Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend and are ready to tackle the week ahead! Over the weekend was the birthday of inspirational friend of mine: Leslie Carothers. Although we haven't met "in real life" (yet!) I do know one thing for sure: Leslie LOVES pink! From pink printed wallpaper & cupcakes to Chanel & pearls, here is a very lady-like birthday moodboard I made for her, featuring shades that will have you "Tickled Pink"....

Get in the mood: Create a moodboard at Olioboard.

I'm not partcial to pink, however my passion was building as I pulled together these pretty pink pins Saturday... Pink provides feelings of caring, tenderness, self-worth, love, acceptance... (actually pretty much describes Leslie.) and probably why this hue is so popular during Mother's Day. When white is added to red, it dramatically changes the dynamic of red to pink. Depending on the chroma & value used, pink can be delicate, appear comforting, or be too intimate & saccharine. However, when the eye "sees" a very vivid pink, the brain secretes nor-epinephrine, the chemical that inhibits production of epinephrine. The result can bring on a very tranquil state of mind...


And for room inspirations, check out my previous post:

Sometimes, a "pop" of pink is all you need...

See more Pretty Pink Pins on my board:

Have a great week - Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Sooo girly it! :)

  2. I've had the privelege of working alongside Leslie (in person!) and know she's the true embodiment of "pink" as you describe. Happy belated Birthday, Leslie!

    And I know Leslie would look lovely in any of your dress stylings, especially the shoes! at our WithIt conference in two weeks. See you then, Leslie, and Lynda, you've got to join WithIt! The home industries-based organization for womens' leadership development!

  3. Dear Lynda:

    I am sorry my response to this is late! I had no idea you wrote this post which included me - until this very second - when I went to look at your new post on Garage Organization (at 3:15 am) and somehow saw the word *pink* off to the side and decided to click on that post, too!

    Wow,Lynda, thank you so much for these super kind words!!

    Even though I had seen the beautiful birthday *Olioboard* you had created and made it my FB cover on my birthday, I didn't realize you wrote a whole post around it that included these kind words. THANK YOU, Lynda --this means so much to me!

    Thank you, too, Cathy Smith, for your sweet comments. It was a pleasure working with you that year on the WITHIT conference and, with luck, I'll see you at this one coming up.

    Lynda, again, thank you and, even though we've not met, your creativity and ability to DIY has inspired ME in so many ways --you can't imagine! I even went into a HOME GOODS store for the first time the weekend before I left for Las Vegas because of you. I found great home accessories there --so inexpensively. You were right! So, thank YOU for turning me on to a great new source.

    Have a great day, Lynda! I am in Las Vegas at the market until Friday, but just know I'm thinking of you this morning (as you can see since I clicked through to read your new post at 3:15 am!) and I hope you are having a great week.

    Sincerely and with {{{{{HUGS}}}}} for this.

    Leslie (@tkpleslie)



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