Wow! Where has this year been flying off to? Even though the first day of summer begins  in twenty-two days, today is the day (most) people traditionally kick off summer! American flags flying high, parades to honor our veterans, family picnics, cookouts & cupcakes, kids splashing around in pools, and all those classic outdoor games like kick ball, wiffle ball and badminton - will all be a welcomed break from winter, and even some cooler spring time hibernation. And for some, like the hubs, he'll be at work, and I'll be down south working on a project I've been involved in lately.

Sorry for my blogging absence last week. It was a crazy week from sourcing and thrifting for a homeowners bedroom makeover, re-nesting a little birdie who fell out of a tree, and even consulting and sourcing for a new client on a home makeover - we'll be starting in the living room. A part of me missed blogging. My hand was happy to have gotten a rest from the keyboard, but now my back is begging for one lol. It's all good. I'm busy, I'm happy, and I'm helping homeowners get happy too. Pictures and details to be posted shortly, so stay tuned!

In the meantime - wherever you are - get outside and ENJOY your day!

Blessings today to all the wonderful service men & women who helped serve and protect our United States of America!

Happy Memorial Day!

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