There's still time and you need not be a crafty person to create a personalized Valentine's gift for your sweetheart. All you need is your theme, for example gourmet grilling, and you can shop for special goodies to create a customized gift basket for the chef in your life. My "go-to" source for not only gourmet seasonings, but kitchen tools, dish towels for color, unique dishes or cutting boards, and even the basket itself is HomeGoods. You can use your cart while you shop to place your basket, and fill it with the special ingredients for your chef or grill master. After you've purchased your basket and gift items for inside, stop by a local craft store for excelsior and ribbon (unless you already have), head home and secretly create your personalized Valentines gift... (just remember not to share any pics of it on Facebook until AFTER you've given your sweetheart their surprise!) Here is the Valentine's Gourmet Gift Basket I made last year for Jeff, with great goodies I picked up at HomeGoods...

 Jeff loves to grill - so I stocked up on great grilling seasonings and a few new kitchen gadgets.

Tip: To help give the items inside the basket a lift, fill the basket with crumbled brown craft paper before adding items inside. After items are stabilized, will in nooks & crannies with the excelsior (shaved paper) and add your bow. This was a storage basket so it had a hinged lid, which helped make the items appear to be bursting from the basket. Other items to add to a gourmet basket can be chocolates, your card, a gift certificate to a couples cooking class, or even a new recipe to try from a favorite chef.

Gift baskets need not only be made for Valentines - They also make wonderful gifts for a first time homeowner housewarming, bridal or baby showers, graduation (fill a storage ottoman with dorm needs!) Mother's Day, Father's Day (fill a cooler with dad's faves!) Besides making gift baskets, HomeGoods is also a great source photo frames - another gift you can personalize for your Valentine, especially if you got a little creative before hand, and had a photo shoot with a a friend as a photographer or aprofessional photographer...

Here in Arizona, local photographer Megan Sanders of Borrowed Halo Photography got uber creative and used perfectly proportioned pet furniture from HomeGoods to create this stylish Valentine's photo.

Besides the traditional cards, chocolates, flowers and dinner, creating a personalized Valentine's Gift for your sweetheart is a wonderful way to make them feel special, and let them know they are loved. What are some ways you create a personalized Valentine's Gift for your partner, spouse, friend, family or person you're dating?

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Note: This post is sponsored by HomeGoods and the Happy By Design project. All thoughts and opinions are of my own.

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