No fireplace? No problem! Besides tuning the TV onto a Yule Log DVD or music channel to create a fireplace, a low-profile bookcase can be the foundation to create a mantel display. We have a Besta unit from Ikea that not only allows me to create a mantel display, it also has adjustable shelving for storage plus space for me to create simple holidays displays. With Christmas being about traditions, one tradition I started last year (thanks to inspiration on Pinterest!) and I implemented again this year was the NOEL book decor detail. I also reused my galvanized tins for pinecone & fresh greens arrangements (great to give weight to the lower shelves.) And this year, I switched our framed photos for two reindeer chalkboard printables I found on Pinterest -- I just converted them to green chalkboard (like I did for our Christmas Kitchen). In addition to converting the images to green, I added holy to the silhouette and named the two deers: Dancer and Prancer.  On each shelf, behind each display, I use my silver chargers and trays I've collected over the years. Doing this is an alternative to painting the bookshelf back or making fabric inserts. Besides the bookshelves being dressed for holiday, everyday decor magazines are stored in trays, extra throws are in baskets, and I also keep my laptop and accessories + papers in a basket tray on the lower shelves.

On the unit top, my mantel, gathered and displayed white candles in clear glass containers plus I mixed metals with my taper candle holders. Although these are everyday decor items, I mostly only use them at Christmas time, which makes them look a little more special. Clustering the candles in the one location (the mantel) helps create a heat source in winter for us, plus the glow is really pretty and it makes it easier to put out all the candles (and not forget one). Last year, I repurposed green legwarmers as candle cozies. This year, I left the glass holders clear & simple. To give the mantel some added color, I used fresh winter greens mixed in clusters with gilded pinecones on the mantel.  The centerpiece is the same mirror as last year, but I painted it gold, to work with my other gold mirrors in the living room. I stacked the books again under the mirror, and this year I used a white alabaster pedestal bowl I picked up at Goodwill earlier this year.  The center is flanked by my two bottle brush trees + silver containers (now tarnished because I've had for over ten years, but still look great!)

Behind my holiday style...

Simple bookshelf styling with DIY projects & collected finds from thrift. I kept the fresh greens only on the top and in the two lower arrangements - making the shelves easier to keep clean with a Swiffer during holiday time.

Converted black chalkboard printable to green with PicMonkey.

Refreshed existing gold plus a black round mirror to gold.

The cable channel Yule Log screen saver is too orange for all this green, but Winter greens works great as a TV screensaver, plays holiday music and rids the void of the big black box for holiday. The BESTA unit measurements are: 94.5" W x 15.75" D x 50" H

 Keeping a candle snuffer handy (over on the coffee table) makes putting out all these candle simple & safe.

Although my first Christmases were spent in a home with a fireplace, I've never lived in a home with one to decorate. Using the low-profile TV unit / bookcase is a great alternative to create a festive and still functional holiday focal point. For winter, I'll just clean-up the unit by removing the greens and keep everything else, until my Spring ReStyle.

Early on, I was influenced by branches, pinecones, and holiday mantel decor.
My mom, pictured here with me, made the one on this mantel at my Aunt Mary's house.

Hope you are enjoying your Winter Holiday Season!
Be sure to pin and save some ideas for next holiday decorating season!
Merry Christmas!

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