AROUND TOWN: Fresh Flowers @ Trader Joe's

One of the things I miss dearly about living in South Florida, is being able to just walk down the block in my neighborhood, and cut some fresh palm fronds. The other thing I miss is after cleaning the house, being able to run down the main street to a nearby fresh flower stand for reasonably priced fresh blooms (like 25 roses for $12.99) Even in Miami, on the way home from where ever, you could be sure to find someone selling flowers one street corners (along with bottled water, tomatoes, mangoes and avocados). Not here because it gets too hot. The only place I have been able to find fresh flowers is at the local grocery store (Fryes) - but they are usually limited in selection and too pricey. I had thought the farmers market would have fresh flowers, but they mainly only carry local fresh produce.

While out Saturday afternoon, I spotted a place that said Karen's Flowers, so I pulled in. It was a florist, and I was disappointed, but a very helpfully lady told me about Trader Joe's. I thought it was a local restaurant, but it's actually a small chain specialty grocery stores - mostly gourmet, organic, and whole foods. Where larger chains carry 50,000 skus, they carry 4,000 in their 365 store chain - originating on the west coast in California. Although I didn't roam the aisles, I was SO happy to see all the reasonably priced & colorful fresh blooms for Spring! They are a little out of the way (9.8 miles from me) but at least now I know where to go to for those seasonal blooms - hydrangea Calla lilies, tea roses, daisies and lilies).

It's not that I have to have fresh flowers all the time, but since it was Easter weekend, I was looking for Lilies and Tulips... and one of them was actually wrapped with a palm frond (YAY!) There are some palm trees here, but they are usually 30 ft. tall desert palms - not the lush tropical palm fronds I'd cut and use in our home.I did though manage to spot some palm fronds for only $2 ea. at Big Lot's Saturday, when I popped in to get a larger watering can (would you believe - it's already been in the 90's here??). The larger can saves me about 4 trips of filling up to water the potted plants on the stoop, and then another reload helps water the plants in the garden room.

As for the fresh flowers, I like using those in the kitchen and our bathroom best. I do use faux flowers, but I would not recommend using faux in the kitchen or bath - keeps those fresh.  While cleaning the house Monday, and putting away the little Easter decor I did have out, I put together some of the lilies from Trader Joe's with the palm fronds from Big Lot's. It helped give some "life" to our grey, black & white bedroom. Jeff and I are keeping our eyes open for some palms I could trim - in the meantime, I'll be mixing faux & real...

Fresh tulips: Trader Joe's
Pink POP - Micheal's - LY

Iris + Lilies - Trader Joe's
Faux Fronds - Big Lot's

Lilies - Trader Joe's
Faux Fronds - Big Lot's

Dressed up dresser in our bedroom

If you live here in the Valley (in Arizona), where do you buy 
reasonably priced fresh flowers? Have you ever been to Trader Joe's?

2050 E Baseline Rd
Mesa, AZ 85204
Mon-Sun: 8am - 9pm
Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. I LOVE Trader Joe's and I'm so glad you have discovered them. After moving to Charlotte from Los Angeles, we had to wait 6 long years for a TJ's to open...My daughters and I (and about 200 other fans) were waiting for the doors to open on TJ's first day in Charlotte. Many who were waiting had lived without a TJ's for some time and shared stories of planning vacations where there was a store so we could bring back our favorite food only found there. Yep, we're a crazy bunch, but now you know why. Their fresh flowers for a great price was one reason I was so happy when they announced they were opening near us after 6 years. I hope you go back and roam the aisles for some goodies. You'll be pleasantly surprised. PS...if you like chocolate, you have to try their lava cakes.

  2. Oh, Lynda, roam those aisles! TJ's is the best, and one of the things I missed most about CA. I did as Pam suggests...plan trips around where I could reach a TJ's. And now, they've announced they're opening in Winston-Salem, NC, about 15 minutes away. Hooray! Wine, so cheap you can experiment; great fresh pizza dough, simmer sauces... it's gourmet but at closeout prices. Just your kind of place! and yes, the flowers are fab!

  3. Trader Joe's is an amazing resource for flowers. I was all set to go after hitting a couple of stores first, but unfortunately my 5 month old had other plans. Next time. Thanks for sharing,liz



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