A couple of weeks ago, I had posted about plans to transform our kitchen (you can refer back to here) - from the boaring & tired builders white (from 2002) to a mini & green upgrade (see Carter Oosterhouse videos posted at the end of the bog). The company we used was called GRANITE TRANSFORMATIONS, whom we had seen on TV, but learned more about during the Miami Home Show. During our initial consultation, the Territory Sales Manager (Eric Jaramillo) shared with us the other options available for the counter, as well as the back splash. The Home Show deal included a free artisan 60/40 sink, and additional discounts on a back splash.

Day of install - first up:
protected the floors & appliances


KARMA back splash
(recycled glass - cut in Italy from the company called TREND)
Mini-subway tiles are more in proportion to the scale of this space

and NERO STELLA counter tops
(a more graphite color, with a recycled glass 'dust' mixed in)

I chose the full height back splash, of mini-subway-style tiles called KARMA (installed with gray grout), the counters as a graphite color called NERO STELLA, and I chose BLACK STAR as the bar top finish. Both counter top edges were cut in Euro style (a clean - straight edge).






BLACK STAR finish for bar area:
larger 'flakes' of recycled glass mixed in

Within 12 hours last Thursday, the mini-kitchen reno was complete, including sink & faucet hook-up, five cup-pulls installed, cleaning and putting select pieces back into place.

Templates (all taped together here) 2 wks. prior to install

Mike the plummer was first to arrive the day of the install,
and he removed the old (ugh white sink & chipped faucet)
He came back LATER after counter install to hook-up the faucet & GD)

Searched online, but price for this model all the same.
(purchased this at local Lowes)
With an artisan sink at 60/40, it could not take the facet with a plate.
(Faucet installed at industry standard at 4", and NOT centered to the drain)

Tweaking the counters (already constructed)
edge cut on site to ensure 'fit'.

After the pieces were all in place, they REMOVED EVERYTHING,
epoxied the counters, and than installed the counter to set.
Because NO DEMO, that means NO TRASH going to a landfill.
The epoxy used is also green - oderless and edible.

Although I was LOVING the kitchen, I was now sensing a 'disconnect' to the living room's color pallet... so while cleaning on Saturday, I renewed our living area accessories for summer, and reused some of the elements (window panels, throw & art) in the dining room (shown yesterday in the COASTAL SUMMER TABLESCAPE post)


AFTER: DRAMATIC - especially at NIGHT!

Will be adding four more wireless puck lights under the above cabinets

Speaking of add,
I truly believe we added value to our home,
for when the market turns around, but without over doing it...
and I didn't choose a B&W mosaic tile,
because I feel like it's becoming 'too trendy'

Cup pulls (from Lowes) added to the updated look for a mere $25

Tomorrow, the living room update will be posted. If you need anymore information about this kitchen update, contact me at

More harmonious color palette between the spaces...

Thanks for stopping by and for following FOCAL POINT...
see ya tomorrow!!


  1. OOOOOOOOOOO, chica! I am so loving it! Great choice of backsplash too. You know I love me some white cabs & black counters. Turned out truly fantastic-- lucky girl! ;)

  2. Really beautiful. I love the backsplash. I agree the two rooms are really great together now. You have done a wonderful job.

  3. Thanks Jill and Mona!! =)
    I loved planning it and seeing it come to life. Our "home" feels complete (that is, until the next season come rolling in... lol)


  4. Lynda, that looks beyond fabulous! What a difference it made! Great colors, great choices, great look!

  5. aww congrats on your new kitchen!!! It looks gorgeous and so perfectly YOU :)

  6. Fantastic work! I really like the final product and the transformation! The tile backspalsh is gorgeous. It really speaks of elegance and class without a break-the-bank renovation feeling. Right up my alley. I'm in the middle of 'redoing' some of my home too. I guess a decorator's home is never done. Too many ideas and options to choose - we can't NOT try them! Thanks for sharing!



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