the CRLaine showroom window...

Where you can  
Create + Shop + Share 
now you can 
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at Olioboard!

Congrats to all the vendors, sponsors, Style Spotters, and seminar presenters (especially Marilyn G. Russell, Lisa Mende, Leslie Carothers, Sheilah MacSporran, Lori Dennis, and V&M). You ALL did an A-MAZING job at creating hype leading up to plus excitement during the HPMKT event this Spring! I can only image what Fall Market will hold, since every season the event continues to become a significant game changer to the furniture + interior design industry.

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Celebrate Earth Day Everyday!

Although we have one special day to celebrate Earth Day, we can still celebrate everyday by being the change we want to see in the world. I've seen it posted several times, people are tired of the extended winter temps into Spring. It's as if Mother Nature has lost her calendar of events. By now, we've all changed our light bulbs (I hope!!) but saving the planet goes a little deeper. Here are 12 ways to continue to celebrate Earth Day everyday and help save our planet - Every little bit helps.

How to make twinkling lanterns out of ordinary tin cans: http://bit.ly/ZDYtvW

12 Ways to Help Save Our Planet

#1 Support your local farmers - Shop local Farmers markets for seasonal fruits, veggies and even preserves, jams, baked goods and sauces.

#2 Buy food in bulk or only buy what you need. For excess or to avoid spoiled foods, freeze them for another time (fruit is especially great to do this with and make smoothies - freeze meets, take out in AM to grill that night)

#3 Donate clothing, furniture, decor, and even excess craft, party goods or wrapping paper to your local thrift shop - and better goods can be taken to a consignment shop: the extra cash to go towards a style update.

Teach Kids to help save the planet.
Erek Hansen collected 14,000 items of denim and over 7,000 pairs of shoes to be repurposed into new items! 9 inspiring kids who are saving the world: http://su.pr/21aoT8

#4 Repurpose existing items in new ways: cut off an old pair of jeans for new summer shorts. Reuse cut denim pieces for pillows or placemats.

#5 Salvage what you already have - a little elbow grease, TLC and paint can go a long way.

#6 Support your local Historic Preservation organization - whether by volunteering to help at an event, or help spread the word of their cause through your social media connections, friends, and family. Here in Arizona, check out:

#7 Throw trash in the proper receptacle - NOT out your car window or leave behind piles of garbage in a mall parking lot because you decided to clean out your car. Also: Be conscious of your surroundings: When you do see trash, pick it up and put it in the receptacle. 

How cool is this?
Dumpster Gardens: Moveable Forests Sprout Inside Trash Receptacles http://su.pr/2zwgVJ

#8. Beside cans, bottles and newspapers, recycle paper towel tubes, food boxes (like from Granola bars, cereal, Magic Erase), glass from scented candles (great to actually repurpose!) and yogurt cups.

#9 Save energy: natural light is beautiful, but in the summer, filter the heat with window panels + sheers, shades or blinds. Turn off ceiling fans in unoccupied rooms. When brushing your teeth, turn the water off. When going out for errands: make a list & map your route to save gas.

#10 Water plants at night. Keep track of plants and veggies with guides, notes, calendars and plant sticks.

DIY Garden Sticks :)

#11 Use resuable shopping bags when thrifting, shopping or doing groceries. If you do have extra plastic bags, Walmart has a bag recycling bin to bring them to.

 #12 Recycle paint by either mixing old colors together to make a new color (great for furniture or an accent wall!) or donate excess paint to Habitat for Humanity, a church, or even a school. Recently, I learned about a company whi IS recycling paint to new colors and reselling it. They are called AMAZON PAINTS. Learn more at AmazonPaint.com

Sure, there are other ways to "Go Green" - for example Xeriscaping in dry climates, rain catchers in the tropics, and creating a compost, but these can be more complicated for some lifestyles. The 10 above are things we can ALL do no matter our lifestyle. Jeff and I do all the above daily. Learn more ways to think, live, be and design green at InHabitat.com.

What are some things you do to be Green and celebrate Earth Day everyday?

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Palm Springs has their Modern Week, and this week is the 9th Annual Phoenix Modern Week here in Arizona! This is is a celebration of modern art and architecture here in the Valley.  Although Friday marked the official kick-off of Phoenix Modern Week, with a tour of a historic hotel Saturday afternoon (called Hotel Valley Ho - built in 1956 - and tour tickets were the price of the year - $19.56) the week is full of evening events every day this week. Phoenix Modern Week will culminates with a Phoenix Modern Week Expo Saturday afternoon, including a raffle to win the last two tickets to the sold-out tour of Mid Century Modern Phoenix homes this coming Sunday, April 21. If you're in the Phoenix area, here are this week's events to check out:

Read about Design Within Reach Scottsdale: A very special DWR Studio.

