Relocation & Home Organization: 3 Months After Move

As exciting as moving to a new location and a new home can be, it can also be very exhausting - both physically and mentally. Just as important as it is to get, be, and stay organized throughout the moving process, the importance of pacing yourself is crucial. Pacing yourself during and after a move can help keep you sane by not getting frustrated with yourself when things aren't necessarily going as fast or as planned as you'd like them to be. As excited as I was to be moving back east, the move has definitely had its highs and lows. The lows being a mess behind closed doors that is out of sight, isn't necessarily out of mind, plus dealing with all the damage claims from the movers unpacking the same day they unloaded. The highs though have been cutting through the clutter, purging and donating - but pacing myself - one space at a time - and by no means going for perfectly decorated spaces, but rather comfort zones we can live with until tackling larger scale plans such as adding crown molding in the master or remodeling a bathroom. With this move, some spaces I've knocked out on my own while Jeff is at the store, such as organizing kitchen cupboards, the home office plus closet, bathrooms, our bedroom plus clothing closets, and continuing to paint doors and trim. Some tasks we've tackled together, either at night or on a Sunday, such as installing drapery rods, a new dining room chandelier (from my mom) and putting together a desk I scored at a local consignment shop and I refinished. here is a peek at some of the house transformations completed this January, our third month in North Carolina since moving from Arizona...

We lived through the holidays with the existing Tiffany-style chandelier, but I ordered this 5-lite drum chandelier from NY Lighting. it was on back-order, but still arrived at expected time (mid-January).

Jeff has been great about installing those projects requiring the drill and electrical...

 Although the space may still need an area rug, it's a little softer now since reusing some of my existing curtain rods and these burnout sheers (I actually had scored thrifting back in AZ, and had used in our living room, here.)

Found a fantastic pedestal table for a more casual eating area between kitchen and living room...

It just needed a little TLC with Magic Erase + touch-up wood stain pens and polish...

This weekend I found a great circular lantern light fixture to hang over the pedestal table - A great deal at the habitat for Humanity ReStore: only $35 vs. $350 for new.

 After Christmas, I neutralized our living room, removing the reds, and layering in my 'go-to' favorite pairing: Black & White. Along with the touch of pattern layering, I also brought up two black & white framed pictures I had gotten last Summer at HomeGoods, and used them as the focal point behind the sofa en lieu of the gold painted mirror...

 I wanted to get the round mirror back up above the wall unit, since I removed the AZ cow skull, but I didn't want to keep it gold (I painted it gold back in 2013). Since I do have some touches of gold, (the brass hardware on the black doors), I just painted the outer rim of the mirror with the same paint as the doors - but it actually came through as a charcoal (because it's on the gold) and I really like it!

 Although no major changes in the Study (my office), I have started to layer in some white flowers (a friend lovingly calls 'forever flowers') and picked up a pair of more graphic, navy pillows from Target, to pair with my organic print blue & white panels plus sea-fan wall art I found at HomeGoods back in Phoenix.

 But now the home office, is definitely where most of the months focus was on, from paint, to refinishing a desk and organizing the space...

Painted the home office with a splurge: Ralph Lauren Paint from Home Depot...

I found a great deal on a solid wood, L-shaped desk for our home office, and finally donated the old 90's particle-board desk -- Next will be to update the bookcases, but like I said before, gotta pace yourself (or you'll get into a financial hole).

The home office is still a mix of old and new (to us) - The small table, I used to have in Sephora's room in AZ, has come in handy to hold the new printer, just under the TV Jeff mounted with a tilting wall mount - so the TV can also be watched from the small sofa - a great little "After Christmas Clearance" find at the store "At Home" (formally Garden Ridge).

Sephora is enjoying the new home office too...

Along with hanging the light fixture downstairs, painting and organizing the home office upstairs, the bedroom also got a little attention -- I had been looking for crystal finial hardware for the 4 windows, which was a little hard to come by (without breaking the bank) but I finally found 4 of the same rods in HomeGoods!

The rods pair great with the gunmetal grey jacquard window panels I found online at Together, both are creating much needed winter warmth on the bare windows we lived with through the holidays - and the room is also much darker now, for a much better nights sleep!

Along with the panels in the bedroom, I also added a pair in the bathroom, along with some floating shelves for toiletries storage. The black shelves I had used in AZ are in the powder room now, and the black just didn't look or feel right in this bathroom (which needs to be remodeled, but we're planning that now and budgeting to happen in 2016) in the meantime, I had the space painted grey when we moved in, and I picked up some white floating shelves from Target, along with a few new pretty glass containers from HomeGoods - for cotton balls, q-tips, and bath salts... and even the white garden stool I had gotten at HomeGoods back in Phoenix, has come in handy for extra towels next to the tub...

