Red. It is perhaps one of the most dominant and dynamic of all colors. Red grabs your attention and overrules all other hues. Red is the first color we lose vision for at twilight. Objects in red environments may appear longer, thicker, and heavier. Red also causes objects to appear to advance, creating the illusion of the objects appearing closer than they are.

Reds are seen as warm, even hot, exciting, and stimulating. Symbolically, red means fire, life, and strength and it is associated with passion. Men are attracted to yellow-based reds, such as tomato, while women are attracted to blue-base reds such as raspberry.

Celebrate this passionate and romantic hue in everything from fashion to decor this Valentine's. And in homage to New York Fashion Week - GoRed...

Valentino Haute Couture.

Ellie Saab - Pre-Fall 2015.

Tadashi Soji RTW F/W 2014

Mats Gustafson (born 1951) Swedish fashion & portrait illustrator

Zuhair Murad Couture - F/W 2013

Red - The single most dynamic and passionate color, symbolizes love, rage, and courage. Demanding attention, red has a great emotional impact. Those who select red are aggressive, impulsive, and strive for success. 

Women raising awareness to fight heart disease and stroke.
No wonder the campaign is called GoRed - because remember, red symbolizes fire, life, and strength. 

 Watch the GoRed Collection from Macy's NYFW show here.

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Have a Happy Valentine's (and New York Fashion Week!) Weekend!

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