Fashion & Decor Pairings for: Bathroom Design

Hello FPS readers! While I've been mainly focused on getting our new home in order, especially now after the holidays, I've also been gathering inspired interiors for some minor renovations we'd like to do in the future. With the upcoming Kitchen & Bath Show (KBIS) that will be happening at Las Vegas Market this month, there sure hasn't been a shortage of inspiring bathroom designs for powder rooms, guest bathrooms and master bathrooms to swoon over! Since fashion can also be an exciting source of inspiration, I was asked to create pairings of fashion and decor for bathroom design at the blog I am a contributor for: Hadley Court. Although since I've moved back east I won't be attending the Las Vegas Market, the founder and editor of Hadley Court, Leslie hendrix Wood, will be, as a sponsored member of Modenous' BlogTourVegas! Here is a peek at my blog contribution this week at Hadley Court - Be sure to head over and visit the blog to read the full post, along with many other informative posts this month on not only Bath but also Kitchen design. Here's a peek at the pairings...

Fashion: Victoria Beckhem
Dramatic Wallpaper design: Christian May

Mixed Florals and Strip: Dress from Bibhu Mohapatra – bathroom designed by Summer Thornton.

(left) Crooms Hill wallpaper in Haze, £52 per roll; bath painted in Atomic Red 190 Intelligent Matt Emulsion, £35 for 2.5 ltrs, by Little Greene; - See more at:
(left) Crooms Hill wallpaper in Haze, £52 per roll; bath painted in Atomic Red 190 Intelligent Matt Emulsion, £35 for 2.5 ltrs, by Little Greene; - See more at:

Loved this vanity featured at Traditional Home, with a vintage 19th-century Louis Philippe gilt mirror hanging  from antiqued mirror panels, accented with rosettes which makes a pretty pairing with Valentino's White Night New York  gown - an homage to Valentino Garavani's iconic 1968 white collection. (Vanity Photo: John Granen Vanity Design: Kelie Grosso)

Fashion: Ralph Lauren - Fall/Winter Collection 2014
 Bathroom: designed by Mark Williams Design Associates

Fashion: Carolina Herrera
Bath room wallpaper by Crooms Hill in Haze. Bath tub painted Atomic Red, intelligent matte emulsion by Little Greene (UK)

For additional fashion & decor bathroom design pairings, be sure to visit Hadley Court to read:

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  1. Enjoy the fashion + interior! It takes time to sort this out. I will check out your vintage inspiration.

  2. Thank you Sara! Yes - It sure does take a bit of time, but I do enjoy it - glad you did too!

  3. Some great post you have posted. I really love this whole. Thanks...

    W. Atelier

  4. Bathrooms weren't traditionally extremely colorful spaces; historically,they didn't tend to attract much consideration the stylistic layout/shading plotting way.On the off chance that your restroom is a conventional style,you may appreciate keeping the shading plan really nonpartisan – creams and whites.The look is fresh,as well as it's light and splendid too.@Betty Allen.

  5. I love bathroom designs. I'm glad I see you post. Great photos too. Thanks for sharing them!

  6. Great combination with dress and bathroom. :D I like ii. Whatever I will be glad if you show some kids shower design like this post. Thanks.

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