During my years as a visual merchandiser and always changing things around, one thing remained constant. Usually, you can't move one thing without moving another (and another and another) which I commonly referred to as THE DOMINO EFFECT. Well, it happens in the home too... The kitchen transformation inspired the Living Room to change up (to create a more harmonious feel between the spaces) and the Living Room change inspired a Dining Room change and the thought of using some closet inspiration...

A new FOCAL POINT was created by reusing
a photo I made into wall art
about 2-3 yrs ago...

It was time for a seasonal update
and now the driftwood color palette,
with pops of green not only unite
the Living Room to the Kitchen,
but also bring in the outdoors...

Global accessories mixed in can
transport your space to another place

Soft grays and taupe are reminiscent of driftwood


Simple cylinders filled with sand and
added collected coral...

I had picked these up in Key Largo
during a wedding anniversary trip.
 You can get sand for free from the beach or
pick up a bag at Home Depot for about $5

The Kitchen

The Living Room

The Dining Room Tablescape

Which was inspired from the closet

and created this look with already existing pieces


But now even when the table isn't set...


still work by reusing the elements
previously in the Living Room for Spring,
and helped to refresh the
Dining Room for Summer


Above: previous decor in Living Room
(and total disconnect to the kitchen)
actually work better in their new space...

Thank you for taking this tour of

Color and texture
were the two key elements
that gave these spaces a refreshed look...

Our Realtors house warming gift - a Tiffany bowl
I now filled with shells Jeff & I collected in Sanibelle Island LY.

So take a look around your home, closets and all, and see what kind of DOMINO EFFECT you can come up with just over a weekend...


  1. Loving the new changes. Yeah, one thing after another seems to happen w/open concept spaces.

  2. Thanks ladies!!
    Glad to read you liked the changes...

    Even my husband, when he came home the other night from work SMILED, sighed and said, "it just 'feels' like home"... and my mom's friend Marcia said it just made her "feel" happy walking into the space (this past Sunday when she was up for Mom's Day).

    Both statements reassuring what designer Chris Madden says, "Design is not just about how something looks but how it feels."

    Thanks for stopping by...
    :D Lynda



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