With everyone's mind so FOCUSED on the economy, budgets, and unemployment, does it mean beauty needs to be shoved aside? Not necessarily: you just need to (RE)Think.

"Out with the old and in with the new. It seems this tried and true statement is no longer what people are living by. Here, at such a pivotal crossroads in history, people are deciding what is most important to them, choosing what they want in their surroundings and for the most part, making significant changes."  Dara D'Onofrio - ViVe Magazine, West Palm Beach, FL


With that said, maybe it's recycling, or maybe it's up-cycling, but some beautiful finds can be found right in your own home or at your local thrift store. Over the years, I've found some terrific deals at The Jewish Recycling Center, The Salvation Army, and Goodwill. However, they aren't always in "perfect" condition. Sometimes a little sanding, staining, painting or touch up paint is all that is needed to make a diamond in the rough, sparkle.  

Usually when I've gone thrifting, I've been "hunting" for something (storage, tables, lamps, books, and even clothing). I've kept an open mind on every trip and have been able to economically furnish our home.


This buffet was only ONE of many of the fabulous finds I was able to restore for our home. For only $30, this sturdy wood piece has given me LOADS of storage for table linens (in drawers) and one place for me to maintain all GLASS decorative objects. (TIP:Keeping decor items categorized helps when you're going to (RE)Room a space)

 Halloween with skulls & gauze runner

I've been able to  change the look and lighting of the space by rearranging what is displayed on top. Sometimes it's form: for example with holiday decor or in spring with flowers. Sometimes it's more functional. I've added lamps during daylight savings time, and it's also been used to serve Thanksgiving "buffet" style.

Summertime with a simple fresh cut green and over the door mirror

First Thanksgiving in our new home - Buffet prep

Although it was purchased separately from our dining room table and chairs, the lines are simple enough to coordinate within the space. I have it placed adjacent to our front door, so I've tried to maintain what is displayed to flow into the Living Room area. (TIP: The pops of color from room to room is what gives a space flow.)

 Cash Cab pops of yellow in orchids.

Add & Subtract Summer flow from front door

Add & Subtract Summer from stairs

Surprisingly, when I found this piece, I had no idea of all its versatility until it "lived" in the space. It's also provided a FOCAL POINT in our Dining Room, the bottom of the stairs, and our front door entrance.

White Christmas Dining Space

So if you're thinking you'd like to update the look of your home, or you're in need of a storage piece this holiday: rethink, reuse, recycle AND upcycle.... you'll be glad you did. 


  1. I love the way you have so many different ways of decorating things! Wish I had a quarter of your style and creativity.

  2. :-) Thanks Jill! It's in you too. Test the waters and just let it out!!



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