Welcome August - A Quick Home Tour

Welcome August! I'm so grateful to be back east! So much has happened in the past year - In August last year, we were getting ready for Jeff to have back surgery. In September, just after Jeff's surgery /recovery, he got promoted - to a store here in North Carolina. In October, we had to house hunt, and lucked out finding a new home (within two weeks) in the Triad area. We purchased the home (basically via online from Arizona), and I began the purging and packing process - while Jeff had to report to his new job in North Carolina. In November, the movers arrived, loaded our Arizona rental home, and drove across the country (even in one of the early winter storms). We also closed on the house, and began the process of cleaning and painting (the common areas) before the movers arrived. A few days before Thanksgiving, the movers arrived, and (chaotically) unpacked the truck they unloaded the same day.

Since then, little by little, Jeff and I have transformed this house into our home - updating builder light fixtures, changing switches, refinishing furniture finds, organizing closets + garage, and still purging / donating items no longer fitting our new lifestyle + the energy of our new location, along with also updating the front yard and back deck.

Is the house perfect now? 
Not by any means, but together, we've done a lot, in a little bit of time, and without taking out a loan for any major renovations. How have we done this? By pacing ourselves - taking on projects in phases, a little at a time - and saving some of the larger projects for after living in the space, and living with what we really need, vs. overextending ourselves for what we want. 

Have there been hick-ups along the way? 
You betcha! The first shower Jeff took in this house created a leak downstairs to the (furnished) living room. In April, the dishwasher leaked - so badly, Jeff had to cut the ceiling open downstairs to allow the water to drain out - and aimed a small heater on a ladder to dry it out, before he repaired the ceiling. In May, the hot water heater died (thankfully no burst!), and had to be replaced. 

Best part of the move...
Thankfully, now that we're back east, we've been able to break away with road trips and even a trip down to Florida...

Catching up with long time friend, Diane, in Orlando, FL in June...

Yay! Made it to the east-coast beach - even better: in Florida!

 Jeff and Sammi - Graduation Day!

In between home repairs, we've been able to visit with family plus do more traveling: We drove to Atlanta in February - I attended DBC & Atlanta Market Day, while Jeff visited his mom. In March, my mom came up to visit us. In April, I attended High Point Market + the design showhouse. In June, we flew down to Florida for Jeff's niece's graduation, and we took a day trip over to Raleigh. We're planning on Jeff's mom coming up for Thanksgiving, plus my mom and aunt might be coming to visit in October (fingers crossed!) It's so good to be able to see family again...

 Historic Oakwood, Raleigh, NC

 Downtown K-ville, NC

 Architectural Salvage, Greensboro, NC

Living Local
Along with some major travel, I've also gotten to know a little more around my new area: Back in February, we went wine tasting at some local vineyards, and hope to visit more in the fall. I've also visited museums and farmers markets, the Reynolds Gardens in Winston-Salem, toured a historic district in Raleigh - plus check out a few local consignment shops such as the Red Collection in Greensboro, Furniture Emporium in Winston Salem, an architectural salvage shop in Greensboro, and a great Antique-Thrift shop down in High Point. I don't go thrifting here as much as I did in Phoenix - clothing consignment isn't as strong as it was in Scottsdale, so for fashion updates, I have had to turn to online sources such as Tradesy and ThredUp.

East Coast Style
Of course, the 'fun' part of moving, is having new spaces to create, organize, and personalize - pet friendly spaces to live in. I've shared some of the outdoor projects here on the blog, improvements and transformations - now it's time to take a peek inside. I've been sharing the transformations as they've happened over time on Facebook, but not everyone is on Facebook (like my mom or family!! lol) Here is a peek at some of the transformed and settled spaces for Harmon House...

Master Bedroom

 Dressing Room - Accessory Closet

Home Office

Guest Den

Entry Hall - Foyer 

Thrift Chair Makeover (Sephora's favorite spot!)

 Painted all doors black - Maintained existing brass hardware...

Dining Room

 Summer Style - Living Room

 There is still more we have done and still more to do - such as paint and set Jeff's mancave, a guest room downstairs, eventually remodel the master bathroom, and figure out where the Christmas tree will be this year - but for now (that my summer battle with bronchitis seems be be passing), I hope to inspire you in the next few posts, while sharing some of the details of the transformations that have happened! 

Good-bye July! Welcome August!
Grateful to be back east!
Stay tuned for inspiring transformation details and thanks for stopping by!


  1. As Scarlet O'Hara would have said, "I am pea green with envy over your dressing room!" It all looks wonderful.

  2. The decor looks amazing, you're doing such a great job as always I love your style.

    1. Thanks Rose! I greatly appreciate your compliment - hope my joy shows through and hope it inspires you! xo

  3. I always enjoy your Focal Point Styling. You amaze me with your incredible talent. I also always enjoy hearing about David!



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