Creating a Gallery Wall In Your Stairway

Image above found on Patricia Gray's blog

What do you see when you go up and down a staircase?
Are you too focused on getting to your destination?
Are you carrying on a chore?
Wouldn't you enjoy being taken away for a moment
by having something enjoyable to look at?

Stairs are yet another place, a blank pallet, we have to express our self.
Stairs are a great place to display our favorite destination photos, wedding photos, family photos, or that interesting art collection that needs
a special space to be displayed.
Stairs are another means of creating a focal point...

Not all art needs to be clustered or even flow the line of the stairs.
We have a staircase with a landing. Since this wall is visible from both up and downstairs, I chose a different means of displaying photos: LEDGE SHELVES.
By utilizing shelves and leaning the photos, it gives more versatility in what is being displayed. These shelves (above) I found on, and were easy to install (thanks to my dear husband!!). They are only 4 1/4" wide, so they do not interfere with passing through. They are also "just" wide enough to incorporate a seasonal touch or two...

Hopefully, this weekend,
we'll be hanging a beautiful capiz chandelier
I also had found at
because this dress (the stairway) is missing its earrings (light fixture)!!


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