Happy New Year!! Hope you and your friends + family shared a fun & festive (or quiet & reflective) Christmas / Holiday season! THANK YOU for making the first year back east so wonderful, including getting to see & be with family this year, getting to do some travel, attend market events, meet more online friends in real life, and of course - work on transforming this house into a home! Still more to do, but really excited that the hubs and I are actually getting dressed up and heading out this evening to celebrate the past year (we rarely ever go out on New Years!!) Yesterday, I took down most of Christmas inside the house, (mostly trimmings & wreaths), cleaning up the needle mess, and added my traditional sparkle & shine to the living room for New Years Day. Blessings to you & your loved ones for a happy, healthy, safe & successful 2016!!

(above) Evening in candlelight... (below) Daytime shine!

Make home yours!

Happy New Year!!

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  1. Happy New Year! I love seeing your house with all you have done. I have a question: what kind of covering is that on the wall behind the sofa? It looks fabulous.

  2. I agree with Scribbler, I LOVE whatever that is on the sofa wall... PLEASE SHARE!!!

  3. Silver! Gorgeous!! I love your centerpiece.



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