Last Fall, I got hooked on pairing leopard & plaid. This year, although I'm still loving the leopard & plaid mix (also on trend this Fall), I've fallen for another print fave: Camouflage! I'm no spring-chicken, so I wouldn't dare try short-shorts, but jackets or a scarf are an easy way to layer in this hot Fall trend into your wardrobe. Camo can actually look super sophisticated with paired with all black, and especially leather. Camo can look casual chic as a bag or skinnies paired with a white blouse or layered with a woven shirt + sweater, leggings and boots for winter. Camo also looks amazingly sharp when paired with another Fall iconic print and staple: leopard. But as with leopard - wear only one camo piece at a time for maximum sophistication. If you go head to toe, you just may look like you stepped off the front lines rather than a NY runway...

The easiest and quickest way to layer pattern into your wardrobe for a seasonal change: get a print scarf, a jacket or a bag!

What is a Fall trend you're adding to your wardrobe this year?
No doubt, I'm definitely adding a dash of camo to mine!

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