FOCUS - My First Blog Post

Focus... that's a little difficult to do right now. Several ideas and emotions are streaming through my thoughts. Some good... and some NOT so good. I partially feel like Kathleen Kelly, from The Shop Around the Corner in "You've Got Mail."

"People always say change is a good thing, but what it really means is that, something that you didn't want to happen, has happened." She had a choice to make: stay right where she was or close her shop. When she decided to close her shop, her friend Birdie Conrad commented, "Closing the shop is the brave thing to do. You're imaging your life can be different. You are marching into the unknown, armed with - nothing. "

Although the nothing is only partially true (meaning no pay check to count on) the one thing I do have to arm my self with is my talent. Now where do I focus my talent? A part of me DID want to leave my comfort zone. A familiar place where I'd been working, developing my management style, as well as developing strong organizational skills, and was still able to be creative in problem solving. But I know, over the past two years, I nurtured and developed another facet of me: my creativity. I've grown to be VERY passionate about re-designing, staging, and event planning. All of which are so far and away removed from what I spent the majority of my life's hours doing.

Where do I go from here? What's the next step? Is there a manual for me to read? Is there a job description for me to follow, and maybe even "tweak"? My location (Florida) plus the economy have some of the odds stacked against me. Life has thrown me some lemons, and it's up to me to not only make the lemonade, but present it in a way that makes people wonder where can I get more?! In other words: sell it. But what is my "it".

I need to put my heart up on a shelf. I need to let go of the disappointments of my past. I need to believe "something" good WILL come from all of this. Everything happens for a reason. Loyalty working at one place for sixteen years wasn't all for nothing. It was all to strengthen me for what I will do next.

I just need to focus.


  1. Beautiful! You are already a step ahead of the game, Lynda. You know your strengths and talents. You have pride and confidence in your talents, also. There are bound to be some set backs and "hiccups" along the way...that's what happens when you participate in life!

    I can't wait to read the next installment...I think you are about to embark on a very exciting voyage and I am glad we can come along for the ride! :)


  2. What a super great attitude.......for a long time now thru RMS I have seen your talent. You will do great things with whatever you choose to do......I imagine great success for you! You will realize that this little "speed bump" was just enough to skew your path onto better things! Just remember to breathe and enjoy the ride.


  3. wow... THANKS JILL!! I appreciate the support, and the little "push". Hard to beleive, this will be the LAST week my life will be with this routine. It will truly be bitter sweet.

  4. I have enjoyed and have been inspired by your talent for many years now. I was very excited to see that you have been featured in HGTV shows. And also to find another person that loves redesigning a home and be able to create a new look and feeling in a room. You are very talented and creative and I am sure that whatever comes next for you will be exactly where you need to be and your right maybe this did happen for a reason. Maybe you should go into home staging for homes in Florida that might be just what they need.
    Just thinking aloud good luck to you keep creating.


  5. WOW... Artie... I just made a post today about FOCUS... and came back to my first post to re-read... and saw you had JUST posted today (like 2 hrs. ago).

    THANK YOU for the well wishes and nice to see I inspired you..

    :D Lynda



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