Monday, April 15: Joseph Eichler film. “People in Glass Houses,” a film about architect Joseph Eichler, 7-8:30 p.m. at Design Within Reach, 4821 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale. Free.

Tuesday, April 16: Architecture slide presentation. “Slide Slam,” a presentation by local members of the American Institute of Architects, 7-9 p.m. at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, 7380 E. Second St. Free.

Wednesday, April 17: Modern ranch makeover talk. Cavin Costello and Claire Aton of the Ranch Mine will detail their Midcentury Modern and smaller ranch renovations, and Copenhagen owner Erik Hansen will discuss the furniture store’s 43-year history. Refreshments provided by Duck & Decanter. The event, 6-8 p.m., is free. Copenhagen, 1701 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix.

Thursday, April 18: Formica party/presentation. The Formica brand marks its 100th birthday this year. Celebrate the invention of laminate at Union Workspace, 6-8 p.m. at 1729 E. Osborn Road, Phoenix. RSVP to 513-786-3301. Free.

Friday, April 19: Superlite-block factory tour. Learn how Phoenix became known for its concrete industry on this guided tour of the Superlite block factory, 9-11 a.m. at 4223 W. Highland Ave., Phoenix. Learn about the materials being used to restore the David and Gladys Wright House in Phoenix’s Arcadia neighborhood, and join architecture critic and writer Tazmine Loomans to see Superlite blocks being made. Tickets are $40 at modernphoenixweek.com

Superlite blocks - "Lace Curtain"

About the Phoenix Modern Week Expo - Saturday, April 21

The location for Saturday's Phoenix Modern Week Expo will be at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, Stage 2 7380 E 2nd St, Scottsdale at 9am thru 5:30pm. Some events are FREE, and some events will have an additional charge. For more information, go to modernphoenixweek.com
Saturday's events will include:
  • A Bus Tour of Scottsdale’s ‘Most Western’ Mid Century Gems
  • A Private Tour of Paolo Soleri’s Cosanti Foundation
  • An Ultimate Tour of the Hotel Valley Ho
  • Research your Midcentury Modern Home Using Primary Sources
  • Phoenix’s Street of Dreams: The Visual Extravaganza That Was Van Buren
  • A Modern Castle in the Sky: The David & Gladys Wright Residence
  • Creating Places of Peace in Modern Environments
  • Door Prize Drawings (+ a chance to win the last 2 tickets for Sunday's Home Tour!)
  • Paolo Soleri: Beyond Form

Sunday's Phoenix Modern Tour is sold out, but will include the Starlite Vista, SunView Estates, North Central Avenue and the Midtown Garden Apartment district neighborhoods.

Additional details about the events can be found at: modernphoenixweek.com and also be sure to check out a wonderful source for mid century architecture here in Phoenix at: MondernPhoenix.net plus check out their facebook page too.

I ventured out this weekend to some of the local vintage shops and shot a few pics of some interesting modern architecture around Phoenix, I'll be sharing here this week, plus be sure to also check out my board on Pinterest at #PHXMODWK plus check out the tweets at the hashtag #PHXMODWK

If you're local, I hope to see you at one of the many events!
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Rental ReStyle: Budget-Friendly Backyard Spring Spruce-Up

Renting a house vs. owning can have its ups & downs. The upside: if something like an appliance breaks down, you can call the owner to have it repaired. The downside is though, you see opportunities for layout flow and finishes that you can't change. What do you do? You make do and make it work. Living here in Arizona the past year took some adjusting, especially when it came to our living outdoor style. In Florida, our townhome had sliding glass doors that opened up to a paver patio I designed and was FULL of greenery and privacy. Here in Arizona, the place we're renting lacks color and greenery (except for the AstroTurf which I am so grateful for vs DIRT!), but with a little thrifty TLC and savvy styling, I've been able to rescue & recreate our outdoor space for us to use before the summer heat & dust storms arrive. Here is what I did...

It started with simply cleaning up the blown leaves, pitching a few dead plants, and donating a few pieces I no longer used. After the clean-up, I was able to see what needed to be repaired and refinished. Repairing existing pieces helps saves the environment + your budget.
Afterwards, I picked up $50 worth of 'native to Arizona" plants to add a little greenery and I also picked up a few outdoor stripe cushions at Garden Ridge to help pull together my colors (green, brown, black and white)

1. We're renting so I can't paint (would love stripes!) or cover (with stucco) the cinder-block walls and buying bamboo fencing to cover would be too expensive (for a rental)  - But I can use the bump-outs to hang refinished candle panels as dividers.

