Congrats to the Home Office Contest Winners @Olioboard & My OlioNews

Although I didn't win the Home Office Design Challenge at Olioboard, thanks to your votes - my board placed 6th out of 296 entries! (Thank you!!) This was my last contest / challenge I'll be entering for a while - Today I start Pro-Pinning for Olioboard to help boost Olioboard's brand market awareness! Here are the links to the Top 8 (Popular Vote) Places in the Home Office Design Challenge and links to the Tops 25 the judge Erika Johnson McMahon of Radiant Republichad to choose from.... 

My WORKSPACE GRACE board featuring the Sheaffer Pens I used IN the roomboard (part of the contest rules: use a Sheaffer pen in your space)

 Meet The Top 3 WINNERS
who won prizes from Sheaffer!

1st Place - Tikib's Ideal Dissertation Study Room

 2nd Place - Home Office/Craft Space by (my Soul Sistah!) Jane Gianarelli

3rd Place -  Maddie's Home Office by OB member swimen

and all who participated in the Home Office Design Challenge

To see all Top 25, click! Thank you to everyone who voted!! I appreciate YOU! 

Example of Store Location PinBoard Cover I created.

Example of The Curtain Exchange Facebook Features PinBoard Cover I created.

My Pro-Pinning for Olioboard will be my second Pin-Project. I'm applying my visual merchandising & organizing skills to create pinboards (I like to call 'virtual visuals) to help bring more brand awareness to Olioboard. Pinterest is ALL about visuals and Olioboard is an online social networking community to create your own visuals (for free plus share or keep private) so utilizing Pinterest is sure to be a winning combination to help grow their reach. Some of the pin-boards I'll be creating will be to recognize the US + global community members and ProTool Tips as well as categorize Olioboard's variety of applications for its use - from tablescapes to event or holiday planning to artist showcases to retail trend boards to room makeovers and everything in between. Sheilah's Picks Trending Now will also be a part of the fresh PinBoards I'll create for Olioboard's PinProfile page (over the next two weeks) - and I'm sure the pins will also be shared over on their Facebook page. After I create the categories of boards, I'll be maintaining them the the next few months. If you're on Pinterest, be sure to follow the new pin-boards I'll be creating at:  I'll also be sharing some of my OlioPins on Twitter through my new account @IPIN4U as well as using the hashtag #iPIN4U.

My first PinProject was creating pinboards & covers for The Curtain Exchange back in February. Sourcing the pins and creating the boards is one phase of the PinProject. Keeping the boards in an organized flow and focused category of pins is the second phase. More importantly, after the boards are created, it's important to maintain fresh & engaging pins - all part of my pinning process. After becoming a member to the Olioboard community since one month after they launched (back in July 2010) - I'm honored to be contracted as a part of the OlioTeam for this project!

Happy Olioboarding & Happy Pinning!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Good morning, Lynda and THANK YOU for this beautiful post and WELCOME to the #OlioTeam for your #IPIN4U project!

    You have been such an important community member of Olioboard since its inception and have become a real life friend of mine now-{thanks to Olioboard!} and it is such a thrill to have you doing this on Olioboard's behalf.

    CONGRATULATIONS, too, on doing so well in the contest! Take a peek at for a little early morning surprise!

    I hope everyone here will follow you at if they're not already that {and they would be crazy not to be doing that!! } and also follow along as you work your magic for!

    I invite everyone to also *circle* Olioboard's G+ Page:

    and if they need help in learning 3D, to visit Olioboard's You Tube channel at, where they'll find Sheilah's helpful video instructions.

    Most of all, I invite them to SUBSCRIBE to your blog because I don't know another blogger who does as good a job in posting affordable DIY and design tips-- that is all original content -- as you do!!

    xxoo || @tkpleslie || Leslie Carothers, CEO, The Kaleidoscope Partnership + #SlowDownSocial

  2. Congrats! This is so well deserved Lynda! I know you will bring their company to the next level!

  3. I'm so excited for you Lynda I can't think of a better person than you with 3.8 MILLION followers!!! Congratulations you are perfect for Olioboard, a great opportunity for you both.

  4. WOW! I had to pop over and see 3.8M followers -- good heavens!! THAT IS AMAZING!!!!

  5. That is so cool, congratulations on your new Pin-Project! Great & inspiring post.


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