This makes the third year since moving not being able to spend with my mom. We talked on the phone (to my Godmother too!), I've sent her her cards + a gift, but it still is not quite the same as being there. One of the things I've been doing lately is sending her all the inspirational quotes and Internet comics I see on Facebook. My mom and I joke that she is Beatrice, the lady from the eSurance commercial - "posting pics to her wall" - My mom isn't on Facebook, or any social media, except she does stay connected to me from reading my posts... So this post's for you mom - and all the different kind of moms out there: Step-moms, mother -in-laws, Godmothers, Like-a-Mom-Mom-friend, grandmas, great grandmas, great great grandmas, moms far, moms near, moms who have passed, and even moms like me: Pet Moms! Thank you for inspiration and laughter...

Happy Mother's Day!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy a wonderful day whether it's quiet time with a good book, a walk on the beach, brunch with your family - or doing whatever YOU feel like doing today!

Thanks for stopping by.

Note: Most quotes shared found on Facebook.



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