Spring Break & Catching Up

Have you ever been so overwhelmed with info, you need to take a step back to process it all? That's kind of how I felt after attending the Design Bloggers Conference... Although I didn't really get a moment to really stop after coming back. There were not only tons of photos to sort, organize, tag and share, but I also dove into refinishing pieces for a client project! I so miss being able to work outside more as I did in Florida. Here in AZ, the colder winter temps have started to warm up, and it's been perfect weather for painting -- and even a little gardening and outdoor Spring Spruce up (both back & front yards) this past weekend! After I refinished the pieces for my project, I installed while the client was away, and got to do a true "reveal" when she came back on Monday. Not only did she love the space, but so did her clients she had this week.

Having my first year of AZ living under my belt now, I kind of know a little more of what to expect: Come May-August, I'll definitely be staying indoors more. Knowing this, I'm in the process of setting up more online projects - I had my second online project set up last week and have another conference call today about an upcoming online project. In between these has been learning the new look of Pinterest, attending new webinars, dentist appointments, converting the closets for Spring, Spring thrifting, bought a few domain names to sell, setting up a new branch of Focal Point and getting returns done after the client project was completed.

Two of the topics discussed at the DBC were about picking your social media platform that best suits you and how blogging is going to be evolving into doing more video. If you blog, you KNOW how long it takes to pull together a post (without "cheating" on content) - Shifting posts to video (new for me to learn how to) will help shorten the time to posts plus give motion to static images. I believe though, both are needed (static images TO pin PLUS video for fresh content & engagement). I know I've changed my blogging pattern of posting along with types of posts. Two years ago, I was posting daily - Monday thru Friday in the AM... but since moving to AZ, I haven't quite found the sweet spot time slot to post. I know also since Pinterest came along,  I've been doing more sharing on Twitter & Facebook -- stopping myself from posting my own pictures because of wanting them to be pinnable images - editing pics takes a lot of time to do.

The weather has been SO incredibly beautiful here lately for Spring (Thank God!!) but... my nose needs a break from all the painting and sanding I've been doing the past two weeks along with my skin needing a break from the sun and over-spray :). This week I'll be focused on pulling together fresh new posts of DIY projects, style solutions, decor tips along with my client project process & reveal, and our trip to LA -- so please... Stay Tuned!

Happy Spring!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hey Lynda,

    I'm excited to hear that you're thinking of doing some videos! I love your posts/pictures too, so having a mix will be great.

    You might want to consider starting a YouTube channel and earning money off of your videos. Rebecca Robeson (Robeson Design - YouTube) is a great example. She also uses SketchUp, a free program from Google, to do 3D designs. It's a great way for clients to see what's in your brain (kind of like you do with Olioboard). Also, Design Network on YouTube is looking for talent - and you have BOAT LOADS!

    Have a great week!

  2. Looking forward to seeing videos on your blog Lynda, along with your amazing photos!



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