Christmas in New York City - Holiday Windows & Storefronts

Many brick & mortar retailers today, will simply switch a poster-banner in their window, and maybe dress a few forms in red - and call it a holiday window... but not in New York City, where the truly lost art of trimming festive holiday windows & storefronts can be a theatrical experience including stanchions (at Lord & Taylor), railings (at Saks), and even bleachers for their unveiling (which happens at Macy's Herald Square). I can remember my aunt Lily bringing me into the City as a little girl, to see the tree, the ice rink, and look at all the pretty store windows on 5th (plus shop in one of her favorite stores: Lord & Taylor - which is where she would send my yearly red Christmas Eve dress from). Whether you live in the Tri-State area, or can take a flight to NYC for even a short day trip - the experience of Christmas in the City can be inspiring. Even a short day trip can be just enough time to take in a museum, and some of the spectacular holiday windows & storefronts, by day and by night... From elegant jewelry stores on 5th Avenue, to luxury lifestyle brands on Madison and iconic department stores in between...

Rather than warm holiday lights, cool LED lighting appears to sparkle like  diamonds in the evergreens at Harry Winston...

 Several shops incorporated either heavily flocked trim or as seen here, gilt garland, which was just as rich as the architecture...

In a word... Tiffany

Some shops have relocated, or are under renovations, such as Cartier on 5th Ave - which had wrapped the building in a huge red bow, back in 2003... 

Cartier 5th Avenue 2003 - For 2015, the building is under renovation, due to re-open in 2016...

 Loved the red box topiaries of Cartier on Madison Avenue...

Brooks Brothers - Classic Traditional (hunter, navy, black) but still festive...
And one of the over-the-top holiday windows to see are from Bergdorf Goodman....

The Plaza, reflecting in the window...

LOVED the "Crown Jewels" window at Bergdorfs, featuring this jewel encrusted lion...

During my visit in 2003, I had gotten to see Macy's, Lord & Taylor, and Saks, as well as Bergdorf too - You can view in my previous post at: Christmas Window Displays.

Macy's Herald Square - 2003

 Lord & Taylor 2003

Saks 2003

In '03, my fave Christmas windows were at Bergdorf, but this year, my favorite holiday window displays and storefront was The Winter Palace at Saks...

Lux. Winter. Drama.

These 3 pics are just a peek at the #HolidaySaks windows... PLUS: I also toured the House of Ralph Lauren off Madison on the Upper East Side -- but these two each need their own separate posts!! (Too many pretty pictures for this one post!!)

Do you have a favorite holiday store window?
Have you ever been to the City during Christmas time?


If you know me, you know besides interior design, my passion (and background) was in visual merchandising + store display. Just as fashion inspires interiors, so too does store display... So stay tuned for more Christmas in NY -- PLUS I'll also be sharing some of my holiday trim & decor I've done in our home this year (which I couldn't really do too much of last year, since we had just moved.)


Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow, great post Lynda! I loved seeing all the sparkling holiday windows you showed. It's such an inspiration! (And it's nice to see you blogging again! I've been a big fan since your Rate My Space days and have followed you through all your moves. You are so talented!!)

    1. Thank you Anon!! Trying to get back into my blogging "groove" :)

  2. Have been to NYC many times during the Christmas season...lovelovelove it, but always get home before the craziness of New Year's gets in full swing. All of the holiday windows are amazing...just walking your way around most any part of the city is wonderful at Christmas.

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