Taking A Step Back To Go Forward

Sometimes, you've just got to stop what you're doing, take a step back... and sometimes just walk away. Last month, I felt the need to do so - I started to slow down and better filter the time I was spending online. In all honesty, I was starting to feel like a hamster in a cage, spinning on a wheel and not going anywhere - so I just stopped. In doing so, I was able to reconnect with family and also do a little mid-year self review. In January, as with many, I made a list of things I wanted to do to organize myself for the new year, along with making resolutions / goals... some of which were to: 

1. Filter time spent online (still stay connected - but not 24/7)
2. Unsubscribe to useless emails & discontinue magazine subscriptions
3. Clean out the office (of the paper clutter, especially since we moved)
4. Update my online profiles (ensure local zip-codes posted for new connections)
5. Make travel plans (someplace new & to see family)
6. Volunteer
7. Learn a new skill 
8. Increase earnings (clients + steady income)
9. Sell some items (chairs, area rugs, decor)
10. Add more physical activities to my routine + adapt a healthier lifestyle (eating smaller portions and drinking more water). 

Well - the inbox has gotten smaller, the office has been purged (what a relief!), I got to travel to someplace new (LA!) and I'm getting to go HOME to both New Jersey and Miami in early October, plus I've definitely been drinking more water (especially with triple digit temps!) and eating smaller portions. As for selling items: I've done some clothing consignment - Since it's too hot for a garage sale and I don't want to deal with shipping, I'll be taking some goodies to sell local through Craigslist.

And although I enjoy interior styling, blogging, pinning, and creating online design boards, I've come to the realization: I just may need to step back into retail to help make ends meet, not to mention: I miss it. I miss the problem solving, I miss collaborating with people (in real life) to make magic happen (and see the results whether it be in sales or a displays that's been shopped) I miss the interaction with people (and getting dressed up!) on a daily basis and I miss the rush of corporate visits. 

One thing is for certain: I know that stepping out of the brick & mortar atmosphere (back in November 2009) opened my eyes and mind to opportunities I would have never grasped had I hopped from one retailer to another ~ not to mention how many wonderful people I've met (IRL & online). Not only do I have 25+ years retail behind me (from customer service, to sales, to training, to visual merchandising and management) I am now also armed with the valuable social media experience: blogging, pinning, moodboarding, engaging & sharing useful information to help people or add value via Twitter & Facebook - which is THE best real-time marketing any establishment could hope for. The added plus: I got to explore & experience my passion for interior design a little more by helping to make a difference in the spaces people live in.

All of this realization doesn't mean I'm giving up on blogging, or sharing thrift or DIY tips here on the blog and through social media. Sharing, creating, and inspiring IS who I am. One of the lessons I learned while being a visual manager at JCPenney for all those years was - it's better to have five of you than one to get all tasks done. I'm grateful for now having the social media platforms and networks to share my finds, what I see in store tours, or how I learned to do something for less, quick, and simple. I will continue posting thrift finds, shop tours, local love, trend spotting, and my seasonal makeovers... so please stay tuned! Special thanks and gratitude to all of the continued & new blog followers...

House hunting here in AZ is on hold for the moment and as for volunteering, I'm still looking for the right (relevant) fit here in AZ. I'll continue to sharpen my saw learning new skills... (I have two in mind - not saying what it is right now, but I'm working on it). 

What would be really great is to collaborate with another designer (I'd love to do the sourcing), or scouting for pieces for the many vintage furniture vendors here in the Phoenix area, or I'd even love assisting a resale store to be better merchandised + help with their social media campaign - all keeping it local. Contact me at nyclqd@yahoo.com to discuss the possibilities!

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. I've been following you for several years and was concerned that you had not blogged for several weeks. I completely understand your feelings. I know that time slips by so quickly and we never seem to have accomplished all the things we set out to do. My Husband and I just downsized from a very large home with all the trimmings, to a charming low maintenance townhome. We feel like we are on a vacation every day because someone else is taking care of the beautiful surroundings...grass, lakes and waterfalls along the walking paths. My Husband and I take time to walk with our dog several times a day. Sometimes it's just the simple things like that, that make stepping back so worthwhile. I am very happy for you and wish you well. I will stay tuned to your updates and thrift finds....I truly love your style! I live here in Chandler, AZ (Fulton Ranch) and would love to meet you some day! Jeri Grennan (aka "Dodi")

  2. I just noticed that my comment above indicates it's from my Husband. I didn't realize that this account is set up in his name. But the comments are from me...not him. I just didn't want you to think that some unknown man was flirting with you! :) (480) 213-3288 Jeri

  3. For many of us, it is necessary to do what you did. One can become consumed with the online circus, and without realizing it, life is flying by and contact is lost with what is real and important.

    I always find some useful ideas on your blog -- and I tried the DesignMaster paint on two chairs. It worked!

    Good luck in whatever you set out to do next -- I know you will succeed.

  4. Seems like a thoughtful and positive change.

    All of you experiences will benefit whomever you work with!

    Keep us posted on all of your continued adventures.


  5. What an excellent, thoughtful post Lynda. I have no doubt that you'll be successful in whatever you put your mind to doing! I agree that sometimes we need to just stop and reassess our situation, where we are in terms of meeting out goals & recalculating our priorities.
    We'll have to discuss this at length when we get together IRL next time!! xo

  6. First thank you for continuing to post ...I have learned so much from you and wished I lived near you to go thrift shopping. I have tried so many times to look at thrift items and re-imagine them...nope! I don't have the magic or eye that you do but that never stops me going in once a month to see if I will strike gold. I have to say you are amazing and any company or design business that hires you will be getting the "MOST Amazing" employee/person ever. Wishing you all the best - Big Texas Fan - Monica
    P.S. I am still looking for the cute fish you have for golf balls matter of fact going to Orlando in Nov. maybe I will find one then.

  7. Hi Lynda,
    I too have 20+ years in retail and know the feeling of missing the activity, the creativity and creating something that other people and benefit from or enjoy. Your talent list is endless so I have not doubt that you will create the opportunity that is meant for you and inspire the world more than you already have. Continued success with all that you do and I'll look forward to your blog post and tales of the next chapter in your life.



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