I'm super excited! Today kicks off a fun collaboration with 10 interior designers for a Happy By Design - designer program hosted by -- HomeGoods! Yes - I love to go thrifting, but when I want to mix in some newness into our home or stay stylish on a moderate budget for a clients space - HomeGoods is my go to source! When Jessica from HomeGoods had sent out the invitation earlier this July, one of the tasks we all had to do was to take the StyleScope Quiz on the HomeGoods site (you can too! I'm "Set Sail with a touch of Traveler"). We also had to answer some survey questions about our finds from HomeGoods and for me, it brought back a flood of (happy) memories. 

 Quick Decor Trick:
Give a dark chair a splash of color: Use a table-runner for banding.

I know it may sound strange that some purchases at a store can cause good memory flashbacks - but it did. For instance, my first apartment (an awesome 1940's building in Bay Harbor) had wood floors throughout plus an open living / dining space plan. Nearby where I worked at the time was the first HomeGoods I had ever been into (back in the 90's!). One of my first HomeGoods purchases (of MANY more to come - little did I know) I made during my first visit. I remember it like it was yesterday: I spotted an awesome metal & glass étagère, located a flatbed, hauled it up to the front of the store, loaded into my car and brought it back to my apartment...

From that moment on, I was HomeGoods hooked!! 

That étagère has been with me now since my apartment, then moved with me into Jeff's condo when we lived together, moved to our first home we bought together in Pembroke Pines, it moved outside when we built our patio and now -- it has traveled across the country and is taking a beating outside in the hot Arizona sun - but still looks as beautiful as ever. I watched it become the naturally rustic piece it is today...

  Create a cozy outdoor living space with an étagère.
The étagère - a fantastic way to add a vertical element to a space - inside or out - without carrying the weight of a built-in bookcase. Great for holding books, collections of jewelry boxes inside or plants and candles outside on the patio.

Besides that étagère, I can remember doing back-flips when I spotted a Barcelona chair at the HomeGoods in Pembroke Pines - It was on a sunny Sunday morning and I put the chair on hold. Jeff was at work but came back to the store with me later that day to check it out. When we went back to the store, I noticed a button was missing off the cushion and I freaked. The Store Manager noticed I was upset and took off (brace yourself) $100 from the ticketed price (now THAT IS customer service!) so I got the chair for only $250 (and the button was easy to fix!). Don't shoot me - it's not a real Barcelona - but it still makes me happy... and it has also become Sephora's happy place too...

The Barcelona chair from HomeGoods  - Pembroke Pines - Florida

Besides these little style stories of my personal experiences with being HomeGoods Happy, I'll be sharing my HomeGoods finds I've used in a few client makeovers (from Florida to Arizona), along with the 10 other designers. 

You'll be able to browse, learn, share, tweet and pin your favorite room designs shared by the 10 designers for the HG designer program on the Happy By Design board. The board is launching today on Pinterest and will also be featured on the HomeGoods website next week! We'll all be pinning 2-3 of our project images each week for the month of August - sharing our decor tips plus our HomeGoods finds we've used in client projects and our own home - along with sharing why that one special piece (or three!) make a room (or even a tablescape) do the happy dance!

Check out the HomeGoods blog - Happy Design and follow the board on Pinterest at Happy By Design

I made a separate board of my favorite HomeGoods finds (not officially affiliated with this program) - from my style spotting in HomeGoods stores to projects I've designed using their fab finds you can also follow at: Homegoods Happy 

I'm truly thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful group of designers and I'm looking forward to learning some new tips from their fresh perspectives! Be sure to stop by each of the design blogs to get more in depth details about their shared design projects. 

The designers are:

Adi Edlen of

Amy Chalmers of
Bryn Dunn of

Camila Pavone of

Denise Sabia of

Erika Ward of

Hooper Patterson of

Lynda Quintero-Davids
  Focal Point Styling

Sherry Hart of

Tamara Stephason of 

Thank you for stopping by!

Note: This post is sponsored by HomeGoods and the Happy By Design project. All thoughts and opinions are of my own.



  1. I just wanted to say how much I can relate to finding, and to remembering purchases from Homegoods for your apartment. I too, have lots of purchases that I bought for my old apartment from Homegoods, and remember fondly the exact day and moment I bought them. Thank you for reminding me of those great memories :) Lanae



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