Welcome Spring! A time to refresh and renew our routines, our home, even our career - overall give ourselves a reset for a season of new growth. The winter season, for some can have been a hibernation period, and for others, the winter season can be a time of deep reflection. That's what this past season has been for me: reflection. 

Rather than fight the dislike of seeing many grey days out  my window and loathing the bitter cold, sunless days - that have been triggering extreme yearly bouts of winter depression (aka SAD - seasonal affective disorder) since moving here to North Carolina, combined with health issues and grief - this year,  I made a shift. I embraced this time to change my mindset and revise some pitfall routines I had gotten myself into. This period of reflection helped me to REFOCUS my time, my energy, my habits: an overall renewed awareness on my health & wellness... Something I'm sure many of us have been doing since COVID has come into our lives. 

With this upcoming seasonal change and personal reset, is my renewed interest in writing again. My topics, however, will be evolving from the focus on DIY projects I've written about in the past to a deeper dive into my experiences with the design industry - including market events, showroom sets & tours, small local business support, along with "how to" content for home organizing, plant care, interior styling, and a renewed focus on curating collections here in Carolina.




For this shift in direction - similar, but still a new path - I'll be moving... moving Focal Point Styling from blogspot/blogger over to my new .com website I've been building on Squarespace, which I will be launching shortly.

Just like the image above, I feel like this space has become a tired old barn I've neglected. Part of resetting habits and living in a joyful mindset is to create a change in your environment. We refresh, renew, reset our home whenever a season changes - so why not do a rest our digital footprint as well?


In the meantime, please take a look around (a good place to start are tabs like: About, Contributor, Press, Projects, Roomboards) as I continue to polish up and fine tune Focal Point Styling (.com) -- not to perfection but to get her up and running... I probably will make another post or two here (to get the SEO engines working again) so please just bear with me.😉


Here are a few archived, but continued helpful & popular posts I've written:

Home Decor Trends from High Point Furniture Market

How To Use a Moodboard for Virtual Online Home Staging

Organizing Ideas for Spring Gardening (my contributor post)

Rental Restyle: Small Bathroom Makeover

Storage Solutions: Small Pantry Update

Painting: How To Paint Interior Doors Black

Thank you for your patience during this 

reconstruction and restoration period. I'm grateful for you.


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Hope to see you soon,






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