Starting to blog & the end of an era

This week marked my final week in a 16 year chapter of my life: working at JCPenney. But this wasn't just "any" JCPenney: it was AVENTURA - one of the company's top five stores. Over the years, Aventura grew a reputation of executing high standards of presentation, doing what was RIGHT not only for the customer, but for our market, and for thinking out of the box. We had become "legendary" out at the home office.

The past month was a bit awkward-  watching the "new organization" take place (but not necessarily shape) and watching so many standards I had helped develop get tossed around, and even aside. Part of what kept me focused on getting through my final 30 days was actually near the end of it. One of the managers asked for my help in decorating the meeting room and the associate lunchroom for a Spooktacular Halloween Luncheon. And that I did.


I drew layouts. I gave myself a budget ($500) I made my list of quantity needs. I searched online for deals. I shopped around and managed to set up not only the 2 spaces for the luncheon, but the hallway, and the reception area. It really helped to lift the spirits of the people who work there, especially since the store was ALSO being decorated and set for CHRISTMAS. I executed what I planned, as well as came in under plan: $491. This all included cutlery, serve ware and cups for 300 people, decor, supplies to make decor, and a DVD I had made of the 16 year transformation of the store.

It felt GREAT to maneuver 8'x4' boards of foam core, feel the sticky mist of spray mount on my arms, inhale the spray paint fumes, trace and cut 80 bats, feel the tension holding the exacto blade in my hand, and even get one blister on my thumb from a hot glue gun. It hurt, but it meant I was ALIVE. I don't even remember WHEN the last time it was I was able to BE "this" creative... to BE in MY ELEMENT... to BE this focused.

It was all worth it in the end. I heard the sweet enthusiasm from the managers, the appreciation from the associates, and my boss say, "Lynda... You've outdone yourself." And I even managed to come up with a costume to tie into everything happening: The Legend Of Aventura....


  1. Oh, you went out with a bang......that's for sure! You are one heck of a talented and creative lady. I am in awe of your mad skills ever since I saw "Sweet Retreat" on Rate my Space (and the 3 or was it 4 versions there-after)....and how often you redecorate your dining and living room. I swoon! Keep up the excellent work-- you rock Chica.

  2. Dear NYCLQ:

    You are an extremely talented individual. Your gift is from God.I first saw your work on Rate My Space Remember how everyone said you should be on TV and you were!I am sorry about your job loss, but I believe in your case when one door closes another one opens!I look forward to hearing about your new job that God has blessed you with.Who knows maybe it is time for you to start your own business...NYCLQ Designs!

    God Bless!



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