We've all got to start somewhere... and my first dabble into posting and sharing on the Internet was at's Rate My Space back in 2006. Although I don't post as frequently on the site as I did when I started, from time to time I do pop over, take a look around, and seasonally share a post. Yesterday I popped over to see what they were featuring for Spring and Easter, and I came across "25 Easter Decorating Ideas". I remembered I had one picture featured in their post (from 2010), but they must have added or updated some of the images because yesterday I saw three more of my project photos shared! And one was from my "Spring Stoop" I had done last year here in AZ. Here's what was featured at

While I was visiting yesterday, and looking through all the pictures I've posted (yes - missing our FL home too), I realized I never made a post of the entire house as a tour - I would only post individual rooms or tablescapes. It was from this act of "sharing" photos and the DIY info behind them that myself (and I think MANY others) got inspired to start blogging.

See more of my feature in tab above: FEATURES

Since the last post I shared on was back in November for Thanksgiving tablescapes, I thought I'd share the Realtor photos of our Florida home when it went on the market. This morning, It's featured on the front page of Rate My Space in Highest Rated and Most Viewed, which I thought was pretty cool...

Top Rated & Most Viewed within 24 hrs of posting.

The post I shared in 2008 at is still mentioned to me online today. I've come a long way since then, evolving and changing my style... but the mixing, the thrifting, and seasonal changes are still my key design elements today...

Many thanks to you (the viewers) and many thanks to HGTV for not only featuring my shares, but for launching the first platform FOR people to share xo

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  1. This is such a great post! I remember those RMS days, for sure! I loved your style then and still do. Have a wonderful holiday! xxoo

  2. Congratulations on this Lynda --what a nice thing to know that people across the USA { and the world} appreciate your innate sense of style and your ability to transform any space with thrifted finds to make it not just a *space* ..but a home.

    Have a beautiful day , my friend! @tkpleslie

  3. Love your room. The pop of red is wonderful. i can see why it rated so high! Congrats...



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