Home Tour & Dinner with Vern Yip Celebrating Vern Yip for Trend

Wow!! What a week! But before I share with you my experience at the Design Bloggers Conference this year, I'd like to share with you a rather unique experience I'm grateful to have had, along with 22 other conference attendees - thanks to Fabricut. Fabricut - Trend, a brand with beautiful fabrics at exceptional value, was one of the many fantastic sponsors of the Design Bloggers Conference in Atlanta this year, and they had several great giveaways at their conference presentation area. To enter their giveaways, attendees just had to place their business card in a white bowl, for a chance to win one of 3 prizes: an autographed Barry Dixon book, a Vern Yip scented candle, or a private dinner with Vern Yip. Never imagining I'd win the dinner, I entered my card during the Design Bloggers Conference Welcome Reception, sponsored by Benjamin Moore. During the conference, attendees and vendors tweeted messages, using the hashtag #dbcatl, so we could all see the tweets in the thread, displayed on a large backdrop screen in the conference hall. While I was sitting in the conference on Thursday, Leslie Carothers, who also attended and I was sitting next to in the second row, noticed a tweet saying - "Congratulations Lynda @nyclq for winning dinner with Vern Yip - come to our table for details!" When I went to the table, I received an invitation from Jen Yeung, the Fabricut Social Media Marketing Specialist, and it said we (as in a group of us) would meet in the hotel lobby at 6:15 that evening. Later I saw my friend and designer, Jackie Von Tobel, attending all the way from Vegas, had also won!

 Just one of three tables set in Vern's home, featuring his Collection collaboration with Trend.

After all of us selected 22 Design Conference Bloggers + Designers loaded a private shuttle bus, Jen announced a surprise: this wasn't just a dinner with Vern Yip at just any restaurant: we were going to a private dinner he was hosting in his Atlanta home! 

 Having dinner at Vern's house was an excellent experience, and a much more intimate means of sharing his recent design collaboration with Fabricut. When we arrived, of course the first question many asked was 'can we take photos?'  Although he said yes, he did kindly ask that we just please not open any closed doors - which was fine because there was oh so much beauty to see, I don't think I could have taken seeing any more rooms than what we saw - plus, three creatively decorated tablescapes for us to dine at, with Vern, Jen and Rebecca of Fabricut rotating time spent with smaller groups at each table. Here are the tablescape textile details - with links...

Trend - Vern Yip Collection


  Vern Yip Collection - Grey / Charcoal

(note: the dog in this print was actually inspired by a tattoo!)

Vern Yip Spiced Poppy Collection

From custom window treatments finished with elegant ribbon details, to durable and comfortable upholstered chairs to the 3 creative tablescapes, layered with the stunning patterns Vern designed for Fabricut's line called Trend - grab yourself a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, and enjoy this home tour & dinner at Vern Yip's home...

 Me with friend, Jackie Von Tobel (we met at Design Camp in Vegas last Summer!)

 Formal Dining Room...

Casual Dining room, with drum shade light fixtures, also covered in Vern's Trend line...

Napkins, runner, and menu easels all created from Vern;s new line...

 Library Dining (and table I sat at) - Light fixture above was also designed by Vern, for one of Craig's shops called Wag-A-Lot...

As a keepsake of the moment, we each got to take one of the customized menu easels from our placesetting...photo by Cheryl Draa

photo by Cheryl Draa

You may wonder why I took a pic of these coasters - But they caught my eye because I have them too! (A Phoenix thrift find!) 

Closet love!

Master suite... with sitting area and fireplace inglenook...

 Daughter, Vera's room...

Contemporary collage art in the hallway...

 Son, Gavin's room...

A guest room...

 The playroom...

 View from inside the foyer out the front door...

 Son & Daughter - Gavin & Vera - awaiting the arrival of the 22 Design Bloggers - photo by Craig Koch, Facebook

Vern Yip & Craig Koch (photo by Jackie Von Tobel)

Vern and his partner Craig elegantly and meticulously have curated an amazing contemporary art collection from their travels around the globe, which harmoniously compliments not only the architecture of their historic Atlanta home, but also works with the playful patterned layers of Fabricut textiles used throughout - creating a warm and cozy environment for their family. 

The photo shoot for the Trend ads & graphics were actually shot in Vern's home too!
See the entire collection at Fabricut - Trend: Vern Yip Collection

Story behind the collaboration - Inspired by his world travels and background in architecture, Trend collaborated with interior designer and HGTV personality Vern Yip to create an eclectic and inviting collection of fabrics and trimmings. Vern Yip’s global aesthetic, paired with his precise and clean lines, has set him apart as a leading trendsetter. The environments he creates are always warm, timeless, and livable. Vern’s extraordinary technique, dynamic personality, and sophisticated style have made him a nationally acclaimed interior designer, columnist, and TV superstar.

 All three tables - filled with happy designers & design bloggers at Vern's for dinner!
(photo by Fabricut)

About Fabricut Inc. - Fabricut, Inc. is a second-generation family-run and employee owned company, devoted to supplying beautiful fabrics, trimmings, decorative drapery hardware and wall-coverings to the interior design trade. Established in 1954, the Fabricut brand has grown into one of the largest, most progressive distributors of decorative fabrics in the world. With its commitment to quality products and extraordinary service, coupled with a knowledgeable worldwide sales force, Fabricut Inc. provides fabric, trimming, hardware and wall-covering solutions for everyday decorating. Follow their blog at BE home - and from there, join them on all of their social channels such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Thank you for the invitation Fabricut! And also a special thank you to Vern Yip and Craig for graciously hosting dinner in your beautiful home!

Thanks for stopping by - I hope you enjoyed the tour!  

Note: With the exception of the photo shoot & ad photos clustered towards the end, and unless noted, all photos and collages by Lynda Quintero-Davids.


  1. What a great night and such a pleasure to have you as my dinner partner and conference buddy! Can't wait to see you again in High Point.

    1. Yes it truly was Jackie! Looking forward to seeing you again during #HPMKT too!

  2. Wow--how exciting!!! Thanks for taking and sharing these photos – I would have loved to hear the conversations!

    I'm a fan of Vern's from way back when (Fabricut, too). I especially liked those lanterns – what a lovely welcome for everyone.

    1. Yes it was exciting! Very much enjoyed hearing some of Vern's stories of their travels around the globe, acquiring selected art pieces!

  3. Lucky you to get chosen! I really enjoyed your post and the tour of such an interesting home.



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