Gotta love Spring ~ So much is happening! Although I wasn't able to attend High Point Market (aka HPMKT) Spring 2013 this week, I utilized my social media connections as the next best thing to being there! I collected shared photos from Twitter, Facebook plus Instagram and pinned them to my HPMKT SPRING 2013 board (see here: http://pinterest.com/nyclq/hpmkt-spring-2013/ ) - To make it easier for other people to find and REpin, I included the hashtags #HPMKT2013 and #Spring. I did this because Pinterest is flooded with images from previous #HPMKT events - adding the season + year helps in a search. Thanks for the compliment Katy A. Garrett who said, " Love your High Point Market Olioboard!! Most creative idea I've heard in a long time! Just sayin!" Although she was at High Point (super busy on the Taste of Design Camp panel) having the pinboard helped keep her take in all that was going on around her.

I also pinned a few finds Apartment Therapy discovered (oo-la-la lovely!) + repinned a few faves from the Style Spotters. New to notice this season were additional "trend spotters" called Hidden Gems, and Design Happens at the HPMKT event. Below is a mix of boards I created from some of the Top RePins of HPMKT finds I shared plus some trends I noticed through the images on my HPMKT 2013 PinBoard.

My Top Take-A-Ways & Trends from the HPMKT pictures: 

Move over Mad Men - There's a New decade coming to town: GO DECO! Art Deco deco details + finishes + styling was a huge theme - and just in time for the release of The Great Gatsby! *** See My #DecoDetails Boards here on Olioboard (@nyclq) + an assortment of Art Deco pinboards at http://pinterest.com/nyclq/ ***

Otherwise known as welting, piping was a dominant detailed on tailored pieces. It helped accentuate the refined clean furniture lines - again, another nod to Deco.

Richer than gold, burnished brass was a hot trend from light fixtures, to decor accessories, to stunning coffee tables. Although the 80s seemed to also be knocking at our door, the brass tactics spotted at HPMKT had a more patina-ed  finished. The brass pieces spotted looked spectacular paired with marble (another hot decor trend + nod to Art Deco).

Sophisticated & tailored furnishings were another hot trend at the Spring market. Details included clean lines, upholstered legs, and swooping arms trimmed with rich woods or even wood painted gold. Pairing champagne, nude, and blush tones with gold takes these glamorous & sophisticated looks to entirely different level of style.

Even though emerald is Pantone's pick for Color Of The Year, designers (in both fashion & decor) are pairing this gem with shades of navy or cobalt blues plus gold accents. Not only is this too a nod to the art deco period, but it also was a hot trend for 80s jewelry, and is making its way back into our lives with a  refreshing newness.

Just as it did in the roaring 20's "Anything Goes" was the flip side to the refined style trend at HPMKT this Spring - Bohemian in its lifestyle, the playful pattern mix included patterns in strong geometric shapes to flirty floral prints + BOLD saturated colors (like orange and even coral) and high gloss finishes. 

One photo in particular I adored, and after I pinned it from Courtney's Instagram (@CourtneyOutloud on Twitter), (BTW: it was the most REpinned!) was a collection of framed vintage swim-suits. I thought it was unique, fun and clever. What made it work was the consistent graphic patterns in Black & White that were framed on emerald green wall. See it here: http://pinterest.com/pin/264656915574709331/

12 Noteworthy brands frequently spotted at the market to check out:


and even Ralph Lauren at EJ Victor 

Plus for additional info on trends and brands spotted at the market, be sure to visit the sites of

and Apartment Therapy. Apartment Therapy did an AMAZING job of live blogging from the market!

Being a born & raised east-coaster I LOVE DECO!! And so grateful to have experienced its preservation and revival while living in Miami. So looking forward to seeing a strong revival of this classic once again. Hopefully in the Fall, I'll be able to attend HPMKT first hand.For the time being, check out one of my deco inspired moodboards I created at Olioboard...

Speaking of Olioboard, have you seen the latest challenges they have going on? While I'm contracted to pin for Olioboard, I can't participate in the challenges or contests; but, I can suggest challenges for the community. One of the four live now for you to enter is a challenge I suggested: GO GATSBY! Click here to see all four challenges. Visit the site, click read hearts to vote for your faves or create a moodboard of your own to share. While you're at Olioboard, check out the new DISCUSSIONS feature. When you visit, also be sure to give a HUGE  congratulations to Olioboard for being recognized as a social media network as they were displayed on the CRLaine showroom window...

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Congrats to all the vendors, sponsors, Style Spotters, and seminar presenters (especially Marilyn G. Russell, Lisa Mende, Leslie Carothers, Sheilah MacSporran, Lori Dennis, and V&M). You ALL did an A-MAZING job at creating hype leading up to plus excitement during the HPMKT event this Spring! I can only image what Fall Market will hold, since every season the event continues to become a significant game changer to the furniture + interior design industry.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Dear Lynda ~

    WOW is, once again, all I can say. This post is just simply amazing and you caught every trend so perfectly. Thank you for taking the time to create it and to showcase Olioboard in such a perfect way. I sincerely hope you will be at #HPMKt in the fall because #HPMkt needs YOU.

    Thank you!


  2. Great recap of market Lynda and beautifully presented as always.



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