Getting (self) Organized For The New Year

Yes! Just because you didn't have your lists ready to go on January 1st doesn't mean the time has past you by - No time like the present! I'm sure by now the last bits of holiday decor, cards, glitter and needles have been cleaned up, packed up and put away so it's time to take a breather and focus on the year ahead. I don't know about you, but for me one of the biggest consumers of time and creations of clutter in my life as been online: managing time, emails, profiles and connections. Here's a few things I'm doing both online and 'in the real world' to get organized for the new year...

#1 Unsubscribe from email lists:
From groups on LinkedIn to retailers sending sales and sharing posts on their sites, emails have seem to have gotten out of control (and may have also been a cause of some missed emails too!) By unsubscribing, or even editing to limit notices to weekly or monthly can help alleviate email clutter.

#2 Clean out email inbox
Not just deleting, but after unsubscribing to emails, sorting the communications to continue utilizing folders -- for example having folders for family members, friends, retailers (like Joss&Main), sites (like Olioboard) and even myself (to save a article I may have found & sent).

Great way to slow down in 2013 - spend less time on Facebook!

#3 Update online profiles, passwords & contact cards
This includes deleting unused accounts, updating profile bios and updating profile image photo. Doing this helps with a more consistent & recognizable network image. Updating passwords helps with minimizing online identity theft. To help keep passwords organized (because you really shouldn't use the same for all sites) they do sell notebooks, but I just create an excel sheet and list sites alphabetically. Just before leaving Florida (Nov 2011) I had created & ordered new contact cards + postcards, and they're due for an update!

#4 Clean out the office
Shred paper piles, purge mail, recycle catalogs and pull together a stack of old magazines to donate to local thrift stores. Living in a dryer climate, I also have to purge & replace my supply of highlighters & dry-erase pens. Even though much time is spent online, I use some good old basics. Cleaning out closet, cabinets, drawers and garage could easily fall into this some category, but this is more of a organizing self list :)

(2011 postcard front)

 In updating my contact cards, I need to include online design and update my online network icons + contact info.

(2011 postcard back)

#5 Update skills
The way we connect with each other and share information is constantly evolving - and I believe so to must our skills to adapt (and keep up!) I do this by joining free online webinars, and this year, I'll also be attending a few online classes. My first online class starts on the 14th of this month and will include having two projects due by the end of the month... which leads me to...

#6 Organize calender
From class & client projects due , to upcoming blog collaborations (for example the upcoming January Blog Hop with Olioboard on the 21st about Home Staging) plotting out the calender is a must. To keep Jeff & I organized, I keep a dry-erase board on the wall in our home office (bills & birthdays), but I also use it to call out class times, events weeks and some hopeful travel to do in the year ahead.

#7 Plan travel
I don't travel all that much (especially now - the time & expense to get back east from here is BEYOND ridiculous!) but this year, Jeff's nephew will be graduating . It means a lot to him that we're there so we'll be flying back to Florida (in June). And something that is strongly important to me is that I fly back to New Jersey to visit with my Godmother down the shore - after winter storms have passed. In between those two personal trips is to continue to explore & get to know our new location: living in Arizona, and nearby sites such as LA, San Fransico or Las Vegas. Planning now will help keep the flight costs to a minimum + ensure (and secure) time at Hilton Honors locations.

#8 Create an inspiration board for the new year
This is beyond the sometimes over stimulating inspiration on Pinterest (although I did make a RESOLUTIONS board), and just a place in the office to display all of my favorite quotes and sayings I've collected through the years. Doing this escaped me last year since I was so focused on getting to know my way around in this new place. Pulling together these quotes is a great reminder to stay focused, stay positive and stay enthusiastic! I've never created a vision board, but maybe this could be cool to start  - I think what stops me from creating one is it looking too cluttered (but LOVE the look of the one above!)

#9 Reflect on the past year
I usually do this with blocked image collages (see My Rewind 2011), but I haven't done it (yet) for 2012. I'm a very visual person, and creating the collages, in categories, is a good reminder of where I've been + where I'm at now... and where I'm going to would be focused into goals...

#10 Create resolutions / Set realistic goals
Save money? No earn it. Lose weight? No eat smaller portions. I think setting goals or making resolutions helps to keep us focused throughout the year. I try to keep mine as realistic as possible. Here are a few:

- Filter time spent online - Spend more time offline: out & local
  (actually considering taking a hiatus from Facebook!)
- Learn new 3 skills: Photoshop, infographics and CAD
- Volunteer my time at a church, foodbank, thrift store, theater and/or museum
- Add more physical activity to routine - stretching, walking and biking
- Adopt a healthier lifestyle starting with drinking more water, eating smaller portions & taking vitamins
- Keep exploring and locally meeting new people 
- Bloom where I'm planted
- Embrace the place where I'm at

I saw this idea on Pinterest (and Facebook too!) and it seems like great add to get organized for the new year: 

Start the year with an empty jar and fill it with notes about good things that happen, especially with loved ones -- family, friends, even strangers. On New Years Eve, empty it and see what awesome stuff happened that year. Love this idea, great way to focus on positive, not forget to appreciate the people in your life present or in memories and also starting a new chapter!

(STILL my all time fave office space!)

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 What are some ways you get organized for the new year? 
What are some goals you've created for yourself for 2013? 

 Thanks for stopping by!

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