2. Not all outdoor accessories need to be used in the backyard. These lanterns look great on the stoop - removed the glass and they work great with a small flowering plant.

3. Over accessorizing can happen outdoors too - Since the wind frequently blew over my bamboo poles, I put the away - and the black wicker rounds I use on the stoop (with branches) for Fall. 

4. Switching cushions from solid to stripes added a little pattern interest outside.

5. I tried using my bamboo coffee table outside, but it didn't fair well in the weather. Refinishing & relocating to the living room helped give two areas a new look.

6. Since we have a tile floor room downstairs, I made an indoor garden room (last year) and painted these black metal thrift chair pair gold. Bringing them inside helped to shift the bistro chair down and create a separate conversation area.

The sun, dust and cold temps in Arizona really did a number on outdoor metal.

  • Rethink: Switching a chair from facing one direction to another can help re-define a space.
  •  Repair: Using goggles, sanding metal, and spraying a protective sealer can help extend life of outdoor metal furniture.
  • Reuse: I use to use these candle panels in our FL dining room during the holidays. Removing the mirror mosaic tiles and taking them outside gave them a new purpose: holding mini succulents or citronella candles.
  •  Refinish: Nothing updates a space, furniture or accessories like paint: especially black.

 A FAST FIX - SAVE $$$ with PAINT!

Paint can also be used on upholstery - If you've never used DESIGN MASTER paint, you're gonna love this! I use to order this paint by the case-load for my visual department (when we actually did creative visual presentation) It dries fast, comes in a fantastic assortment of colors and is what even florist use to customize the colors of flowers. So I figured, if it's safe for flowers, it must be safe (and soft) enough for fabric -- and IT WORKED! The are the original cushions that came with my bistro set I got back in 2008, and I was able to revive them with less than one can at $7. (Note: DESIGN MASTER spray paint can be found at Michael's or learn more product info at: Design Master Color)

When we first moved in, I had in mind to try to recreate a similar layout the way we had it in Florida. When I "let it go" (the how it was) I was able to free myself to rethink the space. In Florida, we had a tree for shade - In Arizona, it helps to use umbrellas to shield the sun: they are easy to close with a windstorm, and easy to move as the sun does. Jeff scored this umbrella at the end of the season last year at JCP for only $35.

Since it doesn't rain that often here, I was able to bring out a folding table I had (I usually set for our "dinner for two" tablescapes inside) and cover it with some burlap fabric. To make the tabletop larger, I repurposed my 42" round mirror (I'm not using) and cover with a gingham small table cover I picked up at Goodwill. The X back chairs were also a Goodwill find I scored here in AZ last Spring (found 4 at 9.99 each).

Spring Alfresco... post coming up! 

This was a $5 find I picked up at Goodwill and I had previously in the guest room. Repurposing the  indoor bar cart helps create serving space outdoors, plus can also come in handy as an outdoor office space. As a serving space, the tray is on top for drinks but can move to the table or grill side. The buffet server can be brought to the top, and with an extension cord, help keep side dishes warm (like for Easter dinner alfresco!) I kept the cart in its natural wood tone, but I would like to refinish -- IF I keep it outside, I would paint the wood with exterior paint and a sealer / top-coat.

Last years thrift basket finds are working great to help refresh the look of our outdoor space. I especially love how the daisies look in the picnic basket as a container (The "How To" is coming up next)

In Florida, one of the first accessories I had added to our outdoor space was this mirror -- and I'm SO HAPPY to see it finally up on the wall here in AZ! It creates a lovely backyard focal point with the lounger (I picked up at the end of the season at JCP last year for only $36 - It pays to shop end of the season deals. The lounger now would easily go for $180 or more...

In all, this little bargain backyard rental restyle came to:

Using pieces I had - existing furniture, thrift accessories, plant containers $0
Picking up end of season finds last year: umbrella w/stand $35 + lounger $36 
Design Master Paint for Cushions: $7
Rustoleum Black Paint for existing pieces: $24
Grasses & Palm plants: $45
Stripe Cushions from Garden Ridge: $60

under $220 for my Budget Backyard Spruce up for Spring!

I'd love to do more - but this is just enough. We even brought our outdoor speakers (from FL) outside to enjoy some music (from Pandora on iPhone) while Jeff is grilling. (Yes! It's grilling time!) At night, it looks really pretty with the candles lit... and it's actually been cool to still enjoy. No matter what type of outdoor space you have - if you own or rent - a little TLC, thrift, and rescuing pieces can go a long way...

Weather permitting, have you started your outdoor Spring Spruce-Up?

Thanks for stopping by! 


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