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Yes - it's really nice to go out and buy all the color coordinated tubs & bins for garage storage and organization, but sometimes you just need to make do with what you have. Not being able to run out to the Container Store or Target for colorful bins doesn't mean a garage can't still be organized. Just like I do in our home: re-purposing items I already have (like a damaged office bookcase now a garage paint supply area), just keeping like items together & labeled can make a difference in a garage space. Our garage in Florida was a single car garage. Now we have a 2 car garage. In Florida, I used the attic for holiday decor storage. Here in AZ, I wouldn't DARE put a THING in these attics!! So our holiday decor is now stored in the garage. I'd love to paint - but since we're renting, this is one space the paint can pass by. We had thankfully removed some of the shelving when we moved. It came in handy when setting up shop & decor storage here. But even when no shelving is available, just keeping boxes the same size (and labeled) can be a huge help! Here are some tips from how I've organized our garage...

New garage - move in day.

New Garage - today. 

Holiday to the right. 
Jeff's workbench + utility wall to the back. 
Decor stash + bikes to the left.
Space in center for Jeff's truck.

FL utility wall + paint.
(had to leave behind all that paint)

On left: FL Garage. On right: AZ Garage.

Sometimes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. If you have a system that works for you, adapt and apply your system to your new space. I've had the black crates... oh, since about '94 and the clear bins since '06. Over the years, shower hooks have also come in handy for hanging items when not in use (like the mirror ball or lanterns. A champagne cork wedged into the wire shelf helps prevent round items on their side from rolling off.

And for some of those items inside...
Again - It's not magazine worthy or Martha Stewart pretty - but it works...

More clear + white bins are used to prevent glass from falling off wire shelves (even though they are lined). The "white box" on the floor is part of the air system in the house. By removing the lowest wire shelf, I was able to utilize the white top to hold a re-purposed laundry bin (previously in the FL garage w/drop cloths) as a place for us to collect our co-mingled recycling. It's easier to carry downstairs one load than several pieces throughout the day. Removing the shelf also allowed me to keep our step ladder in the kitchen. I'm short and I cannot reach our upper cabinets - and don't tell anyone, but sometimes, neither can Jeff :)The lower shelf acts as our pantry, holding breakfast bars (in re-purposed lunch meat containers), crackers, chips, and croutons in a bin, a tray with everyday place-matts and napkins, plus two 'small' appliances - too large for the cabinets (and I don't like them on the counters.) The trash can also tucks into this space along with two over sized boxes: a trio buffet + turkey pan - both previously in the attic.

Although I do not have a lot of garage storage pins, I do remember Lesley of Chaotically Creative doing a 3 Part Post on Garage organization you can check out for more tips here.

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  1. Great job. And, as we all collect bins and storage containers, they don't always match. I try to make it a point to buy 2 or 3 of each one of the bins, so I have a stack that stacks and nests nicely. Thanks!



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