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In between prepping our home to sell, showings, paperwork for relocation and researching locations to move to across the country, I had a chance to help out my local community at Habitat For Humanity. I belong to their group over on LinkedIn, and had received an email request for volunteers needed for roofing, landscaping and painting. Well, I'm no roofer, but I can sure paint! Which is just what I did recently one Saturday morning. I helped out painting the exterior of one of the HFH houses. During the 10 o'clock break, they awarded two ladies and their families two of the homes. The ladies were also there working on them and that was great to see! This coming weekend, Habitat For Humanity is needing more volunteers to help with some more landscaping, So before I head out west on Monday, I'll be popping over to help out again. Here's a look at some of the local homes in Broward County Habitat is building...

Many of the volunteers were teachers and other trades people. I checked out Habitat For Humanity out in Arizona, and it looks like there are two locations in Phoenix. Maybe they'll have some work to do on the interiors, because I did ask here in Broward, and they don't do the insides - They only install the kitchen cabinets and appliances - but it's still an outstanding program to help the community. 

In the future though, I'd like to see them team up with an organization like Dwell With Dignity, to help out with setting up inside the homes. Dwell with Dignity has a goal: "to bring good design to those less fortunate, inspiring them to maintain a standard of living they can be proud of and thrive in." They could focus on the interior, while Habitat continues to build communities with the exterior. I first learned about Dwell With Dignity  on The Nate Berkus Show (see their video and post here) in August. The also have a group I joined on LinedIn. To learn more about Dwell With Dignity, visit their website at Dwell With

The end result of volunteers & hard work.

Have you ever volunteered for Habitat For Humanity?
What was your experience like?

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