 This month, I'm planning on painting the oak cabinet a darker grey, which can temporarily help to update the bathroom until we remodel.

Besides the bathroom and the bedroom getting some love (ha ha), the closets did too. We have a (small) walk-in, U-shaped closet, which is tight for two (especially a fashionista!) but since we also have a small area adjacent to the bedroom, which could be used for exercise, a small office or a small nursery, we turned it into an accessory closet. This is a HUGE help with clothing storage space, because now all the clothing fits in the walk-in, and all my accessories (bags, shoes, boots, jewelry, perfume, cosmetics, and mani-pedi things) are ALL in this space -converting it into more of a dressing room area...

Now I can't add a lovely hanging chandelier in here since the attic pull-down access is right here, but I was able to maximize the space with the ClosetMaid untis from Home Depot, Jeff built for me one Sunday, and I couldn't wait to empty the guest room closet to fill it up!

Talk about utilizing every square inch of space!

 I kept the top shelf  'light', so if we need to access the attic, things can easily shift - and to layer in some glamour into the space, I repurposed the gold gallery wall of mirrors, I previously had as the focal point in the living room for two years in AZ, you can read about here.) now in the dressing room - along with a fun framed vintage print. Keeping the clear storage totes helps to keep dust off seasonal shoes plus maximize space (think NY vertical - within that one shoebox space, 2-3 additional totes fit, giving more shelf space for other items, like bags.

For breaks from getting the house in order, I've been scouting out the new areas, using my exploration time to learn the area, traffic patterns, new routes, and remember landmarks - some of which, I must admit, has been a little frustrating at times. What's frustrating is not having some of the regular "go-to" shops as close as I'd like them to be (such as Home Depot vs. Lowes), and of the probably six actual thrift stores I've been in... they have all been strike outs. Thankfully, learning some of the area's consignment shops has been the bright spot, definitely to help save money when purchasing some of the new needs for the new spaces. I'm looking forward to the weather warming up to also explore some of the local farmers markets, historic sites, art walks, and wineries!

After moving - Donate + Recycle + Purge to get organized! Thankfully, Goodwill does pick-ups!

On one of the more warmer days, outside got cleaned up and I organized the potters shed - can't wait to get in there and start planting come Spring!

And somewhere in the mix, I went had got my hair cut & colored, my eyes checked and getting use to bi-focals (which is frustrating!!), got my new drivers license, the car registered, and a new personalized tag on the way!

Along with getting the house in order, especially now that the holidays have passed (mind you - everything featured above has all happened since after Christmas!) , I've also helped Jeff with updating some 'behind the scenes' areas in his new store (such as updating the reception area, hallways, and break-room), I registered to attend Design Blogger Conference coming up in Atlanta at the end of February, I've continued my weekly writing contributions for the Hadley Court interior design blog, I'm making arrangements for my mom to fly up and visit at the end of March, and most recently I accepted an invite to be one of this Spring's High Point Market sponsored bloggers coming up in April - which I'm super thrilled about! I'm so grateful for all that has happened these past three months - both the highs and the lows. In all, I'd have to say, 2015 is looking to be a pretty awesome year ahead!

 One Sunday evening, I went with Jeff, and met a team of 4 of his associates and they painted while I helped purge and organize the reception area, hallways, and break-room. The break-room is still a work in progress - because Jeff too needs to pace himself (and the store's budget) but what has been updated, his new team loves and he's even inspired his District manager to update their hallway, since this is the District store...

Looking back through all these pictures, seeing what we've been able to accomplish the past month makes me proud... and also no wonder I wasn't blogging as much!! lol But If you're friends with me on Facebook, you know I've been sharing many of these photos, projects and details along the way this past month - It's just now in the "Pinterest Era", it's more important to not only to select those "pinworthy" images, they also need to be watermarked, which all takes time to do - but I will get back into the blogging swing of things - oh look a squirrel! lol - I say that because Jeff jokes about how distracted I get, trying to do too much at once :)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow, looks amazing! I love your accessory closet,

    1. Thanks Kathy! Definitely easier to find a statement piece!

  2. Way to go Lynda ... you have accomplished so much and I still love that you look FABULOUS while doing it! Congrats my dear and have fun adventuring out in your new hometown! xokim

    1. Thank you so much Kim!! Hopefully I'll get to see you here (in my new hometown) during HPMKT this Spring!! xo

  3. I still say you need to bottle and sell me some that energy! Everything is looking might fine. Just curious -- what do you use for those floor plans?

    1. Thanks Ellen! Lot's of coffee + excitement + determination!! Floor plans are a combo of 3 sites: Haverty's Room Planner + Olioboard + PicMonkey.

  4. Great job Lynda! Love your determination and motivation keep making beautiful rooms.

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