Tic Toc... Tic Toc... Time is running out to make something for mom! If the gallery wall is too much to take on this weekend, here are two simplified, but still stylish solutions you can make for mom: One is to just print and frame nine vintage photos and create a grid styled memory statement and reading nook for mom. The other is to take some time to restyle her bookcase or wall unit with some B&W framed photos, updated accessories and clutter control.

Moms photo grid
and nook.

Moms bookcase restyle.

View from moms living room,
just past the memory wall.

When I was selecting photos with my mom to frame in her home for her makeover (and the Memory Wall you can read here), one of the categories I made was of her and my dad. He passed away back in '89, but those memories of their time together live on.  I found these really cool vintage images, from when they were dating, of my mom, my dad, her brother (my Godfather) and their cars I thought would make an interesting statement...


Images of mom & her brother...

Mom & dad...

Dad's car...

My my mom's brother (my Godfather)
and my dad.

Here's what I used and how I made the wall grid:

~ Scan vintage photos
~ Edit to make images sharper
~ Edit more contrast for B&W

~ OR choose a sepia finish for your space

~ Use five 2 pks of 11x14 frames
(@ $6 ea. pk. from Michael's)

~ Cut white poster board (3 sheets @ 22x28)
into quarters @ 11"x14" each

~ Print & cut photos

~ Center photos or place with wider margin to bottom and attach photo to posterboard with double-sided photo tape

~ Clean glass / close frames

~ Use a yardstick, a level and a pencil to mark your grid

~ Hang frames & secure lower frame corner backs to wall
with double-sided foam tape (to help prevent movement)

 Create a nook or vignette for mom by using her favorite chair, an ottoman, a throw &  comfy pillows, a table, a lamp, and a basket full of magazines - or hang you grid in a spot in her line of site from another place in the room.


Within this same space, I used the other category of photos: My mom with her immediate family - her mom, dad, sisters, and brothers. Using the same technique, scanning and converting to B&W within this same space, I used a mix of metal and wood frames to re-style her bookshelf with.

Unit after update.

She LOVES shells, candles and books. I color-blocked what books she had, but turned them in reverse for texture and also used them as risers on the shelves. Helping to clear away years of clutter, but still have keepsakes within reach, I used a collection of chocolate & black baskets I picked up at Marshalls. She already had tons of shells, so some simple glass cylinders added some sparkle to the bookcase, and helped keep moms collections separate.

Unit during:
Cleared clutter, keepsakes stored in bins / boxes,  and some
frame placement to get a feel for the new look.

Frame placement first helped with deciding how many horizontal & how
many verticle images I would need to print for the frames.

Bookcase before.

My father had built this bookcase (not one of his better builds, but still a great storage piece non-the-less. Since he had built it back in the 80's, it was in need of a little update. I had my mom ask a carpenter friend of hers to simply cut back the curves, and add mouldings to the unit. When the painter came to do the living room (and continue the color in this conversation space off the kitchen) I suggested she keep the color the same. But to help with lighting in the space, the wall unit was painted a semi-gloss white.

Fresh paint, moulding, hardware and a few updated accessories was all this piece needed to take it from sad to fab. During the holidays, I add in some simple silver sprays / picks to add a little sparkle, but without over doing it. The simplified style of the bookcase has made it a little easier for mom to maintain.

Hope you enJOYed these simple style solutions I made for my mom...
I'm not a mom, but I do hope if you are, you enjoy a

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  1. Love your new header! Happy Mother's Day to you! You are always so organized and I absolutely love your blog. Enjoy your weekend and your MOm. She's blessed to have such a sweet daughter :)!!



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