Good-bye 2014 - Hello 2015!

A new year - A clean slate - and time for fresh beginnings, but not without reflecting back on the passing year, filled with life's ups and downs. Usually, the new year brings resolutions, especially pertaining to health and well being, and 2014 was sure filled with its share of challenges, accomplishments, and even a scare. While I began to break free of some of my sugar intake (finally ridding myself of drinking soda!) my husband on the other hand was dealing with Sciatica, which got progressively worse throughout the year - eventually leading to physical therapy, spinal tap shots, acupuncture, and spinal surgery in August for two herniated discs. During his recovery time, my husband and I relearned a little bit about patience and bounding. I'm ever so grateful for his  successful surgery, which finally gave him pain relief -- he is too young to have been going through (he's not even 40!!) For 2015, health and well being is again at the top of the priority list with incorporating more outdoor activities into our daily routine - YAY! Biking can happen again (without the fear of having another heat-stroke!) And since I just had an eye exam, I'll be getting my new specs this January (bi-focals - oh joy! lol)

Besides the focus on health for 2014, we were focused on making our move out of Arizona. We had the excitement of two possibilities to have moved earlier in the year - one even back to Florida this past May - but someone upstairs had other plans for us... Thankfully, our hopes and wishes came true to be moved back east. Now we're not only making our new house a home, but we're also refreshing and updating Jeff's new store location for his great store team.

Each year we try to experience someplace new to us, and 2014 brought not only the experience of a road trip for our Anniversary to the beaches and coastline of California (from Newport Beach to Laguna to Carlsbad!) but I personally broke a "I'll never" vow by traveling to Las Vegas - not once, but TWICE! Jeff and I took our first road trip of the year by going to Las Vegas to attend the LVMKT Winter Market - and later for Summer, I flew back to Vegas to attend not only LVMKT Summer Market, but also I was honored to be asked to attend Design Camp as a guest and loved it! Although a trip back home to Florida to see my mom was also planned - and had to be cancelled - new plans for family to come visit us in Carolina are already under works for 2015 - along with a road trip south to Atlanta to attend DBC2015, plus new trips to take such as visiting the Carolina Coast for this year's anniversary, a trip to Florida for Jeff's deice's graduation, and hopefully a drive to the mountains in the Fall. I'm grateful for our new location not only for the change of seasons we'll be able to take in, but also being so close to one of the most must attend market events of the year: High Point, coming up this April.

2014 Highlights

Thanks for a great 2014! Looking forward to a fabulous 2015!

 Enjoyed collaborations, such as with HomeGoods in 2014 and continued collaboration for 2015!

 Totally enjoyed pulling together Fashion & Decor looks for Hadley Court in 2014, and looking forward to continued collaborations in 2015, plus maintaining Pinterest at

Loved meeting online friends (such as Interior Designer Barry Dixon) in real life plus seeing friendly faces (such as Leslie Carothers) at LVMKT Winter 2014!

Enjoyed meeting more online friends IRL at LVMKT 2014 and Design Camp 2014!

 LVMKT 2014

Thrilled Jeff and I had the opportunity to experience the west coast and tour fabulous showrooms!

Enjoyed taking in local history, such as the Biltmore in Phoenix!

Enjoyed connecting with the lovely ladies at TurnStyle Consignment in AZ (Roxane, Suzanne, and Cole!)! Thankfully - even though I moved - we still keep in touch!

To a fault, I kept my distance while living in Arizona, both really making too many deep connections, but I believe this will be changing, and some deep roots and connections will be made living here in North Carolina - from volunteering to help with some historic preservation to more involvement with local groups, such as WithIt plus making new connections and friends from neighbors and people in our surrounding areas - I'm really looking forward to making more connections and exploring the history of the area, plus getting back into some of my favorite pastimes such as gardening and furniture refinishing! I can't begin to tell you how excited and grateful I am to be back east!! I feel like "me" again! :)

 Loved being able to do a little exploring of High Point this past Fall, but looking forward to being more involved and attending market in 2015!

I really am enjoying checking out new places to source here in NC, such as The Red Collection - Fine Consignment Shop in Greensboro!

How was your 2014? What are you looking forward to in 2015?
At the moment, I'm looking forward to getting our home office cleaned up, re-organized and set after I refinish the desk I scored while at the Red Collection! Below is a peek at what went into the space planning...
 Basically went with Option B, minus the extra chair + cabinet between the windows. I'll share more this week!

Happy NEW Year and thank you for your continued support and stopping by!

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