Seeing an email of four little words brought a smile to my face: "your order has shipped" means I can continue the course as planned! The plan isn't for me, but for a doctor's office makeover & update project I'm working on - my first here in Arizona! Happy and grateful for it. The project had first started out as helping to pick out a replacement sofa... and then some chairs... then the office space... and grew to include updating the adjoining reception area. For the reception area, I picked out a pair of stripe slipper chairs from the Angelo Surmelis Bradstreet collection I spotted on Before purchasing them, I wanted to see a swatch of the actual colors - but at the site, none were available. Not a problem though: I occasionally tweet with Angelo, so I sent him a DM (Direct Message) to ask if a swatch was available, and he gave me the email of a contact. About two weeks later, I received a postcard image of the chair (as a settee - looks great!) with a swatch. When I went to my second meeting for the office makeover, I was able to share the image and swatch with my client - and she loved it. After firming up a few other selections for the makeover, I placed the order and it's shipping! Now I need to brave the cold temps outside to re-organize the garage to make space for this Wayfair order... plus a few other items I picked up locally and the pieces I'm having shipped here for the makeover. Here's a peek at the process...

Sample from Angelo...

Love the look for the space - Just may need to stain the legs a little darker: more black - less red. 

Using Olioboard, I was able to create these info pages, making it easier to make selections during my second meeting with the client. Keeping all project info (samples, Olioboards, sources) together in a binder makes it SO easy to show during meet-ups and when shopping locally.

I actually got these for a really good price. When I first saw them online in December, they were on sale then back to regular price, then on sale again PLUS an extra 10% off!

Having extra samples of paint swatches makes it much easier to carry into store to match VS the entire color deck. I also picked up the two wall color paint samples at my local Benjamin Moore (Desert Green for main office area and Jack In The Beanstalk for the reception area). Since the green changes color with lighting and other items in the space, I also picked up a color I found online called "Unusual Grey" (and oh is it!) from Sherwin Williams. I'm painting these onto foamcore panels as samples rather than mess up her walls (she still needs to see clients).

Above is wall art for the reception area I spotted online at ZGallerie. When we went on a shopping trip two weeks ago, I showed it to my client and she REALLY liked it - but it's $300. We're not totally removing it from the plan - it depends on other expenses. I spotted an option for less the other day when I popped into World Market, and it's on sale...

 Going vertical in the small space may actually work better...
And it will still have the same feel from mixing the graphic stripe chair with the organic abstract wall art...

(existing reception area space)

After spending a day together shopping, I observed more about my client to make me revise my plan. Above is my original concept for the reception area + counseling area. The counseling area is a little too contrasting with the B&W pattern. To sooth & calm the space, but still have pattern, I opted for more grey & white pattern with touches of black. To give more light to the space (gets very dark in the late evening when she is still seeing clients) I'm going for white drum shades...

Original counseling area concept (above)
Revised counseling area concept (below) 

I really wanted to have used these window panels (below) in the counseling area, but the actual pair in the store (JCP) has a more warm-taupe background VS the more icy-cool image shown online. Since there is a taupe stripe in the  slipper chairs, I'll use them in the reception area.

Although these panels are on back-order online, they are available at the store.

The sofa was ordered too, but that will take a little longer to ship out because the grey fabric selected wasn't a stock fabric - The sofa is scheduled to arrive in LA by early March, and be delivered the following week, which is when the space will be painted, and new light fixtures will be installed. Although I was hesitant on the fabric selection (only available in velvet) the classic style & tufting are great for the space - but more importantly the SIZE is perfect. This was the first sofa choice I had shown my client, and any other option just didn't measure-up. Seriously: many sofas are 80+ inches and love seats are too small. This is an apartment size sofa at 76" which will fit perfectly to replace the existing sofa.

 Ordering the screen today - The organic print will give balance to the graphic prints in the space plus relate to the existing (and sentimental) wall art: a trio of signed Tao prints.

I'm still hunting for a pair of (reasonably priced) oval back chairs - preferably in an ebony finish with a grey & white pattern. I'm not opposed to thrifting & refinishing them myself, but haven't found them here yet. Maybe today will be my lucky day :) 

Wish me luck
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Looks beautiful! Can't wait to see the completed project!

  2. Wishing you luck on your project. The design looks beautiful, fresh, and contemporary.

  3. As always, gorgeous--even while in progress!!! Gosh, if I could only cultivate HALF your talent, I'd be one lucky gal!! Love it, Lynda!!! :)

  4. Oh, this was fun seeing steps to finishing Olio board. I really do like the new version -- that subtle hint of brightness is great! Good luck on your first Arizona venture! Does the client tell you the budget and you create within that?

  5. This is so fascinating to see your process, Lynda, and to see the 'how & why' behind the changes/adjustments you've made along the way. I'm sure the doctor and her patients will thoroughly enjoy the beautiful new look of the entire office! It will certainly look so much brighter & fresher, and in turn, have a calming & soothing effect on patients. We all know that anything that helps promote a positive atmosphere & healing environment in a medical setting is extremely beneficial!!

    This redesign is gorgeous Lynda - Good luck in finding the chairs...I'm sure you will!

  6. Beautiful design. I love the striped chairs!! Good luck!

  7. Congratulations on your project! It's looking gorgeous! Can't wait to see photos of the install.

  8. Lynda I'm so excited for you, I can hardly stand it! Just love what you are putting together and can't wait for the final photos. You do such a beautiful job, way to go!

    Jane #SoulSistah xo

  9. I love that Chloe slate colored sofa! This all looks beautiful



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