Outdoor Living Design Challenge Sponsored by Hayneedle & Design Camp at Olioboard!

There is a fun & new Design Challenge happening at Olioboard! The challenge is sponsored by Hayneedle + Lori Dennis, Inc. for Interior Design Camp. All you have to do to enter is create your own outdoor living design board, utilizing five pieces from the Hayneedle Outdoor Living set, (set selections picked by Olioboard's CEO, Sheilah MacSporran) and add your board entry to the challenge. Enter the contest or vote for your favorite design boards - Once Daily - Now thru May 23. After the votes are tallied, and the Top 50 Boards meeting the rule qualifications for the Inside-Out Contest on Olioboard will become eligible for the first place prize: a $1000 shopping spree from Hayneedle PLUS (and this is the big win!!) receive a ticket to attend this summer's Interior Design Camp with Lori Dennis & Kelli Ellis! 

I haven't been on Olioboard since holiday time, and this contest was exciting to learn about. Although I've entered but not won a chance to attend other design camps, I'd especially like to go to this camp because it's being held at Las Vegas World Market during Market Week (a design event on this side of the country! yay!!). I had attended LVMKT Winter Market - and loved it(see my recap video too!) But now that winter is FAR behind us, it's time to get outside and enjoy outdoor living. Here are some of my Outdoor Living boards I entered in the contest - taking on the perspective of a homeowner or a consumer creating a 3D board, plus a merchandising board to shop the look featuring the 5 key elements & pieces from Hayneedle I included in by board designs...

To View & Vote - Click here: A WALK IN THE PARK

Tis the season to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather outdoors - Taking a walk in the park is a beautiful place to start inspiration for your outdoor living space.

To View & Vote - Click here: A WALK IN THE PARK HN5

From park inspiration, include these 5 key pieces into outdoor living space - even if it's a small space: 
1. A comfortable outdoor ottoman to kick your feet up onto.
2. Bold stripes
3. Fun patterns to mix.
4. Comfortable conversation area.
5. Extra seating, or even a bistro for sipping morning coffee at.

 To View & Vote - Click here: SPRING SPLENDOR
Create an outdoor dining & entertaining area for your deck or patio.

To View & Vote - Click here: SPRING SPLENDOR HN5

Include these 5 key elements into outdoor living space - great for entertaining:
1.Garden stools can add pattern & texture + become extra seating in a pinch.
2. An outdoor dining table - Rounds are great for small square spaces.
3. Bring pattern outside with outdoor textiles such as pillows.
4. Just like you do inside, mix wicker finishes - seats vs tables - to break up a "matched set" look.
5. Soften hard edges of pergolas with outdoor curtain panels. Here, I chose white to pop among the greens and wood.

Finish off the area with interesting containers for plants (bringing the garden to your deck or patio) - not to mention: be sure to include a great grill for all those delicious summer recipes you've been pinning all winter!

To View & Vote - Click here: ZIGZAG GAZEBO

My board is not a copy by any means, especially when trying to use more specific items featured in the Hayneedle Outdoor Living set on Olioboard. The TRUE inspiration for my "ZigZag Gazebo" actually came from a design showhouse in Atlanta I saw featured in my stream on Facebook.

ABSOLUTELY LOVE this outdoor space! The Ultimate Cabana, designed by Lance Jackson & Parker Kennedy for the Atlanta Symphony Showhouse (more about the showhouse and this space in an upcoming post!)

To View & Vote - Click here: ZIG ZAG GAZEBO HN5

Even if the lattice look isn't for you, substitute for a gazebo tent - Customize your canopy top with a scallop edge valance.

Gazebo available at Hayneedle - or locally at Home Depot, Lowes, or Target.
While at Hayneedle, also be sure to enter their Great Outdoor Giveaway!

 LOVE this square scallop valance!

Not a board I entered - I just created for fun, but great to show the merging of fashion & decor!

Include these 5 key elements into outdoor living space - perfect poolside:
1. Add mirrors outside to help create depth & luxury (especially when framed in gold!).
2. If you love a pattern inside, you'll also love it outside and create a natural flow from the inside-out.
3. Don't fear whites outdoors: they only get naturally brighter from the sun.
4. Break up B&W patterns with a crisp color splash of green.
5. Create privacy, shade, and drama outdoors with outdoor curtains, which when done in multiples can create a soft curtain wall, even behind lattice work.

The contest prize at Olioboard for Inside-Out get even better since the summer design camp will be held at Las Vegas World Market, during Summer Market Week plus one of the guest speakers on Day 1 will be Sheilah from Olioboard!

LVMKT SUMMER July 27 - 31 - Visit site here for seminars, book signing events, networking cocktail parties and new product + showroom launches! It was a wonderful event for winter and I'm sure the summer one will be even better!

 Design Camp July 29 - 31 - Visit site here to get the camp agenda!

The judges selecting the winning board(s) from the Top 50 boards in the Inside-Out Outdoor Living design contest on Olioboard will be Design Camp Co-Founders Lori Dennis and Kelli Ellis!

Whether you create your own board, or visit Olioboard to view and vote for your favorite designs, it can become another source of outdoor inspiration ideas for your own home - with pinable boards you can save, plus share your faves via Facebook and Twitter. 

Thanks for stopping by - and if you voted, THANK YOU - I greatly appreciate your votes!

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