Girl crushing on Lara Spencer - I Brake For Yard Sales + Flea Market Flip @HGTV!

Did you see the HGTV special yesterday?? I had heard about Lara Spencer's book, I Brake For Yard Sales, but loved that HGTV made a special show about it with Lara Spencer. At first, I was puzzled - Why is this news anchor suddenly becoming a designer? But that was before realizing her extensive history in antiquing (she use to host The Antique Roadshow!), thrifting and yard sale-ing. The first time I had seen Lara put spaces together with vintage and thrift was when she helped her friend Kathy Griffin redo her place. 

Lara on the east coast - shopping flea
for friend back on west coast.

I liked the look, and thought it was just a one time deal helping out a friend... but then seeing the spaces she fixed up yesterday - Not just for Sam Champion (LOVED that coffee table find + vintage 40's rug!!) and Robin Roberts (great vintage coffee table find!!), but the amazing home she pulled together for a girlfriend back on the west coast was A-MAZING!!!

Lara Spencer vintage mix makeover for Kathy Griffin.

What an entrance with the graphic lattice wall paper, black trim and gallery display running up the spiral staircase.... than the amazing use of pink + yellow + green + white in the living room.... and the thrifty transformations of sofas, plus the dining room set in an amazing shade of blue.... Girl - the heck with POP news on GMA - this is your calling!!! (Sorry GMA - LOVE your show + staff mix and Lara is a great add - but seriously, she's gotta do more of these REAL LIFE transformations!!)

Lara Spencer at home: check out the video!

I love the look and diggin' the vibe of her Mid-Century LA home... All in vibrant Mid-Century pieces she collected over time...

After Lara's special was another great HGTV show hosted by Lara Spencer called  Flea Market Flip. At first for this, I was thinking it was another show showing room transformations using thrift... but actually it was a little more interesting than that: Two teams of two people were given a project list & funds from Lara to to go hunt for at the Rose Bowl Flea Market and transform these finds + resell for a profit! The team with the highest profit won (the profit!) The list of projects was to 1. Find and transform a table & chairs, 2. Find a good bones piece to fix up, 3. Find a piece to reupholster, and lastly 4. Find a piece to upcycle for a new use. Great concept and refreshing show for HGTV! (yay - finally because I'm REAL tired of House Hunters taking up too much air time!) Lara would pop in and give tips, or compare their find price with research she'd do on the piece on her ipad. She shared some of her tips for viewers and was very energetic (as always and probably what I love about her the most - she's REAL!)

Lara featured in Redbook

"It's fun to decorate your home with items that speak to who you are.
The word home is like a big hug." -Lara Spencer

Truest words ever spoken from any design TV personality!
Did you see the shows? What did you think? Hopefully, they will replay again SOON if you missed them!

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  1. Oh shoot, I missed both shows! I hope they rerun so I can catch them...She has ah.may.zing style!! Love her! I used to go to the Rosebowl Flea Market when I lived in Pasadena....huge place and a bit overwhelming, but I would've loved to be part of that show! I'm joining you in your Girl Crush!

  2. I saw the episode last night and totally loved the show! Can't wait to see more!

  3. Yes, I saw those shows and loved them. I could relate to her sources because I shop in those places! It was a hoot to see her go to these places I know! I thought she gave more tips than the regular HGTV shows. The other show FleaMarket Flip is actually based on an English show that was broadcasted on BBC America. I forget the name of the host but the idea was the same except in England, the items were brought to an auction house. I hope there are more shows to follow. I really liked her as the host!

  4. Does anyone know where she bought her dress from????

  5. I'm a big fan of Lara and Flea Market Flip as well. Had the pleasure of working with her in person and she is as 'real' and sweet as she comes across. New FMF premeirs September 14th @ 2:30 so set your DVR'S!

  6. Boah! i want that Missouri Pacific Lines logo for my room :O



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