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I'm still learning my way around here in Arizona, and while out the other day I discovered a new and incredible playground of finds called Ultimate Consignment.  The first store opened in Downtown Phoenix back in July 2012 (I need to go check it out!) but I stumbled upon their new location in Mesa Arizona. What an incredible assortment of consigned goods from high to low, vintage to antiques, sporting goods to tools, appliances to electronics, dishes to area rugs and lamps to artwork - reasonably priced too. I found four vintage chairs in good condition for only $34.97. The even better plus about this shop - Ultimate Consignment is available ON LINE, for anyone to shop from wherever you are. Along with a helpful staff, they have a unique system: No prices are on the items. Instead of prices,  every item is tagged with a sku and kiosks are set up around the store for price inquiries. Kiosks have a basket of pens + tear sheets to help you while you shop. To help find the kiosks, the store has their logo of the loop arrow high above each kiosk, which lists the item info + additional photos of the item. You can watch a virtual tour of the Phoenix store (think of it as  Craigslist warehouse!!) at YouTube here:

For unique finds, shop or sell your items at
Ultimate Consignment 
online at
On certain amounts, you can also "make a deal" :)

 Well worn Chesterfield sofa...

AWESOME pair of deco inspired black swivel chairs!!

Lucite lovelies...

Nailhead trim headboards...

These 4 chairs are perfect for a makeover and have a Frank Lloyd Wright feel to them (I use to have a pair in black in my old office) The 4 were $67 

The unique vintage chairs, only $34.97 each.

1919 West Main Street
 8am to 8pm Every Day

475 E. Lincoln Street
7am to 7pm Every Day

And coming soon:
Las Vegas, Nevada

Have fun shopping around this fab source for wonderful finds.
I know I'll be back!

Thanks for stopping by...

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