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Savers is a thrift chain that is not only in the US, but it is also in Canada and Australia (better known as Value Village). Contributions to Savers here in Arizona go to help the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. And the really cool bonus to donating to Savers: You receive a coupon for $3 off your next thrift purchase plus you can get stamps on your Saver discount card. Stamps for the discount card are acquired every time you donate and when you make a purchase. When the card is full, you can then use the card as an extra discount of 30% off your next total purchase... And when shopping the already low prices of thrift, this adds up to incredible savings!

Other collected donations after 
sending donations to New Jersey Sandy Survivors...

Last August, we had had a garage sale, but these items weren't enough for one - so it's good to donate to the local community.

 Over the past year, I've also made several donations to Goodwill. Getting an extra discount at Savers when donating is a great way to help save when shopping thrift.

And speaking of extra discounts at Savers: 
This Monday for Veterans Day, Savers is having a SALE: 50% off (most) everything in the store. The only items the extra discount can not be applied to are red ticket seasonal items (cold weather accessories) which are actually NEW items they sell at a fantastic discount! Thrift Tip: How To Help with Sandy: These cold weather goods are GREAT items to purchase and donate to help Sandy Survivors - for men, women, and kids!

With the upcoming holiday season, this sale is also great way to save on items such as dinnerware, glassware, barware, textiles and even some new additions to refresh your existing holiday decor. You can even find some sequin items to add sparkle to a holiday outfit.

"Savers is no ordinary thrift store. As a leader and pioneer in the retail thrift industry (for 56 years), we're a place where people from all backgrounds love to shop for great selection, deals and treasures. But there’s also a higher purpose for what we do. Savers was founded in 1954 on principles such as giving back and providing opportunities—core values we still embrace today. Our more than 140 nonprofit alliances share this thinking and inspire us with their work. Partnering with local charities is not a byproduct of our business—it’s how we do business. So when you shop at Savers, you help support many local community programs"

To find a store in your area, or to learn more about this thrift chain and their other programs to help you save you money plus help save the planet when donating and thrifting, visit their website at:

It's a VERY clean, well lit, organized and friendly place to shop thrift. 
Have you ever shopped thrift at Savers? Don't forget to be there Monday for the additional 50% off savings (here in the US) and on the 19th in Canada at their other chain: ValueVillage.

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  1. I wish we had one nearby, but there is not one within 50 miles. So sad :( I'll just keep donating our stuff to NAM.



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