Thank You Emily A. Clark!

Last week, design blogger Emily A. Clark invited me to participate in a new monthly blog series of hers called "Send Me A Picture". It's a somewhat regular blog series  similar to the "Send Us a Picture" feature in House Beautiful, where designers are asked to send in one personal photograph, based on that month's topic. This moths topic for Emily was "Send Me A Picture of What I Love Most About Our Home." I was honored to have been asked to participate, but I have to admit, it was a challenge. I am still going through an adjustment period since our move. Emily too recently moved and is in the process of transforming her house into her home. This post brought to light the more positive side of focusing on what has already been completed, vs. looking at the projects ahead still needing to be done. Here is what I posted, but be sure to head over to Emily's Blog to check out what other talented bloggers submitted...

"What I love most about our home is that even though it's a rental, I've personalized it for us - including our cat Sephora. Being in a new space has allowed new ways to view & group existing pieces together to tell the story of us - from photos of NYC to palm fronds representing Miami. Most recently, hubs brought home a cow skull & horns, which will be an interesting element to add and now represent us living in Arizona."

Lynda Quintero-Davids (aka NYCLQ) Focal Point Styling

Thank you Emily for the invite to participate - such a great post from
a talented group of people.  See the other posts at

What do you love most about your home?
I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. This is a great post in your house! So magazine-like! What I love most about my home... hmmmm... that would be our front veranda I think! It's big enough and we like to spend every spring and summer moment out there!

  2. Love the idea of incorporating pieces representing your lives in various stages and locations to tell a story! I do this too :) From this photo, your home looks very inviting...and Sephora is the perfect finishing touch!


  3. Thanks for linking back. I absolutely love all of your personal touches!

  4. Lynda, I knew that was your home before I ever read the quote! Your style is so distinctive and I am such a stalker!!!! Ha! You know how to make a house a home. Your touch is golden!!!



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