In our previous home, I used a stack of three floating shelves for a focal point within our stairway. Since our new place has more flights (four within three levels), and a nice size landing, I tried something a little more dramatic: The oversized leaning floor mirror. Although I mainly used it in our living room before, one Christmas I had used it in the dining room flanked by the two plant stands. Since we don’t have a dining “room” in our new place, I used this combo on our stairway landing. 

The “bling” came from spotting some simple glass teardrop ornaments at a local Target. For only $1.50 each, they added just enough holiday sparkle to my thrifted brass candle sconces, I picked up last November for only $6. They have a little ring I was able to wire to thrifted scone to attach. Using some extended taper candle (found these at Ikea) adds to the drama. To help secure them in the holders, I usually light the bottom, let drip into holder, then hold to set in place. I’ve thought about painting the sconces, but for now, the mis-matched time worn brass works :).

And what would a new place be without adding a little something new? I found these two mercury glass containers at Ross, and they are a great way to hide an awesome scented candle… that color-wise, doesn’t match the d├ęcor (lol) but it smells fantastic and gives a nice glow (it’s Febreze Winter). To personalize this simple stairway vignette a bit, I added small stacks of some of my books.  

Even though I’m using my white tree & white wreath in the living room this year, I still was able to use my green garland as a simple swag here (two nine ft. fluffed & wound together) … and outside around the front door with a green wreath & white pointsettas (my first stoop!)  – I’ll share more pics shortly, but for now just sharing this simple add of budget bling. These can also help add pizazz to a simple chandelier.

Budget Bling:
LY Pair of thrifted sconces: $6
TY 6 Teardrop ornaments: $9

Re-Used in new place: 
Plant stands, leaning mirror, books, garlands

House Warming:
Candles (here) $16 
2 Mercury containers (Ross) $16 

We still need to paint the white wall (a chocolate brown from Martha Stewart called Tilled Soil) but this vignette still gives a cozy glow for the holidays. I'm also planning on painting the railings black to work with the black doors. Now that the house is pretty much unboxed, put away, organized, and decked for Christmas, I can get at some more little details: finish-up painting, put up pictures, add gallery walls.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. This is great Lynda. I have been looking for some bling to finish off a chandelier.

    I need to go check right now to see if they have any and then see when they will go on sale.

    Hope you are enjoying AZ!!

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  2. Thanks for the bling tip -- will try to make a pass to Target today. Looking good!

  3. Great tip Lynda! I'll be at my local Target tomorrow and will certainly be on the look out for those ornaments.... oh the possibilities!
    Love your new digs, I can't wait until we get an offer on our house so that I can 'play' with a new place too!



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