Check out this sneak peek of Designerlebrity™ Talk, a new design show to debut this Fall on The Design Network! Just what is Designerlebrity™ Talk? It is just one of the new DesignTV shows I mentioned coming to your new source for design television at The Design Network (click to read previous post here). Designerlebrity™ Talk will be hosted by Barbara Viteri of Style Management. On the show, Barbara will sit with her guests for straight talk with some of the interior design industry’s most notable designers, during a five episode season. The designers who will be a part of the show have been featured in national publications and television programing. The Designerlebrity™ Talk series will include a project of the designer’s choice for a detailed discussion, plus a viewer’s Q&A session, what Barbara calls a “Hashtag-Alert”.

 "She is smart, bold, quick witted, and doesn’t mind being underestimated. Barbara Viteri is the founder and owner of Viteri Style Management, a consulting firm that provides business management solutions to interior designers and creative support services to the design industry. She made RISE Magazine’s first cover and now has sealed a deal with The Design Network to executive produce and host her own talk show called, Designerlebrity ™ Talk with Barbara Viteri." - Read more about Barbara and her new show - Designerlebrity™ Talk on her feature in Women Who Rise.

 And Barbara Viteri is surely a woman on the rise - Check out where she's been featured at just this past year - and the year isn't over yet!

Interior Design Community Founder and owner of, Laurie Laizure, hosted a wonderful video interview with Barbara for an exclusive First Look at Designerlebrity™ Talk with Barbara Viteri. You too can watch this exclusive insider scoop from Laurie and also catch the infectious energy of Barbara by watching the video above...

The new TDN channel logo for Designerlebrity™ Talk with Barbara Viteri!

Literally hot off the press: it's Designerlebrity™ Talk's custom made Step and Repeat in print from!

 Most recently, Barbara met with The Design Network creator, Jason Harris Executive VP of Furnitureland South to discuss the planning of Designerlebrity™ Talk.

"Thanks everyone! TDN is a fantastic network that is taking the design industry to a new level. I'm very happy to partner with them!" -- Barbara Viteri, Style Management

I'm super excited to see Designerlebrity™ Talk with Barbara Viteri! Barbara is filled with the upbeat passion and drive it takes to host your own show - and not just 'any' design show, but one engaging designers to share their real-life experiences with projects. 

Be sure to visit: The Design Network and subscribe to the Designerlebrity™ Talk channel to stay tuned for further information. When the show does air, you'll also be able to watch it on Time Warner Cable in the North Carolina Market, just check your local listings. Who knows, while you're at TDN, start your own channel and maybe you too can get discovered and have your own show too!

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