Wow... Today's the day! It was only a few weeks ago, back in August, I was doing our annual Fall fix-ups around our house, thinking of minimal fall decor and planning holiday - In September, the focus changed to being relocated out west for my husband's job promotion and get the house prepped to sell. October quickly turned to purging, prepping, packing and planning our move ... And now here we are in November, all packed up (310 cartons) and ready to load the trucks for our move across the country to Arizona!
Life's a Journey...
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A lot has happened here during the past five years: Learning how to "live" in this space, merging our lives & styles together to make this space a home, getting married, trips to DC, Georgia, the Keys, Gulf Coast, NYC, and Italy for our honeymoon, finding Sephora (our cat), holiday get-to-gethers with family & friends ... a promotion and even the the loss of a job - but the gain of self re-discovery for the love & passion of interior design. I'm sure each experience was all a building block and stepping stone building the path leading us to our new adventure that awaits us...

See you in a bit...

Ansel Adams Desert Tracks
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... back on the blog in our new home - Gilbert, Arizona...

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Even though I'm from New Jersey, I won't forget my years living here in South Florida,
the people I've met, the experiences I've gone through, 
and how I once called this home...

Thanks for stopping by...


  1. Wishing you much luck, success, and happiness as you start this new chapter in your life!!! Can't wait to see you again when you are settling in your new house that you will quickly make into a beautiful home!

  2. Welcome to Gilbert!!!

  3. Best wishes to you Lynda! It sure is an exciting venture for sure.



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